Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prayers for Popeye

Yesterday my mom called around 3 to tell me that my dad was in the local hospital with symptoms of a heart attack and to get there if I could. She was visiting my brother and his family and was trying to get home but didn't want Dad to be by himself. With some swift actions and phone calls I was on my way. Jennie came right over to help with my kids-plus her own 2-so for a few hours she had five kids 4 and under to take care of. Bless her. Carley went as soon as she could to help so my kids were fine. And likely had more fun than if I was there!

Mom flew in last night and met Emmy and Ethan at what we call big Baylor hospital. They took Dad from the Waxahachie hospital to big Baylor by ambulance.

We are all in the hospital now waiting for his angiogram (sp?) and to find out what exactly happened. One dr said it was not a heart attack but a precursor to one and to be thankful that we can find out what's going on before the symptoms get worse. Please pray that whatever caused the symptoms yesterday will be discovered during the test.

Sean is home now with our kids. God has been faithful as always, sending people with similar stories our way.

I'll update when we know anything more. Thanks y'all.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary, we are definitely praying! I know how scary that can be! Please, please, let me know if I can help out in any way!

Emily said...

Many prayers for you guys...espcially for Jim. Keep us posted.

Missy said...

My parents called and told me. Been praying for him! I heard the results (I think) and I hope it's correct. Keep him healthy!