Thursday, May 13, 2010


This was before the face plant in the shower

Before dinner even

The dinner that she wore on her forehead

And had no idea

This was before school. We styled his hair crazy because it was his teacher's birthday. Really I just needed to kill time after baths.

He loved his hair and kept walking by the mirror saying, "Look honey I have crazy hair!" He calls me honey because obviously I've called him that one too many times.

He has started calling Sean that too which I find hilarious.

S: "Goodnight Ty I love you..." T: "Goodnight honey I love you too..."

makes me laugh every time.


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

They are both so cute! You know what stood out to me the most? The stack wipe boxes in the background of Ty's picture. That is soooo my house! LOL! I have wipe boxes everywhere and most of the time it seems they are EMPTY. Hope Joy's lip feels better soon!

Mary said...

Ha! And do you know why there are multiple boxes? Because the first box was empty this am so I grabbed two more at different points during the day to deal with dirty diapers...and was too lazy to go downstairs to retrieve a refill.

Carley said...

cute! that first one of joy is a hoot. she's hilarious with the noodle stuck to her head. i love that ty calls y'all honey. love your kids and watching them grow.