Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: Wedding Edition

Because you love me you can look past the fact that it's Saturday.

Because you love me you will have to forgive the order of my pictures. Because there is no order.

Getting ready with sweet Kellie, (one of my college roommates,) and Mom. Emmy is behind me blowing a fan on me. It was August.
We got married in a tiny little Episcopal church where my parents were married. It was hot. Like really old building that can't keep up with the day's massive Africa heat wave in Texas hot.

Uncle Kyle sporting his Dora backpack. In it were no telling how many snacks and toys for his kids. See the girl on the left in the white dress? That's my niece Allie who graduated from high school last night.

"Is anybody else this hot? Man it's hot." I said that about 5,000 times that day. What were we thinking getting married in late August?
Walking into the back of the church for the shindig to start. Emmy was helping with my dress. She was sweating too.
We took our pictures before the ceremony. You know, because it was so dang hot I knew I'd look terrible by the time it was said and done. We also just weren't really concerned with the whole groom not seeing me beforehand. He had, after all, taken my bridal portraits. This is my family minus Emmy's husband Ethan, (they got married last summer.)
"Is it time yet? I can't tell. What do you think? Nope I don't think so. Somebody just yell down to the front and ask."

Maid of honor, Best man picture.

Y'all, it was hot. Not sure if I mentioned that.

Sean and Amy, (his sister who is married to Kyle, (Dora backpack,) and who has the twin boys that outfit Ty.

There are a million pictures that I'd forgotten about so it's gonna be a two part Flashback Friday. Sorry in advance.

I have to tell y'all about Allie's graduation. It involves a two hour car ride, (each way,) and one very carsick passenger.

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Jenny, Jon, Lucas and Braxton said...

Loved this! You all looked beautiful and I thought the color of Emmy's dress was just perfect for her! Where is that little church?? The red door is greatness!