Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I think I actually took pictures each day this week. Shocker!

Favorite necklace: Etsy (Miss Ruby Sue)

Shirt: Target

Pants: Nordstrom (Easter gift from mother-in-law)

Shirt: JCrew

Shorts: Gap Outlet two summers ago

Shoes: Target

Shirt: bought it in Santa Barbara three years ago on our anniversary trip.

Pants: JCrew clearance two years ago

Shoes: gift from mother-in-law

Hello lovelies. Flat, comfortable lovelies

Cardigan: Target

Dress: Sundance Outlet

Jeans: Forever 21


The girls leaving church

Joy: Hand-me-down from big sister, who was given the dress when SHE was two

Charlie/Charlotte/Chi-Chi: dress from newly discovered great website-Next clothing.

Dress: Ross three years ago

Shoes: Really? No idea

I can't tell you how excited I was to see Big Mama with this shirt on.

Trivial-yes. Validation that I'm not alone in liking the shirt-yes. And she wore a turquoise necklace which showed me how much that adds to the cute factor.

Shirt: Anthropologie

Jeans: JC Penney (the cheap little girls ones)

Shoes: Old Navy

Shirt I showed you a picture of recently: Anthropologie sale $9.99

Jeans: Restyle

Shoes: no idea had them so long.

Okay y'all better have links to your own WIWW posts! Happy Wednesday!


Miss Mommy said...

I LOVE Next- we have it locally, and it is all the rage!! I usually buy used stuff for the kids at garage sales and stuff. :)

I also still love your shoes, but this week I'm adding that $10 Anthro shirt to the list of things I covet, as well as your figure.

That is all.

Mary said...

I've figured out how to take twenty pounds off my figure-hold the camera up at an angle! Genius!

Heather said...

Love it... you are too cute Mary! I still think I need to hire you to be a personal shopper. And that picture of Charlotte and Joy is precious... if anything could make me wish our baby 3 was another girl, it'd be a moment like that! LOVE it.