Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There's a time to say "no"


I denied a showing at my house just now. First time to do it. Some might say if I have time to blog then I have time to clean. Those people probably stopped reading this here blog a while back though.

Last night I had the kids in the car for over an hour and since we have to bring Max during every showing, (dog for sale-$1) doing that two nights in a row was just too much. I apologized to the woman from the showing agency and she was all, "It's fine. It's not me that is affected!" Then I thought, well, that's true. Okay then. I stand by my decision.

To be honest I'm not thoroughly enjoying the selling the house process. I'm trying to be positive. To believe that someone will buy it soon and we will be amazed at how smoothly it all goes. I'm trying to keep the faith like I told Joy to. Maybe denying a showing is my way of controlling a situation that is so far far out of my control.

K thanks for the counseling session y'all. You're the BEST.

I want you to meet a new friend of ours. His name is dog.

Hi dog.

Dog does what any good pet does: plays whatever you're playing.

He slides

You still there, dog? You coming?

Yep he is. There's a string attached to his neck. He has no choice.

Poor dog

He plays house

He plays "Keep Out," Joy's new made-up game where she slams the door to the playhouse.

"Keep Out!"
He even plays with the sandbox

He's a loyal dog that's for sure

Good dog.

She'll love you forever, dog.

Dog can be purchased at your neighborhood Target by the way. For a Christmas present or maybe purchased with the intent of giving it as a Christmas present but in our case it ended up being a teething present instead.

Santa approved the transaction.


Carley said...

That's hilarious. My first thought is "I thought that was meant for Christmas" and my second thought was "I must go get one for Cody". He pulled one around at Cutie but I didn't buy it. If Joy likes it that much, I know Cody would too.

Way to say no on the will happen when its the right time!

Michelle said...

Mary, I can't even imagine selling our house, although we have talked about it several times. I have a GIANT Great Dane that lives in a GIANT crate inside my JUNKED OUT closet! The idea of making my house "show ready" and hiding any evidence of my dog completely panics me!

By the way, where are you moving?

Lisa said...

thinking of you. It was such a mess trying to do it in Colorado. Solution--move across country. Too bad stressors are still there:( Thinking of you. I really do know how hard it is!!