Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I wore Wednesday

Y'all. I'm a slacker. Aside from the mouth and rear-end wiping and mediating the occasional (okay constant) sibling rivalry, I have no excuse.

Except that two days ago I noticed water dripping from the ceiling in my living room. And calling the plumber after hours when it's not technically an emergency doesn't, in fact, produce emergency-speed results.

Well and the fact that Joy is quite possibly the worst teether ever. And she suddenly has the urge to say "No okay, Momma?" with full voice inflection like it's a question..."Joy, no don't touch that." "No okay, Momma." "Joy, give that back to Charlie." "No okay, Momma."

Aside from that.

Well and that we had to finish up paperwork for putting the house on the market, (while factoring in the whole when can the plumber come? schedule)

Oh and y'all, our microwave still looks like this

As in, it doesn't really look like it's there at all because, well, it's NOT. Lord only knows what all I've said when I realize after planning a meal that I don't have a microwave and can't cook whatever it is. Microwaves are suddenly my obsession.

Aside from that stuff I have no excuse for only having one outfit to show for my fashion sense this week.

It's a boring one at that!

Top: Anthropologie on sale (19.99)
Pants: JCrew sale (I've worn them out this winter and only paid $24.99)
Boots: Marshalls last summer (19.99)

Oh and earrings from Target clearance (4.99)

Hope y'all are having a stress-free week!

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Miss Mommy said...

I have those earrings, too!!