Monday, October 5, 2009

I'd say my kids are doing okay considering they have me as their mother

Oh what a week we had around here! (Last week that is.) I was a little out of it and resorted to posting pictures instead of engaging in conversation for the most part. You probably enjoyed it! Nattie spent the week with us potty training and to keep the update on that short and sweet: Ty is doing really well, an accident every now and then, but he has gone to school and church and been accident-free at both so I'm celebrating: He's well on the path to being potty trained!

Charlie is doing great! And she has a diaper on her bottom at all times.

We punted. Trust me, you would have too. She's back to her happy-go-lucky self and so relieved to be done with her momma singing Happy Birthday 23 times while she sat on the potty and produced nothing. Did I say she's relieved? We are ALL relieved. She's young and has a long life of diapers ahead of her at least until we give it another go.

When? I have no idea. Watching Ty and his comprehension level vs. watching her and her no-comprende level I'd say it'll be a few months at least.

Want to see some pictures? No not of that. Of the week's activities.

This is what Sean did last week. He was in the attic to change the air filters and we heard a loud noise and well, you know the rest. I'm just glad it wasn't me who did it and of course I'm glad he didn't get very hurt. Sore and bruised, yes. Hospital visit needed? No.
This was the view from the 33rd floor of the W hotel, where we went on our in-town, (technically we are in a suburb so it counts as out-of-town,) vacation. It was a perfect getaway because it was within a short driving distance, mom kept the kids at our house, Emmy made a special guest appearance, AND by the time anybody missed anybody we were back home.
The view from our room. Lots and lots of flat land out there and for us natives it still makes for a fantastic view.
The hotel is connected to Victory Plaza, where the American Airlines center is and where Channel 8 films. This was an unexpected highlight of the getaway for both of us because we got to watch them film the 6 o'clock news through the windows and see how the whole process works. Who knew that would interest either one of us?? That's an example of something you do on a trip after you've been married a while vs. honeymooning at an exotic place. Sean took some great pictures of the weather rolling in and sent them in to the station. I'm hoping they'll snatch him up as a staff photographer and he'll have a job where he can be home every night :)
We walked to the Spaghetti Warehouse to eat and got to sit in the trolley. Do you have childhood memories of going somewhere and it was enormous then once you go as an adult you're saddened by how "normal" it is? The trolley was a hot place to be growing up and this particular night we were the only two people sitting in it! I was still proud and felt a little bit like a celebrity.
This is the pool deck at the hotel. It is a beautiful view! Of course my pictures don't do it justice. Try not to act so surprised.
We swam for a while before the storm hit. It was a little bit cold but hey, we were child-free and we just had to swim. The pool was nice and toasty.
See what the girls (and boy,) did while we were away? Bonded. Became best friends. Laughed. Ate. You know, the usual.
This was last Sunday at Molly's shower. Molly is a lifelong family friend who is having her first baby, a boy, in a month or so. Joy got to meet some of the people who have prayed for her since she was a peanut. She was most interested in Emmy though.
Little one takes a good picture, doesn't she? Joy and her Daddy are a good team. He has a little laugh routine with each of the kids and they are all different. With Ty he acts like he's gonna "get him," or tickles him. With Charlie he says her favorite quote from Little Einsteins, 'I Cannot Believe it!" With Joy he just talks in a really high pitched voice and smiles and it works every time. She's pretty low-maintenance now, constantly entertained by the other two when she's awake and she sleeps quite a bit during the day so there's not much time for complaining.
We finally got the appointment set to meet with the surgeon to talk about her CT scan results. It's a good sign that he wasn't in a hurry to get us in but it was getting frustrating so I'm relieved we have it set. I'll go on the 16th to have him explain exactly what is there and talk about options. As far as we know the only options are to have surgery or wait longer to have surgery. We're all hoping for the latter so that she can keep growing.

Sounds like nap time is over...


Mama Em said...

Really enjoyed this usual. So glad you got away and enjoyed it and that you punted on Charlie. That's good mama instincts there.
If you would like to see a lot of not so flat land (rolling hills with sheep), visit us in Scotland!!

Emily said...

Wow- the W looks amazing!! I'll have to stay there some time:) Joy is a beauty -- absolutely gorgeous! OH and don't worry about Miss Charlie and her potty training. I promise she'll get it when she is good and ready.

Carley said...

Fun post! I'm so glad you guys liked the W! We loved it when we stayed last summer and seeing your pictures had fun memories for me too. :) We're back from Oregon so hopefully we can catch up this week!