Monday, May 24, 2010

Mommy's Cancation

I'm home.

I'll be honest I wasn't fully ready to be here until about an hour before I made it home. Once I switched over to fully missing it, though, I couldn't get here fast enough.

Weird how being out of the routine and feeling "free" from responsibility doesn't satisfy as much as you'd (I'd) think it would. I craved free time to see a movie, (which I did do-Letters to Juliet-a sweet very pretty movie) eat an uninterrupted meal, (which I did multiple times,) and sleep late, (until 8,) and fulfilled all of my desires in two days. Two days.

If you'd have asked me exactly a week ago how long I'd have thought it would take to feel rejuvenated I'd have laughed at a "two days" reply. But I'm here. I'm home. And I'm so glad.

I had the best time riding to and from the wedding in Waco with my family + my second family, (other than my actual second family=in-laws, etc) catching up and reliving the days when we'd all travel together pre-marriages and babies. I was reminded of when I got sick on a flight in high school that I'd forgotten about. See, I thought, I'm not crazy, I've always had issues with flying. I get/have (which is right?) motion sickness and apparently it showed up way back when but I didn't put a halt to all air travel because who does that. I should have. Probably. But then I'd have missed a lot of fun trips so I'm glad I didn't.

I'm not making a lick of sense any more than before my vacation.


I hoped some of the laying out by the pool, chick-flick watching, and sleeping late without responsibility would help me in the writing department. Oh well.

My favorite thing to hear over the phone while I was away is the kids' interpretation of where I was. Sean usually says, "Mommy is at the store" when I'm running errands but this time since it was for multiple days he said, "Mommy is on vacation" when they asked for me that first day. Ty got it and was fine with the answer. He can say, "vacation," and since he has transferred to being a daddy's boy he didn't miss me that much. Charlie would ask for me and she finally learned how to say 'vacation'. Her version: "Mommy on cancation!" So I'd talk to Sean and he would put her on speaker phone and he would ask her where I was. S: "Charlie, where's mommy?" C: "Mommy on cancation! Be back soon!" It was so cute.

I walked in the door as the kids were finishing lunch and Ty and Charlie ran over to hug me. Joy started crying but that's her love language right now so I took it as a compliment and that she was really glad I was home. It was bliss. Now the girls are napping and Ty is at school so excuse me while I go catch up with Sean and tell him all about what happened to me in the car on my way back here. It involves an uninvited spider.

I'll spare you details in case some of you have the same irrational fear of spiders that I do.

You're welcome.


Miss Mommy said...

You make me smile. :)

Carley said...

Glad you had a good time! I could tell you really needed it when you left my house early on Saturday. Hopefully you are refreshed now. I can totally hear Charlies little voice saying Cancation. Too cute!

Mary said...

I DID really need it! I didn't leave early though--it was already noon when I left! The time just flew by while we were there and I'm so glad we came! Joy and Charlie were asleep once I got home. Ty never even went to sleep that day :)

Miss Mommy said...

Tell Emmy thanks for the comment! I really miss her! I remember the days when she would have seen my comment for all seriousness, tho, I am so happy for her and her impending summer!!!

Good to hear from you, too! Looking forward to seeing your brood at Christmas time again!