Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Mary but you can call me Marie

See this look of panic? This is what my face looked like from yesterday afternoon until late last night. Want to know why? I was really tired yesterday morning. I was slightly nauseous and a little dizzy. Like out of the blue, but not bad enough that I thought it was a virus. I know what you're thinking and it's exactly what I was thinking.

Many prayers were said last night asking God what in the world was going on, begging Him to give me a sign. And He did. Sean had a queasy moment himself at the same time and his was a little worse than mine. Thank You Jesus it confirmed that we either had A) a mild virus, B) the swine flu, or C) bad food. Since he felt the same way we ruled out D) baby #4. We ate the exact same thing for lunch in Denton--hand over your heart--a hickory burger from Denton Independent Hamburger Co.--we decided on C and I've breathed a little easier ever since.

Between the hours of 3 and 8 last night, however, I managed to look up "Possibility of pregnancy after tubal ligation," on every medical website. I found out that while rare, it does happen. I found out that it is especially possible when the tubal was done following a c-section. I learned that there's a woman out there who left a comment on one of the websites that had her third baby a year ago and had a tubal done at the same time who is now holding a three week-old baby. Pardon the run-on sentence but it was necessary to convey my level of panic.

On to different topics.

I know we're all breathing a little easier now.

Oh and I did this all in secret because a girl can't throw around information like, "Hey, I feel like I did with all three pregnancies..." A girl can't say things like that when everyone around her pretty much co-signed for the tubes to be tied.

My monkey has been hard at work coloring in her tutu. She makes phone calls in her tutu, colors, eats, and dances in her tutu. The tutu was a good investment. Almost as good as those Color Wonder markers that only make a mark on the special paper.

Thanks to Emmy coming over tonight, Sean and I just got home from our last dinner date for the time being. We're both starting NutriSystem this week and while going out to eat with our prepackaged meals and ordering water does sound fun I think we'll skip going to restaurants to make it easier. I have a goal to share the process with y'all so that if there's anyone else who is interested in the program we can be poster children.

To be clear no one asked us to be poster children I just offered us up for that. Marie Osmond is doing a fine job as spokeswoman, don't you think? She's lost 50 pounds! If I sign up for Dancing with the Stars then I'll be set. No one asked me to do that either. I'm just here, always available, just putting it out there.

I'd totally have time to do the poster child thing and the Dancing thing if I can get the other two kids potty trained. Until then, diapering takes up a lot of time. Oh and I started making Joy baby food. I know, I know, it might not last long but when I saw the price tag on all of the veggies I bought today and all the food it made, I couldn't argue. I made carrots, squash, pears, applesauce, and sweet potatoes for about 4 dollars. Comparing that to the boxes I have in the pantry it's no contest! And she liked everything I gave her today. Who knew??

If only I'd started this with Ty I'd have so many recipes by now. I guess the good news is that if I do become one of the .00001% of the female population who gets pregnant after a tubal I'll be an expert baby food chef. You know how I always try to look at the bright side.


Michelle said...

Love making the baby food, not because of the health thing but the cost thing. I can't believe the markup on baby food. It really is easy!

Glad to hear it was just a food thing!

Sarah Sharp said...

You don't look TOO panicked there! But I would totally be freaking, too. Charlie is such a cutie. Always enjoy seeing pictures of your 3 sweeties. And you are very, very pretty btw! Don't think I'll be putting a close up of my face on my blog!

Mama Em said...

Good Lord, Mary- don't scare us like that. I missed 2 pills this week, and Josh and I invested in a back-up method just in case...whew!! I don't mind the thought of having a baby until I marry it to the reality that I already have 2...yikes!!

Carley said...

You're funny! I'm pretty sure your you tubal will stick! ha! Also, I'm WAY impressed that you made your baby food! I am all ready to make cody's when I'm ready to start him on it. He's only taking the rice stuff for now. I was thinking of starting him on veggies at 6 months but if Joy is doing it....I have a puree baby food cookbook if you want to borrow it. I'm so excited to start using it. Oh, and I'm excited to see how nutrisystem does. I've started only drinking water (or lemonade) because I was told that diet drinks don't help in weight loss. Hmmmmm... have a great day and glad you're feeling better!!!

Lisa said...

Sweet Lord..when I went for my 6 week check up my doctor did inform me that there was like a 3 in 1000 chance of getting pregnagnt...I almost died!!!!!!!! I feel your pain. Thank God for food borne illnesses:)

Dana said...

I am laughing my head off at your moment of panic! I have been there so many times, but mine never turned out to be food poisoning. 9 month flu was always my problem.

Making your food is awesome. WE did that for Sam & Gracie. It was fun & easy.