Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

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Top: Anthropologie sale over the winter $19.99
Jeans: Restyle (my favorite consignment store where I sell my clothes,) True Religion $49.99
Shoes: Target

Sweater since it dropped to like the 50's here: Anthropologie sale
Skirt: Target clearance $3.99
Belt: Anthropologie clearance $9.99

Tunic/shirt: Sundance outlet-got for Christmas
Capris: JCrew two years ago
Shoes: American Eagle 5 years ago

Shirt: Restyle-Anthropologie but I paid $12.99
Pants: same as day before
Shoes: Roxy from Ross

Shirt: Walmart last year-needs to be ironed but whatever. $9.99
Shorts-gift from Sean's mom 5 years ago. They're light pink :)
Shoes: same Roxy from above
Belt: same Anthro one from above

****alert alert***girls I know it seems like I buy a lot from Anthropologie and I do-because they do cut prices constantly. I've only paid the real price about two times and even then it's because it's birthday or Christmas I'm on a budget and sell my clothes pretty often so I can frequent their sale room. The gals at the store by me know I just walk right back to their sale room. A long time ago I told them I love their feminine clothes but can't afford them until they go on sale. They even set stuff aside for me now that they know I'd like. The belt I was wearing in this pic was one of those things...the gal said she marked it down then put it aside because she knew I'd want it if I came in. And was $9.99 of course I wanted it. I go often, partly because the store makes me happy because it's so pretty and it smells so good, and partly because they mark stuff down so often. It's only about ten minutes from my house. That's my PSA of the day.

Tried a different belt and couldn't decide. Opinions?

This was the cozy outfit and top to bottom cost less than $30.

Shirt: Ross a few years ago $3.99
Jacket/sweatshirt: Costco $9.99
Jeans: maternity ones I originally bought for Jennie but kept $.32
Shoes: Target little girls (size 4 1/2=women's size 7) $9.99

There you have it! Happy Wednesday y'all!


Lindsey said...

I have the green Anthro shirt but I paid a lot more than $12.99. I'm jealous! You look gorgeous Mama!

Miss Mommy said...

You are so CUTE and skinny! Well done, yummy mummy!