Friday, April 10, 2009

Them Drowning was The Least of My Worries

I'm not sure I even have energy left to describe what happened today. I'll try for entertainments' sake. There was a swim party for my twin nephews. The boys that I met when they were Ty's age and now they are the cool older cousins...the ones whose clothes have graced Ty's closet since birth.

Mom and Dad kept Charlie overnight to give me a break from all the heavy lifting (it worked-my back felt almost normal today and it's been far from it for weeks,) so today they brought her home and helped me a ton with the kids. Emmy came too so I sat on the couch for most of the day. Our original plan was for them to keep Ty during the party so I'd just have Charlie--the non-swimmer-but as the day went on I decided I was up for a challenge and took both kids. First mistake. I made many more between the hours of 4 and 7.

Before I go on I have to tell you that I bought Charlie a swimsuit a few days ago for the party (and the summer,) and it is a 4T. AND NOT ONE BIT TOO BIG.

Oh y'all. It was bad. Not the suit, the party. And not the party, my kids. It was right by my old house, which thanks to a new tollway is only about 15 minutes away. As I drove in I saw Sean's sister Stephanie and her family and I rolled down the window to say hi and they offered to help me in. My niece Allie got in the front seat and both kids started crying. They didn't stop until we were well inside the building. Charlie kept going all the way into the room where the food was and Ty stopped when he saw the pool. The one Momma wasn't going to get in since she was not up for the maternity suit that is three years old and in need of someone smaller wearing it.

I really don't think I can give a play by play--I am so tired. Over the next hour and a half there was about a 17 minute window of happiness. Then Ty got a weird rash all over his back and arms and I had to take him away from the fountains he'd been playing in. And that's when it all broke loose. At one point I looked at my sister-in-law Amy (mom of the boys,) and said, "I just hope somebody is getting a picture of this to show how GOOD things were before the new baby came." She laughed and waved bye. People who don't know us had to be wondering what kind of nut would do this one more time. Clearly the lady has no idea how to calm her kids down. Clearly she should have just stayed home. Clearly she is in no shape to be lifting one of them let alone both at the same time. It's easy to forget we're talking about me here.

The rash was quick--came on quick and went away by the time we got home. I gave him Benadryl but still have no idea what it was. Allergic to chlorine maybe? He was in pools all summer last year though and we never had this happen. Who knows.

I am all done. For today. Maybe with all swim parties for the next few years. Definitely done taking them places without their Daddy there to share in the humiliation.


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary! It exhausts me just thinking about it and I'm not even pregnant!

Tatum is only 3 months old and I've already had plenty of moments when I KNOW the "on-lookers" around me are truly horrified by the lack of any effective parenting skills they are witnessing on my part.

I say let them stare...anyone who looks at you like you're crazy is only getting half of the picture. They miss out on all of those fantastic and surprisingly sweet moments that will soon be multiplied by THREE in your house!

Now, rest, rest rest...

ps. I'm thinking of starting a sort of "play group" for baby bunchers in our area... I think it's an awesome common ground to reach out to moms we may not encounter at church. Thoughts?

Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

Sometimes it just feels good to know there is someone else out there who goes through the same ordeals you do! And, I only have one right now! But...he is going through a "stage" and I say "stage" because surely it will go away....where he screams when he doesn't get what he wants. A really high pitched scream and it need not matter where we are. The pediatrician told me to just ignore him when he does it.
That is sooooo hard when we are in a public place. I feel like if I just ignore him, people will look at me like I don't discipline my kid. If I don't ignore him..the high pitch scream turns into tears of hysterics. Ultimately, I just need to leave wherever we are...but does he win that way, too??

Oh, the toils of parenting right!

Heather is so right though....we just have to remember all of those fantastic moments that nobody else sees!

You are getting sooo close! Excited??!!

Carley said...
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Carley said...

Oh no friend! You were so excited to go to the party...I'm sorry it was such a disaster! You are a great momma...don't get discouraged.

Michelle said...

I couldn't agree more! Making it to the 8 week mark means sanity and sleep again!

Sounds like a crazy party! Braving the pool with one was always a challenge last summer!

Mama Em said...

I have nothing clever to say except I'm sorry and I've been there minus the #3 on the way. You are amazing.
p.s. And as for Luke's teeth- seriously- I would forgive the lack of motivation if he were popping out teeth every other it is, I'm not sure what exactly is occupying his little mind...