Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spring cleaning

We don't always do things in order in my house since I'm the "house manager." Ahem. So today we went through the attic and cleaned things out. We picked a Sunday of all days, (hello day of rest, where are you?) but I'm glad we did it. I kept telling myself that we'd be glad it was done if we ever actually move. I know I keep making comments like that but I do better if I am then pleasantly surprised when we do move and I don't get too impatient in the meantime. Have you noticed that I go between being extremely fed up with the whole process to totally, (and ignorantly,) okay with the fact that we could live here forever or move in a month? It's how I roll.

You wouldn't believe what we found today in the boxes that we for sure haven't looked in since we moved. We were so rushed to move here since Charlie was almost due-she was born 14 days after we moved in-nice, huh. I think we looked through boxes today that we have never opened since we combined our stuff. I found Sean's old sleeping bag which I quickly put in the "give away" pile, my old sets of sheets from when I lived by myself and dreamed of living in Colorado where one would actually need flannel sheets, his old trophies from his childhood, my old books, his old hunting stuff, his old photography stuff, his old pictures, and even a few of his old bikes????? were up there. It's a wonder we never missed the stuff! Did you notice that it was almost all his stuff? Which only matters because before we started he gave me a speech about how I needed to be willing to part with some of my stuff. It was a classic moment when we looked around and I counted all of his piles vs. mine. We both died laughing. Then I tried my hardest to repeat word for word what he told me before we started. Me imitating him: priceless.

This week holds lots of fun stuff like the first zoo trip with the kids, seeing both of our families, taking the "give away" stuff to actually give away, (which in itself isn't FUN but seeing the finished product=really fun,) decorating for Christmas, and enjoying having Sean home all week tops my list. Man I hope we don't get tired of each other. Ha!

There's really no room for getting sick so I'm ignoring the fact that in the last two hours my voice has gone from normal to gone. Nope not gonna go there.

Happy night, Y'all!

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