Thursday, October 22, 2009

Virtual shopping trip

When the kids are all busy eating and I normally, (pre-diet,) would be too, I have started browsing the internet for cutesy girl things that I'll never really buy them. For some reason it's still fun to look and if I'm busy doing this then I won't think about what I would be eating if I hadn't committed to this diet. Today I thought I'd share what I found instead of just marking it in my brain and then going on about the day. Maybe one of you will get some of these things for the little girls in your life. Someone should buy this stuff!

Check out this little friend.

If you're not into bright cute colors, maybe this. If you're not into bright cute colors what is wrong with you?

I'll take a pair of these.

One can't have a bad day or a fit wearing pants that are that happy.

Maybe because I don't have blue eyes, I think my girls' eyes are so pretty when they wear something blue. Dear Santa, instead of PJ's that they actually need/use, will you get them each this dress please? It won't let me link to the blue one but you can see it if you click on the blue square. Yes Santa, the blue one. Thank you.

And they both need a pair of these. It is a true need, not just a "momma wants us to have matching camo squeaky shoes" kind of frivolous thing.

And for Christmas, this, even though I'm not at all for sweaters on babies because they're usually so dang hard to put on them. I can just now put them on Charlie without sweating. Look, it has a matching skirt. Around these parts we'd call that a tutu.


Michelle said...

K, I am glad to know I am not the only one that spends countless amounts of time roaming the world wide web for things I can't actually buy my children just yet. I think you have inspired me to put some things up tonight! Check it out a little later! I loved the happy pants from Gap.

Heather said...

Mary! I love this post. Seriously, I love that you did all the searching for me! What fun! Thanks for sharing! Are you guys doing the fall festival tomorrow?