Sunday, October 3, 2010

The most excited I've been about online shopping in like a week

Have I got a website for you.

Another one to add to my rave reviews. Not that this one asked me to review anything for you-I just happened upon it and wanted to share. I am currently wearing/reviewing an adorable pair of shoes that I will show you this week but I'm experimenting with how many different outfits to wear with them before I show you pictures. The options are endless. Endless y'all.

Okay anyway.

Look at the cuteness of this website. You might already know about it, (Lord knows I'm out of the loop of the cool people,) but here are some of the things they sell.

The website is called Ruche.
This peasant top is beautiful. It looks almost exactly like a dress in the Sundance catalog that I just got but is way cheaper. Their shoes are adorable. And look at the dresses! If I could wear dresses and boots every day I would. But that could prove a bit hairy with Joy since her new favorite trick is trying to get under my dress. That girl, she is a hoot.

Happy Sunday!


Julie said...

love all of it!!! will u shop for me!!!!!

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