Sunday, May 1, 2011

How they roll

My girls are similar in some ways. They both have crazy hair. They both love watermelon. They both hang on my leg when they are insecure. They share a room and have conversations we don't understand. They're the same but different.


Charlotte has watched snippets of the royal wedding with me. She gets the princess aspect for sure. So when she spotted a carriage she felt pulled to ride in it. She waved to the onlookers, (just me,) and thanked everyone for coming to her party, (other people at the zoo,) and waved like "the princess on the show," (Kate, now Catherine...hmmm hadn't compared them until now because of the new formal name the duchess took,) and loved every minute of being the center of attention. She sat with her hands folded and just amazed herself with her poise.

Then there's Joy.

My delicate flower.

She rides around in strollers like this too. At least her necklace, hair bow, and skirt distinguish her from the little boys.

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We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Really Laughing Out Loud Right Now! Love it!