Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dad update-update

Right after I updated about the angiogram I went home to see the kids since we thought the road was downhill from there.

After I took a shower, dried my hair, and settled in for a long winters' nap, mom called to say dad was having another heart attack and to come back. So thankful Sean came home from his trip so that I could go right away.

The second EKG showed the 'episode' enough for the on-call cardiologist to make phone calls and figure out what to do. Throughout the night he did fine except for another blood pressure spike early this am. Mom and I slept on the love seat (really, why didn't I take pictures???) and we were both (all) very interested to hear what the dr who did the test yesterday had to say when he came in this morning. He said the plaque he found yesterday has been irritated and is causing the attacks so the new plan is to switch his meds and keep him another day until he has been symptom-free for a full day AND get his blood pressure down.

Basically it's been a boring couple of days. Ha! We're so thankful his heart isn't showing damage from this stuff. Dr said it will happen more times until the area that was irritated heals. He's sending him home with nitro pills so that at least mom can get it under control until it subsides.

I just came home to sleep :) night night.


He's out of the procedure. No stint(s) and no major heart muscle damage. Dr called it a minor heart attack. He's staying overnight to monitor his blood pressure, which is high.

Overall, great report! Thanks for prayers!


Julie said...

Thanks be to God!!!



Michelle said...

Just read this and will be in prayer. Glad to hear for a good report.

Carley said...

Yay for the good report. You know we are praying...

Missy said...

My mom called last night. Still praying over here.

Carley said...

I got the text you sent last night first thing this morning. Yikes! Glad it is something they can get under control but still super scary! Glad Sean is home so you can sleep.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

We'll keep praying for a speedy recovery and no return of the attacks. What a scary to you all.