Friday, October 9, 2009

Jaws will drop

Hearts will flutter. Grandmas will cry. Mommies will envy. Big brothers will beam with pride.

Welcome to the world Joshua Andrew Ball. You were born a week ago and are already a keeper. Not that you weren't as soon as you arrived but now that we have all seen you, you are a keeper.
And he's thinking about the day when he will go toe to toe with his big brother.
Isn't he beautiful? In a manly/hunky/masculine way.
There's big brother David sitting with him...and if I had taken these pictures I'd give you a little more background to what was going on but I swiped them off Jennie's website. Yikes. I hope that's legal.
Yes hearts are fluttering and big brothers are beaming and jaws are dropping that Jennie made it to Bible study today, looking fabulous. Our hats are off to you, Jennie!


Heather said...

So so sweet. That little face gave me a twinge of baby fever. I honestly can't say I've ever had a chance to have that, lol!

Carley said...

I was still amazed at Jennie being at Bible Study today and how good she looked!! I can't wait to go meet Joshua tomorrow!! What a special the new addition to our group!

Carley said...

I agree with Heather. Seeing pics of him gives me baby fever! Oh to snuggle a newborn! That's funny to say since I still have a baby! Not anytime soon...but someday!!

Mary said...

Yes Heather, it was too soon to have it before Tatum and Carley, girl it's WAY TOO SOON. That's how Heather and I both got into trouble :)