Sunday, April 5, 2009

Carley's Shower

**More pictures coming soon of yesterday's diaper/wipes shower. It was GREAT! Fun games, good food, catching up with the students, and me winning the "Who can diaper the baby the fastest blindfolded" contest. Did I say that out loud? Two Dr. appointments this morning--I'm anxious to hear how Joy's doing. I'll update as soon as I can!**

Following tradition, we held Carley's baby shower at the "Hostess with the Mostess" Ellaine's house yesterday and it was a great shower. Ellaine was the biggest supporter of Sean making a move many years ago...I remember sitting in the back of the youth room and her asking, "Why don't you and Sean date?" Each of us would give our reasons and she'd say, "Well that's stupid, that's not a good enough reason..." Now, after knowing her for 5 + years I can honestly say she's said those exact words to me many times about many different things! She's good as gold and can do things like this with flowers.

See why she's the hostess? Yeah I don't know where you even buy things like this much less put it together.
All of the hostesses: Mom (Nattie,) April, Priscilla, Carley (guest of honor), Ellaine, woman in need of bigger shirt, Jamie, and Jennie. Mom helped host this shower because Carley has hosted two of my showers in the last three years and done so many other things to help me since I've known her. Mom and Dad came Friday afternoon and Sean and I had a date then they stayed through yesterday afternoon--We distracted Ty while they were leaving to avoid a genuine heartbreak on his part and after about 20 minutes he walked circles around the house and came to me and said, "Nattie, Popeye?" We told him they had gone bye bye and he started crying. If it were up to him, (or all of us for that matter,) they'd live next door.
This is what a pile of gifts at a Texas little boy baby shower looks like. Those of you who don't live in Texas might find the deer a little strange but I think it fits right in.
The guest of honor opening one of her gifts--The bib in her lap says, "Cute but messy, just like Daddy!" So cute. Wouldn't be true in my family...we'd need one that says, "Cute but messy, just like MOMMY." Daddy is always clean in my family!
Did I mention before that I live for dessert? When they asked who would cut/serve the cake--always made by Ellaine's friend and always delicious--I quickly volunteered. And I might have cut my own rather large piece in the process and asked someone to hide it for me.
See why? It was a lemon sponge cake for this party, with fresh berries for topping. Oh my. To add danger and excitement to my life I didn't even check my blood sugar after the shower--don't tell my doctor(s).
This is what the same table looked like a few hours later...with more gifts on the floor around it. Carley got some great gifts! Mom and I studied it for a little while to see if there's new stuff on the market I'm gonna need. Carley is my friend--she wouldn't care that it looked like we were looting.
The pregnancy brigade--When Carley found out she was pregnant she told me that she had always prayed for a friend to be pregnant with. I'm not sure why God chose me for the answer to that prayer (Ha!) but He also chose Jennie and April to join the fun and I am so excited for all three of these friends who are going to be, (Jennie and April already are,) fantastic mommas! Jennie is Momma to David and April is Momma to Grace, Caleb, and Jonathan. Yes, that means 4 children for her soon. Good Lord April. She can handle it :)

I'm off to get ready for church--did I tell you that we got clearance to take Charlie back? She had a check up at the pulminologist last week and he said we do need to keep giving her two breathing treatments a day through mid-May but that since she hasn't gotten sick again we can take her more last week we all loaded up and got to go to church together. Charlie had a semi-rough morning but we're going for it again today. The more she goes the less upset she gets, and watching Ty just waltz into his room now without a tear motivates us to keep at it for Charlie. One day maybe there will be NO tears at church! Except mine of course.


Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun shower! Glad to hear Charlie is better. She will become an old pro at those breathing treatments and you will love that time to do something else! Brody gets to watch a show during treatments and mommy gets to blog, feed Kate, wash bottles, etc. Fun times! I totally understand about the crying at church. I think Brody stopped crying at drop off in September. He now loves to go "play" at church!

Mama Em said...

That does look like fun and, as they say in Juno, your shirt was working hard. ;) Y'all all look great and I felt right at home again.

Carley said...

What a fun day! You guys are amazing to give me such a nice shower! I was very blessed and am thankful for our friends! Thanks for all your hard work! We LOVE the stroller and the little crocks. You have spoiled Bun already! Love you!!

Carley said...

I can't wait to have my face back! :) ha! I'm just not used to the chubby cheeks....and pretty sure I'll still talk about them until I am no longer pregnant! :)