Tuesday, November 16, 2010


2/3 of my kids are trying to learn how to converse. Ty spends three hours a day during the week at school, a PPCD program at an elementary school down the street and the focus of his afternoon class is speech therapy. It has changed his life. I don't say that lightly. He has come alive in the talking sense since he started school almost a year ago. It is amazing and we're so grateful for his teachers and the fact that we didn't have to drive him far away to school every day.

Charlie has started MDO this year and she jabbers with her little classmates, whom she calls her "best friends." She loves it. LOVES IT. I've never seen someone so excited to leave my side and run full-body-force into her class. Mom says I was like that as a little kid. Hmmm. I don't remember ever telling Mom, "Bye Mom have a great day I just stay at school!" like Charlie says every single time she goes in but I guess I might have.

Joy has started saying words and she kind of mimics what Charlie and Ty say but she's 18 months old so conversations are a way off.

I thought it'd be fun today to share some of the conversations I've had with the kids in the last few weeks. I might make this a regular thing since I couldn't make this stuff up but I'll likely forget it if I don't record it.

Conversations around my house:

Ty: Hey Charlie, good morning. How'd you sleep? Did you sleep well tonight?"
Charlie: Hi Ty. I pooped.
Ty: Oh you pooped Charlie, (pronounced Chulee) That's fine.

Me: Guys it's time to get in the car and go to take Charlie to school.
Ty: Well I just stay home and wait for Daddy.
Me: Honey, Daddy won't be home until Wednesday. It's Monday. Get in the car.
Ty: Well, (he starts out most sentences with 'Well') I not go to school I just stay in the car.
Me: We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Just get in the car.
(we get to school.)
Ty: I think it's time to take Charlie to school. Mom can I unbuckle?
Me: Glad you decided to get on board honey. Yes you can unbuckle.
Charlie: I go to school Ty I see you wayter (later) okay bye!

Ty: Night night Charlie I love you.
Charlie: Night night Ty I love you.
we leave Charlie's room.
Ty: I love Charlie. She's my friend.
Me: Yep she's your friend. She's also your sister.
Ty: Yep she's my only sister. I have one sister.
Me: Joy is also your sister. You have two sisters. Remember Joy? So Joy is your friend too.
Ty: Well Joy is not my friend. Daddy is my friend.
Me: Am I your friend?
Ty: No

Charlie: Hey baby Joy. Here's your baby. Here's your stroller. Oh say thank you Charlie. Good helper. (this is all Charlie...telling Joy to be polite and say 'thank you' to her.)
Joy: takes said items from her sister and kind of grunts.
Charlie: Joy, say thank you!
Joy: tank ah.
Charlie: Mommy Joy forgot say thank you.
Me: Charlie that's how she says thank you. Now go play with something.
Charlie: okay Mommy. Bye. Baby Joy you be nice and say thank you!

Charlie: Ty wook, it's your dump truck. Wook (look) Ty there it is!
Ty: Charlie don't touch it. Mooooooommmmmmyyyyyyyy Charlie touched my dump truck!
Me: Ty, stop yelling. You get in trouble if you yell. Say, "Mom can you help me with Charlie please."
Ty: Mommmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Charlie! NOOOOOO (yelling)
Charlie: Mom, Ty is yelling. Ty go sit in the chair. Ty in trouble.
Me: Charlie, you did that on purpose honey and I know it. You aren't being nice. You touched that just so he'd get in trouble. That's not how we play.
Charlie: Well. I not touch it.
Me: Yes you did. Don't tell a lie.
Charlie: Well I did. I sorry Mommy.
Me: Thank you honey. Go tell Ty you're sorry.
Charlie: I sorry Ty.
Ty: That's a good girl Charlie. Don't touch my dump truck.
Me: Ty, she can touch the dump truck. She just can't touch something JUST TO MAKE YOU MAD AND MAKE YOU GET IN TROUBLE FOR YELLING.
Ty: Well.
Me: Well.
Charlie: Well. I go find Joy.

Joy: mo (more)
Me: you want more Joy? More what?
Joy: grunts, points to candy on counter
Me: no it's not time for candy
Joy: NO
Me: Yep, no
Joy: mo, (this time smiling)
Me: you understand everything don't you?
Joy: mo.
Me; Joy, mommy said no. No candy right now. It's not time for candy.
Joy: ya (still pointing)
Me: no
Joy: ya
Me: no
well you get the drift

K that's all I can remember for now.


Emmy said...

These may be especially funny to me because I know they're true. You nailed it. Ethan's favorite is that Charlie told Joy, "You say thank you to Charlie!" and my favorite is that after she had successfully gotten Ty in trouble, Charlie said, "Well, I go find Joy now."

Mommarazzi said...

That made me laugh out loud and I needed it!! So cute.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Ryder starts most of his sentences with "Well because...." and usually nothing comes after the because. I am forever saying "Well because WHAT??"...to which he responds "Well Because Mommy". Love your post!