Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nap time?

Since Joy started sleeping consistently, I haven't really felt like I needed naps.

Until this round of daylight savings time. Now I could schedule nap time right into my 'needs' category. It's sad really. I'm 32 (or am I 31?) and I go to bed very early. This week I went to bed before 9 more than once. Sean was like, "Well, I'm not gonna argue that we all have better days when you've gotten your required amount of sleep." Direct quote. Thanks Honey.

But it's true. So factoring in that I go to bed early and the kids have been sleeping fairly well it shouldn't make me cringe when I hear Ty knocking on his door, (from the inside,) at 5:45 am. Because I am well-rested and all. But I do cringe. And beg him through prayer to go back to bed until 7. Clearly God has bigger fish to fry.

So I wait for the sweet spot-hour when Ty is at school and the girls nap at the same time. Every once in a while, I find it. Glory.

Maybe I can make it past nine tonight. It's a glamorous life I lead.


Emmy said...

Could Ty be trained to find a drink and a snack in the early morning and play until 7 in the TV room? Something he couldn't possibly choke on.

Emmy said...

Another idea: start putting him to bed at 9 or so?

Jenna Vineyard said...

Well, if that makes you old you are only 30 ;) then I guess I am super great grandma. I was asleep by 8ish last night ... I like to be laying in my bed by 9 every night, except weekends. However, in all fairness, I get up for work everyday at 5am, sometimes 4:30am. So, I guess I do have an excuse :) I do like to sleep though, always have. Always will :)