Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unconventional Remedy

**Edited to add we just heard from the surgeon's office. It is scheduled for November 12th. Sean will be on vacation from work that week so it's a huge answer to prayer!

Sometimes there isn't time to find the "best" solution to a problem. Sometimes there's just a solution. And sometimes you look back on pictures and laugh at what you did and find yourself thankful that nobody got hurt.

Joy can roll now, which is way faster than my other kids did this. You can't just lay her on the couch anymore for a quick highchair switcharoo (taking Charlie out and putting her in,) and there wasn't a device to put her in nearby so I just put her in the laundry basket on the couch. Nobody call CPS please. Great thanks.

I just got back from taking Ty to MDO and his class pictures were ready. Here's his picture.

The single best picture, (smile-wise) he's ever taken. A proud momma moment.

You should see the class picture. That poor photographer. Can you imagine trying to get 17 3 year-olds to look the same direction and smile? I'm going to get one of his whole class just because it's his first "school" picture. If it didn't violate all kinds of privacy and maybe laws I'd put it here so you could share in the moment with me.

A laughing moment, that is.

Charlie, Joy, and I have big plans to wait on a delivery of absolutely no significance and squeeze in some Elmo worship and naps. Y'all have a great Thursday!


ConnieMomaLightner said...

What a great picture!! He is a doll Mary.

Carley said...

I LOVE that pic of TY!! Yay! Funny thing is I've been tempted to put Cody in the laundry basket and carry it upstairs when my hands are full. Haven't done it but thought about it. But he's so curious he'd mess up my folded clothes. Ha! :)

Sarah Sharp said...

I think the laundry basket is a fabulous idea! I am hoping to be gifted with a packnplay with a bassinet so I can set Reed down in a safe place once we come home. That Will of mine is fast and sneaky! So glad y'all got a surgery date scheduled. And I LOVE Ty's picture. Adorable!

Emily said...

Loving Joy in the laundry...cutest piece of laundry I have ever seen:) Also loving Ty's picture. What a cutie. Marking my calendar for Nov. 12th and will send lots and lots of prayers Joy's way-- will include her on my Bible Study's prayer list as well.

carie said...

Your header and scripture gave me chills. Bravo! Love your blog. A new favorite. And it's nice to "meet" you too!