Thursday, November 18, 2010

Night and Day

Meet Day

Never stops moving, never (ok rarely) sleeps much during the day because she's got stuff to do, wakes up quickly and stays alert until you show her the blanky in her bed...then she's toast. She giggles when we put her down. Most of the time.

She plots her moves and executes them well. She has no time for lolly-gagging. Boredom doesn't sit well with her. She is a task person. She thinks through her plan of attack,

Checks it out from every angle

Shows me where she's headed.
And jumps. And lands on both feet. She's like a cat. She falls, but rarely gets hurt.

She's day.

Meet Night.

Always sporting pink clothes/shoes/headbands/shades, sashaying and telling everybody "Hi!" (even strangers,) she takes a sweet forever to get going in the morning and takes a while to wind down at night too...sleeps like a rock day and night, and often sleeps later than the rest of us.

She doesn't plan much or get too far ahead of the moment. She enjoys just being in the middle of it all. Laughing, jabbering, hugging, talking, singing...the life of any party.

Here she is talking on her (imaginary) phone. To her MDO teachers, if I remember correctly. She always props one arm out to the side too. She rocks it, y'all.

Even indoors, she rocks it. And she loves Chick-Fil-A nuggets, or as she calls them, "chickens."

The girls are as different as night and day and I can't imagine how bored I'd be if that weren't the case.


ConnieMomaLightner said...

Isn't it amazing how different our children can be? Alissa and Kari were different in many ways, but then Kaci came along and let's just say, I began to wonder if a switch had been made! She was so completely different in every way, looks, personality, you name it, she was different! But it sure made raising them interesting! Enjoy this wonderful and exhausting time!!

Carley said...

That description fits them perfectly! Cody and Joy are so much alike. When I get him out of his crib in the morning he wants down and immediately starts runnings. And doesn't stop. Although he does nap well. I love how laid back Charlie is...after have a busy boy...I hope that if we have another kid it will be laid back. I can't imagine how tired I'd be with two hyper kids. ha! Cute pics.

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh out loud...I love it! What an amazing, creative God, to design us all so uniquely perfect. Charlie and Trevor will be perfect together. ;-)