Monday, October 19, 2009

Nutrisystem kickoff party

The boxes have arrived. The pantry has been cleaned out. The time has come. Goodbye fajitas. Goodbye chips and queso. Goodbye "cancakes," as Charlie calls them.

Hello Nutrisystem.

This was my dinner. Cheese and spinach manicotti. Oh and a HUGE salad. Because salad is a free food and all.

Yeppers today was the day to start our new life where smaller pairs of pants motivate us to eat vegetables that I can't even spell and never knew where to buy before now. It was great. It wasn't even hard. We feel smaller already.

And it is day one.

Instead of dwelling on the package of chips we threw away today I got to focus on the package that came in the mail. It was addressed to me and Joy so naturally I opened it for us. Look what was inside.
A baby!

That was a joke if you're new here. This is my baby that I came by fair and square with months of morning sickness and dessert-free meals. And I love her. Look at her little legs chunking out since we started eating big-girl food!

She's sporting a new onesie that my sweet cousin Brooke sent her. See the little birdie? Isn't that the cutest? Ahem and even though I didn't ask for permission to advertise for her, she makes these. In case you missed the link, check out her blog. I don't think she sells them from her blog but shoot her a message if you want one!
And it doesn't get cuter than these, does it? There's one to show her support for Max, birds, and her Daddy. I can hardly wait to put the airplane one on her and take her somewhere. Cute cute cute.

Thanks Brooke! Consider this my thank-you note.

I'm kidding.

I'll write you a real one.

So without sharing our starting weight(s) with you, (I'd be fine to do it but Sean said, "Really, Mary, we're doing this because I'm ready to lose weight so let's not dwell on what we weigh now...") Whatever. Details.

I'll be sure to let you know how it's going along the way. If I don't mention it that just means I'm a little sad to say goodbye to all of the glorious food that I'm imagining you are eating. Enjoy.

Anyone tried Nutrisystem? Got any pointers for me?


ConnieMomaLightner said...

Haven't tried it, but have been considering it. How would you rate the food on a 1-10 scale? Wonder if I could lose weight vicariously thru you....: )

Carley said...

Glad your food came in time for dinner! :) So, can you eat salad out at a restaurant if you were to eat out? I'm excited to see your results!! Love those onesies! Super cute. I love how "big girl" Joy looks! She's ahead of Cody with the food thing. We're sticking to cereal until 6 months so I'm sure he'd be jealous if he really new she was eating better stuff. Amazing how fast they change, huh? We have all of a sudden hit a really fun stage with Cody and have been taking him to the park and he loves it! It's like it's not a guessing game anymore. Yay!! We need to have a play date soon!!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Oh, Mary...I'd say your crazy and that you totally do not need to lose any weight...but I know exactly how you feel. People tell you that you look great all of the time, but that doesn't matter. It is how you feel about yourself...I see little trouble spots on myself that no one else can see! Good luck and keep us posted on your beautiful little self!

Joy is so big!!! My goodness, how fast they grow!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joy, you look fantastic. Even so, I give three hearty cheers to you and Sean for your efforts to get healthy!

Nathan and I are such an incredibly bad influence on each other when it comes to food. We're BOTH in a Biggest Loser contest right now where the winner claims a nice cash prize- does that mean we're losing weight?! Oh, of course not.

Instead, I made Halloween cookies and queso on Saturday. *sigh*

Joy is an absolute doll! Those onesies are adorable...they make me want to get all crafty. Then I'm reminded I should be using my free time to bond with the treadmill.

Mary said...

Connie, after 24 full hours I'd give the food a 7. It definately doesn't taste great but the guesswork is gone so it's worth it!

Carley, it's pitiful that I haven't seen you in this long. We used to average 4 days a week! Just start bringing Cody over. What's one more??? Ha!

Joy, you are so sweet but you don't see me in real life. Lol. Thanks for the compliments!

Heather, girl you wanna know what we ate for our last supper? Fajitas for two with queso from La Hacienda. I cry a little bit when I think of how long it will be before eating it again! Sean and I both have no will power but we decided to do the new plan together and see who can lose the most weight. Haven't thought of a prize yet that might help!

Carley said...

Yes, lets get together soon. It's weird that I haven't come over in, what, 3 weeks or something? We've both been busy and we were out of town. We'll get back in the groove soon. :)

Brooke & Freeland said...

You're sweet Mary! Thanks for the shout out! Im just sorry it took me forever to actually mail them to you! :) But Joy looks sweet in them Im glad they fit!! Thanks for posting a picture of her in them! Its fun to see her wearing one! :)

I wish we were coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas - sadly we arent!! :( Otherwise I would have LOOOVED to come by and see all of yall!! We'll have to figure out something else. Im not sure when we will be back - but hopefully at some point!! :)

Sarah Sharp said...

I hate using the term lol but you totally made me lol when I scrolled and saw "A baby!". I have got my mom hooked on your blog now and she actually came and saw the onesies before I made it over! You are always entertaining. Can't remember if I commented on Joy's surgery but I will be praying they can do the less invasive one and she will recover quickly and the visitors will not come back. Good luck with the dieting. With 3 kids, you should be able to eat whatever you want and still fit into your skinny jeans and not have to try so hard. That should be a bonus from God. Not that he asked my opinion or anything, but you'd think he'd throw that in so we mommies could do a little stressed eating without it stressing us afterward!