Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just call him Tyger

Maybe you have to be related to Ty to appreciate these but I think anyone who has had a stressful day might benefit from watching them. A little background: Ty is a perfectionist so if the ball doesn't go in the hole on the first try then he "missed." This is a kid who gets frustrated if he doesn't do something right, yet he is having fun so he keeps at it. This is also a kid who was born to a daddy who doesn't play golf much anymore but Ty's daddy has a daddy that plays as often as he possibly can. That daddy, (Ty's grandaddy Gene,) was pinching himself that he could finally take Ty to the driving range. This trip meant as much to Gene as Ty playing the violin means to my Dad. Between golf lessons and music lessons he should be well-rounded, don't you think?

My favorite parts of this next video are: how hard he is trying, how he manages to hit Gene's golf club with his full-throttle, and how close he gets to hitting Gene. Keep in mind that Gene has had BOTH knees replaced in recent years. No wonder he's jumpy!


Carley said...

I'm not related to Ty but I love these videos! He is having so much fun with Gene and Sean! What a great age to start teaching him!

Emmy said...

It's like the longer he tries, the farther away from the ball he's hitting.