Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Huge accomplishments and birthday goodies

This is a proud boy

This is a proud boy who finally gets the fact that the potty is the best possible place to go potty.

This is a proud boy who proudly got to go in his jammies to go pick out any trash truck he wanted for his reward. He has proven to us that he's got it. The potty is not the enemy and it is a great addition to any home.

This is a proud boy. His momma was so proud since it's taken forever and a day for him to choose to love the potty.

It was the best birthday ever. Literally just because of the potty victory. But the rest of the day proved to be very fun too.

On Saturday my parents gave me this bird house

It makes me so happy. I probably won't use it as a bird house but as a decoration. Who knows I might sacrifice its cuteness for the birds.

So yesterday was my actual birthday and it was wonderful.
I started the day with mom at her doctor getting good news. We were relieved and thankful. Then we, (well, just me,) got lost in downtown Dallas. this is nothing out of the ordinary. I got home from Dallas and met Carley for lunch. She gave me the coolest gift! I need to take a picture to show you.

Thanks Carley!

My man gave me a new fancy hair straightener. He even asked my hair girl which one she recommended. I was impressed! He also surprised me with Sarah coming to babysit so we could go eat dinner at my favorite place. (Maggianos) yum!

It was a great birthday!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ty, please come have a heart-to-heart with my boy. P.S. The garbage truck might make for a great visual aide.

SO PROUD of him Mary! And I'm glad you had a great birthday!

Carley said...

Love the truck and I'm glad it worked to have a big reward! And I'm glad Cody didn't but him too much today. Thanks again for watching him. He love you guys and your house! I am glad I got to spend your birthday celebrating YOU and what a wonderful friend you are!! And next year I'll drive to Waxa to celebrate!