Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Go Park, Go Park"

That's all Ty is saying these days...especially after visiting this one.
He didn't stay in one place very long but adding the snack helped me keep him still enough to get proof that he was there.
This one was happy in the tunnel the whole time...trying to stand up, bumping her head on the top and then falling down laughing. She's loving her new freedom. And I'm loving her hair.
I pulled my rubber band out of my hair to give it to her so if you could have seen my hair hers would pale in comparison. Her Daddy forgot to put her clip in when he got her up from her nap so she looked like a hard-core rocker until I intervened. I know it's not very cute but it served the purpose of keeping it out of her eyes. Actually I thought it looked pretty darn cute. It shot a good three inches off her head.


Heather said...

I remember taking Trevor to that park when I was pregnant... Nathan would run around chasing him, and steadying him at the top of slides while I waited at the bottom. Sooo many times, I was certain I'd go into labor from catching him at the bottom! I love Charlie's hair... I have a feeling I'll be looking to you for baby girl hair advice!

Michelle said...

I love the hair! That park looks awesome. I think parks were invented for pregnant moms with older kiddos!

Carley said...

Love her hair! Too funny! That looks like a really fun park. Maybe we should go there on Friday since I have the day off and Sean will be gone. :) Have a fun day in Denton!

Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

We love, love, love the park! Make several trips a week! Now if I could just make Ryder understand that he is still little and is going to be trampled if he doesn't get out of the "Big" kids way! LOL!