Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Monday

I don't know about y'all but I'm excited that March leads to April and April leads to May. It's consistently above 60 degrees by May, right?

The girls modeling their outfits from Mimi. I think this was Saturday? No it must have been Friday because we went to the Home Depot junior workshop thing on Saturday. Wanna see pictures?

Well okay.

This was the first time I've gone with Sean and Ty and I kicked myself that I don't go every month. The girls loved it!

Now keep in mind that the only tool the girls got to touch is a screwdriver. No hammers. Repeat: no hammers. I about had a heart attack watching Ty with his hammer. More than one kid with a hammer is just too much for me even with medication :)

David and Joshua were there too! And their dad of course. David doesn't drive yet though I bet he could if he could reach the pedals. Jennie and baby Kylie didn't come yet since Kylie is like a month old and not that into building things just yet.

That's Joshua chasing screws.

Proud men.

Charlie was equally proud of her race car.

Since we're putting the house back on the market this week, (eek!), we mowed the yard today. All five of us. Only Sean had real equipment. After hearing stories from my dad about my lawn mowing skills Sean feels a little hesitant to let me mow.

It's not like I meant to run over tree stumps all those times. Tree stumps can be tricky.

Happy Monday.


Carley said...

Fun pics! Jason really wants to start taking Cody to this and I think they'd have fun. As for myself, I'll opt to stay home or do something by myself. ha! So fun that Home Depot does this. And if Joshua is old enough Cody is too. :) We kept thinking we'd wait until he was 2 but I think he's close enough. See you tomorrow....

Michelle said...

Cute outfit! Good luck on the house. I have a feeling this is the time!

Emmy said...

Remember when I ran the riding lawn mower up the garage wall because I didn't know how the brakes worked? It was kind of funny later. But not so funny during.