Monday, April 6, 2009

Joy Update

It's been a weird day. Not a bad day just one of those days where you feel like you're watching your life and not really 100 % participating in it. I had two appointments this morning and the overall update is good news. Joy is estimated to weigh right at 6 lbs. now. The pleural effusion (fluid around her lung,) looks smaller than two weeks ago and the tumor is still stable. At my OB appointment I found out that I will start twice weekly appointments next week, which I anticipated. I'll have a sonogram one of the visits and the other one will be for a non-stress test. I did this routine with both other kids because of gestational diabetes. It makes for a long couple of weeks leading up to delivery but it's part of the treatment so obviously you can't really say, "Um, that doesn't work for me." Babysitters get your calendars ready-I'm gonna need you soon.

My Dr. suggested that we schedule my c-section and when he said 39 weeks I about fell off the table. Hear me on this--Joy is stable and that is what is most important! I think I was shocked when he said I might go that long so I didn't really hear what else he was saying. I've never made it 39 weeks. Even with Ty I was induced at 38 so I'm not sure what my Dr. was thinking. I've heard women say that they experience a mental defeat when they pass their due date so maybe I'm feeling a fraction of that??I reminded him of the past deliveries and he responded with, "Well let's watch the baby and see..." I know he does this every day and that he knows best but I've thought for so long that it would be earlier that it put me in kind of a rut. Maybe fog is a better word. Yeah it's a fog. By tomorrow I should be used to the idea of five more weeks of pregnancy. (gasp!)


Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

Glad that Joy is looking good! Keep your chin up...maybe she'll decide otherwise and you won't have to go five more weeks! A lot can happen in these next few weeks ;-)

Michelle said...

Good news about Miss Joy! You never know what could happen, but just take the extra week and get as much rest as you can!

Emily said...

I am so happy to hear that Joy is doing so good!! I totally understand your frustration but remember that she will come in God's timing. He knows EXACTLY when she will be born and you just have to trust in Him. Hang in there girl!!! You're looking good in your pics!

Heather said...

His timing indeed! Don't worry Mama... it will all work out in time and I promise, you will NOT be pregnant forever.

I like to think of these last weeks as the time when babies develop their most endearing qualities...Like the sparkle in their eyes, their first little coos and giggles, their super soft, fuzzy skin, and that sweet sweet smell. I know I don't have to tell you- those things are certainly worth waiting for!