Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Meet my new favorite pair of shoes.


Oh there you are. Red ruffled cuteness. Courtesy of CSNstores, the company behind most of my giveaways. My first What I Wore Wednesday post is two-fold. I challenged myself to wear these shoes every day for a week so that I could show you how versatile they are.

Technically outfit #1 was taken without showing you the shirt.

So at the risk of being really redundant and boring, last Wednesday I wore this.

Jeans: JCrew clearance (14.99)
Shirt: Does it matter? Ok plain black tank top (really old)

Top: Nordstrom BP clearance (12.99)
Shorts: no tag, bought at Restyle, my favorite consignment store. Can't remember how much

Dress: Old Navy maternity (ha! No I don't NEED it) but it's really comfy. It's the only size Small maternity thing I ever owned.

Top: same from earlier in the week (keepin it real)
Jeans: JCrew sale during summer (19.99)

No outfit. Church then the ranch with Amy and I can't remember either outfit. That's evidence of what the last two days have been like!

I wore workout clothes to the pediatrician's office because Sean and I took the kids to get flu vaccines. And it was Ty's four yr checkup. Goes without saying but that's never stopped me was a workout. But later that day after a shower, (there was sweating involved in that appt) I changed into this

Girls night:
Top: JCrew final sale (14.99) online.
Pants: Anthropologie sale last year (29.99)
Shoes: Roxy from Ross four years ago

Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Marshalls

See, that wasn't so bad. Hopefully y'all played along too!


Lindsey said...

Hey Skinny Minny!! You so look cute in all your outfits. Miss you. Xoxo

Carley said...

Cute!! And I am so excited you found that denim shirt at Forever you can't covet mine. ha! Love your new red shoes!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Love, love, love the shoes! Everyone needs a little red shoe in their life.

Miss Mommy said...

You look great, and I want all your outfits and your red shoes, my pretty.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Your inspiring me! You look fabulous in all of these outfits!!

Julie said...

get it girl!!! such fun-o-licius-clothes!