Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

A few more pictures this week! Still not every day...sigh. Once we move I won't be able to pull the "Busy showing the house" card. Yikes.

Y'all I took pictures but have no recollection of what day I wore what. Mommy brain. This picture is dark but this is the outfit:

Sweater set: Target last year
Skirt: $6.99 at Old Navy last week
Tights: Forever 21
Flats: DSW

I'm way into tights after last year when I decided that I liked them.

Different day, same skirt.

Turtleneck: Banana Republic outlet
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Nordstrom
Shoes: Nordstrom
Technically I wore this for two hours in the morning then switched to a park-friendly outfit of workout clothes. But whatever.

Dress-Ruche (
Boots-Talbots (bought them in heat of summer three years ago)

So excited about this dress. Casual but really cute. I wore it to run errands and do normal things and felt good and girly all day wearing it. Some people are more comfortable in jeans or pants. For me a dress is usually the most comfortable thing I can wear. Dress+boots=very happy me.

I can't tell you how great it is to finally need a jacket.

Jacket: Anthropologie (two years ago)
Jeans: J Crew
Boots: Crocs for little kids (they're cheaper) and totally waterproof. It rained all day today. Like all day. All. Day. How do people in Seattle do it? It's freaking me out.

Today after school I took the kids to the mall and saw a little girl with the same boots on.

She was 3.


If you want to see what Lisa wore, there's the link.


Carley said...

Cute Pictures! I have collected tights over the years and love them but don't wear dresses/skirts very much...although I like them when I wear them I fall into the jeans are more comfortable category....especially as much as I am on the floor playing/watching/chasing Cody. By the way, when you start wearing the "new" trend of overalls again then I will know it's safe! ha! kidding. Still amazes me when I see people wearing overalls again. weird.

by the way, the mall was a perfect short outing...glad we could kill time with you last minute. I thought you looked cute in your boots and would never know they were for kids. :)

Miss Mommy said...

I have those crocs!! Just in light tan, and they don't look that stylish...but still! So fun. Also loving the tights.

p.s. Rains all the time here. Not sure how we make it.

Sarah Sharp said...

You are so cute! I wouldn't know what to do if I could wear kid's shoes. I wear a 10-11! I chatted with a lady in Barnes & Noble today who looked sort of like you and had 3 young children. It made me wish I knew you in real life, but then I thought about it and wasn't sure if I would really enjoy hanging out with you or if I would just use you for you keen sense of sale smell. How do you find stuff so cheap?!? ;)