Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lawnmowers, Eydgers, Weeweeders, and Blowers

Also known as lawnmowers, edgers, weed eaters, and blowers. They are his favorite things. Right up there with sleep and macaroni and cheese. He wakes up thinking about mowing. To be honest I'm a little relieved he doesn't wake up thinking about his drums anymore because mowing happens outside instead of in my closet, where the drum-playing happened.
We found a Ty-sized mower, (a toy, with no actual mowing capability but DO NOT TELL HIM THAT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS RIGHT AND GOOD) and he mows all afternoon when we're playing outside. He asks Sean to mow approximately 47 times a day and boy is he excited when it's the right day and his Daddy says "Yes! Today is the day!" The kid finds his shoes, "My Cowboy Shoes," (blue crocs,) faster than you can find them for him.
"Here we go Daddy! We're mowing the yard! We're mowing the lawn! I love to mow Daddy!"
You can tell from the pictures that he actually keeps a good distance between the real mower and himself. He loves the mower but he is a little afraid of it too. Nothing wrong with that!
See the shovels? Those are the "Eydger, Weeweeder, and the Blower." I wish y'all could hear him say the names. When Sean finishes with the mower, Ty does too. He puts his mower right beside the real one in the garage. When Sean gets the weed eater out, Ty gets his out. He follows right along with his equipment, (plastic sand toys bless his heart,) right down to the blower at the end. I fear it might be one of those things that only his parents/grandparents/aunts would find funny so I'll spare you. It is by far my favorite thing these days: sitting outside with the girls watching Ty and Sean mow. Who knew I'd stoop to this? Pretty soon I'll just pull up a rocking chair and sit outside drinking tea all day and eat dinner at 4 p.m.

I actually do most of that now too. Sometimes the tea is the only variation. It's tea or DDP.

I have some exciting news! My brother and his wife had their "big" appointment today to check on their new baby and found out she is healthy and growing just perfectly! Yes, SHE, already named Sally--could you die at how cute that is--Henry and Sally--is doing great! We are so excited about a healthy baby and I'm double excited because I know Ana is ready to start looking for cute girly things...I've got tubs in my attic that are headed her way :)

Ok now I have to go. I have an idea brewing that involves y'all's input...can you write 'Y'all's?' so I have to go get it together then I'll ask for you help probably tomorrow. It involves clothes and wishing I had you all for roommates. Have a great day!
Ana and Sally=much cute happiness


Carley said...

You should put up that video of Ty telling about his blower, edger, weed weeder. It's too cute!

yay for Ana!

Oh...and Emmy if you read this: we like Ethan..a lot! Excited to get to know him more. :)

Thanks for letting me copy your dress....couldn't pass up a deal like that.

I was going to say...I thought you did eat dinner at 4. ha! You guys have such a fun backyard...now that i have a kid, I'm jealous!

Enjoy the beautiful day!

Mary said...

Would always want you to get a good deal like that! And I love the dress-comfy and cute! I'm so glad you got it! I might put the video up :)

Anonymous said...

Love it Mary! Trevor is pretty stoked about mowers too, but mainly they are both very afraid of the noise. We were playing out friend last week when the neighbors had a crew come trim their hedges... both of them stood absolutely still, mouths dropped open, staring the entire time those guys worked! I sat in my chair, drinking my DDP, laughing... ;-)

Anonymous said...

out "friend", how 'bout out "front?" So much for proofreading!

Michelle said...

Love that story...too cute!

Ana is adorable. I think she looks the exact same. Congrats on a baby niece!!