Sunday, October 18, 2009


Technically it was homecoming weekend in my hometown so my brother and his little family were here. Technically I didn't attend any festivities for homecoming but I did introduce the kids to things I did when I was growing up.
At Nattie and Popeye's house, we went in wagons often because they live in the country. And I'm sure that we ate things like pretzels directly out of the bag like Ty is doing. Charlie was learning to say, "pumpkin," and showing us where it was. I didn't get a picture of mom's pumpkin patch but she has a pumpkin patch this year. There is only one pumpkin but it counts.
Growing up we lounged on chairs and looked out at the lake a lot. This totally suits Charlie's personality. This picture just sums her up. Relaxing, watching for birds and ducks, and making sure she always has a necklace on.
The main milestone we reached this weekend was the first boat ride. I thought my kids might be afraid of it but fear was nowhere to be found. Maybe a good healthy fear would have been nice, helpful even. Ty and Charlie both just loved it and my nephew Henry, who has already been on the boat before, showed them the ropes.
Look. Mom and Dad have gotten all the kids their own life jackets. Safety first. Notice none of the adults have one on :)
That's Henry right in front of me. He's hysterical. I wish I had gotten a video of him. Kids are so different so I'm always fascinated by the differences in my own but then to add another cousin and watch him talk and interact it's just so funny.
Aunt Emmy held onto Joy for most of the trip. She liked it too--the only problem as far as she was concerned was the wind. Still, she never fussed, just kind of turned away from it.
Ty, Emmy, Joy, Popeye, Graham, Henry, and Charlie. Mom took all of these pictures so of course she wasn't in them.
Ty was mesmerized by the water. He'd notice the ducks and birds but mostly he just studied the waves and talked about the water. I am so glad he wasn't afraid of the boat!
Joy ate her dinner on the water. Isn't that little mini life jacket hilarious?

Thank y'all so much for the support and encouragement after my last post. It's sinking in that this little one will have surgery soon and the details surrounding it are coming to mind.

Even though it is not ideal and something that we are of course not looking forward to, we have peace about it. God is so faithful to give us what we need.

And so are Nattie and Popeye.


Brooke & Freeland said...

Im so glad that it sounds like you have a great doctor for Joy's surgery! We'll be praying everything goes well.

Thats so fun that all of yall got to get together this weekend! Henry is so cute!

I was cracking up about your comment on my blog (with the pumpkins!) Tell your mom that they are apparently by a place named, Hot Skwash. ( if that helps!

Loved all the pictures!

Carley said...

Looks fun! I still need to go visit Waxa with you one of these days. :) Glad you had a good time and enjoyed the boat ride! Sorry I'm catching up on blogs from the weekend....bad about getting online the last couple days.