Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Well it's not a perfect WIWW post...but here goes

I wore these on Sunday, the day before my birthday. I got them last year at Ross. Love.

I wore them with cutoffs and this shirt.

Also Ross. This year, $14.99. The brand is Flying Tomato. I thought that was cute.

Saturday I wore a fun shirt that I got for Christmas. I found it in the dead of winter on the Sundance outlet website for $24.99. Off season is key!!

See how Springy.

You've seen this before a few times.
Leggings: walmart
I eventually wore shoes.

I found this at TJMaxx over the winter for $6.99.

So I wore this top today and then spilled my drink (a route 44 Diet Cherry DP) all over it.

My next shirt was just a plain t shirt so I wore a necklace that I bought at Restyle for $6.99 about a month ago. I sell clothes there and always find things when I go!

I look like my mom in that picture.

The End.


Emmy said...

The Sundance shirt really is cute. I've seen that one in person. I also like the Rt. 44 white shirt, but everytime I wear a shirt with elastic at the hips, it rides up and/or looks like a maternity shirt. Yours is cute.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I'm gonna have to start clothes shopping with you...everything you wear is so cute!! Even your workout clothes. They just opened a Nordstrom Rack in Arlington and I went yesterday afternoon...cute stuff, but I didn't buy me anything...only the boys in my life, lol!

Carley said...

I like that you are wearing that Ruche shirt with leggings. I tried mine with leggings but thought it was too short but looks good on you so maybe I can try it. :)