Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few days in my life

I really have it easy

Now I have a bright and shiny new In-N-Out about three miles from my (still on the market...) house.

I have two pet stores to take little pet lovers to when they ask to go to the zoo. To them Petsmart is just as fun. And free. And they are satisfied. For a few more months anyway...until we go to the zoo.

Another day, another In-N-Out experience

Happy boy

I have a little park that we call...the little park...down the street where we go during showings. If the house sold back when we thought it would we would have missed these little outings. Of course if the house had sold when we hoped it would we wouldn't need to stay out of it for two hours at a time either. We could just stay home if we wanted to.


But look at all the fun. I've realized getting all three to smile isn't gonna happen for a picture unless a crazy relative/friend offers to act, well, crazy. Just me-not happening.

I get to retrieve toys, socks, food from places outside. When I brought Charlie/Charlotte's latest friends inside she said, "Well they were taking their nap outside. Can you put them back?"

I get my exercise while my baby girl takes care of her baby. My pace is slow but at least I'm moving.

I experience those first few joyful days of Joy preferring hair bows. Up until last week she pulled them out. Now she wants at least two at all times.

I'm so happy with this development.

I have trash truck radar. I was leaving the grocery store yesterday and felt the urge to turn my car around to face the other street and viola.

A new truck to take pictures of for my little sanitation specialist-in-training.

It's a glamorous life I lead.

And I love it.

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Emmy said...

Those are some really cute pictures. Both of the girls seem to have grown a lot lately. And Ty's feet... they look like showshoes attached to his body.