Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Pumpkins...minus the smallest one

Since Sean was sick last week and I'm not one to add drama when it's possible to avoid it, (ha) I waited until last night to ask him about the pictures he took at the Arboretum. He had already uploaded them-who knew?

Not me, of course. Otherwise I'd have already posted them. Does he not think this was important information for me to know?


Now remember this was the first full day of Nutrisystem. I was so hungry I could have easily eaten one of those pumpkins. And you can tell in this one I'm physically forcing Ty to sit beside me.
Here is our little picnic blanket (by little I mean I was the one who picked this blanket...does it look like two adults and two kids could all sit and eat on this?) Great choice Mary. And that is why Sean is usually in charge of packing the car.
This was my first lunch out of a box/paper cup in public! I'm getting used to people seeing me eat out of them now but that first week was interesting. To my credit I did remember utensils on this trip. That's not always the case. Some of the lunches on the plan just require boiling water so I took a thermos of boiling water with us and it worked! Our little soups were great and I took salads and fruit with us in the stroller. Viola! Lunch or something like it.
Oh love. Love them. Love that Charlie has started wrinkling her nose when she laughs.
Look how big her hands look! She has tiny little hands like her momma. They look almost normal in these pictures. Cool.
She kept saying ,"No okay," trying to hand the pumpkins back to me.
This is Ty's new shy face. When he tries to stop smiling it ends up looking like this and I think it's really cute. Of course I do, he's my kid. He also looks just like my brother in these pictures. Those of you who know Graham will agree!

It was a fun day and a great distraction since those first two days were spent dreaming of food. We've had a string of nasty days around here, (rain, cold, dreary,) looking at these pictures and remembering the weather that day makes me smile.

And we aren't hungry anymore! If we had a scale I'd tell you if we've lost any actual weight yet but I'll have to base it on clothes...and they are fitting better already. The jeans are a huge (non-stretchy) way to tell so what we lack in guacamole and chips we make up for in excitement that the plan is working. Stay tuned.

Want to hear some very sweet news? Go read this post and if you don't know about this family, take some time and read about them. You won't be sorry.


Carley said...

Fun pics! I LOVE PUMPKIN PICS! We were going to go a pumpkin patch yesterday when it was raining so we will try again this weekend! You look fab in the pics and fab in person. GREAT to finally have lunch and catch up without kids or hubbys! Thanks for the mags!

Michelle said...

Those are some awesome pictures and great news to end your post.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Awesome pictures!!! We are supposed to get out there to take pictures ourselves...but the rain never stops!! LOL! You look beautiful!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

those are precious! the picnic makes me want to have one!

Mama Em said...

Very cute pics!! You are so lovely- truly. Would kill for your hair.