Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Her ears they were a ringin'

This girl must be tough

Look at her muscles. I mean really. She must be tough. If she hadn't been burning up this morning when I picked her up I might have missed the fact that she had a raging ear infection. I thought she was just teething.

Which she was. Is. Teething. She's wanted me to carry her around and taken mini-naps for about a week but slept fine at night. She must be tough! Earlier today after we left the Dr office, though, she wasn't looking so tough.

See. Awwwww. I felt sorry for her so I gave her the bun of my sandwich on the way home. She loved it. Who knew hamburger buns could soothe a sore ear?

I'd just like to throw in that due to Wednesdays being horrible days for our our moms coming to help, I took them all with me. The appt was at 10:30 and Ty starts school at 11:45. My Dr office is 38 minutes away. I know I know. But I'm not switching. Pediatricians' offices are not always in time. You do the math and tell me how in the world I made it back to get him to school on time. It was a Wednesday miracle.

And I'm glad that she is already starting to feel better. See, ear infections are new to me. I've taken them in for what I thought was an ear infection approximately 728 times, (just a ballpark figure,) but each kid has only had one. I'm so lucky!

Putting them all to bed early so I'll say goodnight.

But not before wishing Mr. Cody a Happy Birthday! He is one year did the time fly so fast? Carley wrote a sweet picture-filled post about his first year. Love him!


Carley said...

Thanks for the shout out to Cody! I'm sure people will regret that you told them to look at my long....its a LONG one! :)

Sorry Joy has an ear ache...hope she sleeps all night!

Meg said...

poor little miss!! i H.A.T.E. ear infections!! both of my twins have them right now :(. her little eyes look so blue in the pics...beautiful!