Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let's just say it was stressful

It seems like weeks since I wrote a post. Has it been longer?

For starters, I woke up last Friday feeling awful. Virus round 1. Or so I thought. I called for reinforcements, (Nattie,) took a phenergen and went to bed. I woke up a few hours later feeling totally fine. We used about three cans of Lysol on Friday trying to keep everyone else from getting sick and now looking back I think there was nothing to worry about. It had to be something I ate and thankfully I was 100 % by the next day. No one else got sick at all. Either Lysol lived up to its name and beat even the Vomiting Virus, (y'all remember that I call it by name and capitalize it,) or it was just food poisoning. I missed the last bible study which was very sad for me and didn't do anything Saturday morning just in case. I still made it to Brooks' wedding on Saturday night and then Sunday we went to Denton to see Sean's family.

Ana got sick Saturday night, (similar to what happened to me but much much worse,) and ended up in the hospital in our hometown. She's pregnant, after all, and felt so bad that even phenergen didn't help her. I've never had nausea that phenergen wouldn't cure so I felt awful for her. We're still not totally sure what she had but they're thinking food poisoning for her too. I didn't get close enough to get her sick I know what you're thinking! Actually I thought about it for a while until I realized I hadn't gotten close enough. Maybe I'll start capitalizing Food Poisoning too. Hmmm. Yes I think I will. Food Poisoning=Evil.

Things were pretty calm around here today until bath time. Joy has started getting in the shower with me and just milling around playing. It's safer than putting her in the bath with the big kids and I can get showered and ready for bed earlier than if I waited for them to all be in bed. Reminds me to tell y'all I was in bed last night at 8:30 and slept until 7:30 when the kids woke up. Glory. Anyway, I was rinsing shampoo out of my hair when she fell at my feet and started crying. I lifted her up and blood was running out of her mouth. The next few minutes involved me trying to figure out exactly what was bleeding, getting the big kids out of the bath, (it's an open bathroom so I can watch them while I'm in the shower,) putting her in the bath so I could clean up the blood, watching Ty pee on the floor from a full bladder/mommy focusing on Joy, Charlie pushing Joy down in the tub, "Baby Joy you sit down wight now!", disciplining Charlie for pushing, Ty crying from embarrassment that he had an accident, me calling Sean asking him what he thought I should do about Joy, and Max stealing cookies (Nilla wafers) right out of the bowl in front of me.

Let's just say it was stressful.

Joy's mouth stopped bleeding after a few minutes and I looked/felt in her mouth. She hit her lip with her brand new top teeth and the teeth bled a little bit but the bulk of the injury is her lip. Bless her heart. I'd give her Motrin but she knows how to spit it out now so it's kind of pointless. I've tried Tylenol too...the generic kind...y'all consider yourselves warned about the recall...but it doesn't matter what flavor-she'll spit it out. Little toot.

Maybe if it hurts bad enough she'll reconsider.

My brain hurts from the bath time drama. I'm off to bed. May the Good Lord give you rest tonight no matter what your day was like. And may tomorrow be injury and illness-free.

I just entered Emily's giveaway for a pair of cute earrings. I feel better already.


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

There must have been something in the air yesterday. I had that kind of a day and I think Heather did too!

I had to get Rustin to the Doctor yesterday morning and while getting them ready it got to the point that I had to get them both in their car seats, turn the car on for them, and then step back inside and take a few deep breaths in silence.

I bribed Ryder the whole way to the Doctor's office. That is the place he seems to act the WORST. The bribing worked...he wasn't an angel by some people's standards...but he was soooo much better than he had been at home I was relieved.

I really think God just tests us on some days...makes us cherish the good days all that much more. Here's hoping all of our days are better today!

Miss Mommy said...

You make me laugh- I am so sorry for the craziness!! I hope you win the earrings- truly!! They'd look amazing with your hair!

Carley said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry last night was hard but too funny reading about it....even though I know it wasn't funny at the time. I know you were relieved when they were all safe and sound in bed. I'll have to tell you a thought I had while reading your post but its not appropriate for comments. ha!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh good grief....what a night!! Glad everyone was okay. Just a simple bath...right? :)

affectioknit said...

Oh no! I hope you all feel better soon...blessings...