Friday, May 31, 2013

In my wildest dreams

I didn't think it would really work.

But it did.

Dinner at my house guys. We have carrots.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where I sit

Of all the things I've changed (painted,) this room is by far my favorite. I can hear what's going on in the play room but I can pay bills, make things, or just sit still for a few minutes. I love it here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013



I'm too tired to write. I've been convinced that I had mono more than once in the last year but it turns out I'm just tired. The mental energy it takes to keep this circus going is monumental.

There's a balance between crazy and rest and sometimes I lean toward the crazy. Today I leaned toward resting. For three hours in the middle of the afternoon. God bless the village I have helping me. God bless my parents. They've helped me so much. Sometimes giving your kid a nap is the best gift you can give them and today mom gave me one.

How are y'all? I've missed you!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Busy bee

Tis the season for dance recitals, programs, tournaments, garage sales and craziness. I'm ready for the lazy days of summer. I can smell the sunscreen and OFF now.

So many pictures I want to show y'all but I got a new phone and forgot to sync it before I switched. I was so sad!

I've been in an anxious mess of a mindset this week and like all of you I've asked God to protect my family. Nothing puts things in perspective the way that loss does. I know the grip that fear can put me in and I pray that it doesn't keep me from fully living each day. I'm guessing lots of people can relate to the push and pull I'm going through. Let's press on and keep our eyes on Him together, shall we?

Monday, May 13, 2013


Friday night was a boost we needed. Temple was hysterical without trying to be and she was inspirational. Sometimes I see what Ty struggles with and forget what he's gifted with. It's all about perspective. If you have the chance to hear her speak you should!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Four years ago after the most stressful intense pregnancy ever (at least for me,) she was born. I'd never felt more relieved. Some of y'all were around then and remember praying for Miss Joy as she grew. The tumor pressed on her lung and heart and my bags were packed from week 19. "We think she can survive," and "The likelihood of intrauterine surgery" were phrases often thrown around so that's why we picked her name. It was between Julie and Joy. I knew people could remember to pray for a baby named Joy and they did. God's faithfulness to meet me where I was shone through. I went to sleep every night with fear caving in all around me and when I prayed I asked Him to use her life for His glory, no matter how long it was. Little did I know what she'd face.

Joy was quite possibly the worst car rider baby in the history of time. She screamed from the minute I put her in the car until we arrived where we were going every single time until she was 5 months old.

5 months.

It wasn't pretty. At times I wondered what I did to deserve that kind of screaming. Then I wondered if I hadn't been specific enough in my prayers. I mean I didn't ask for a baby who DIDN'T scream so hard she made herself vomit. For 13 weeks straight in the church nursery. Every single week.

13 weeks. Vomit on the workers. Me having to apologize for this intense glued-to-her-momma baby.

Y'all I get anxious thinking about it.

She is still the most likely to melt down about things like the wrong color of hair bow or the wrong spoon for her ice cream. She is still car sick 90% of the time in the car. She is still glued to her momma.

She's everything we didn't know we needed.

Happy 4th Birthday Joy. You're a mystery I'm happy to spend my life trying to understand.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

At Nattie's house

Worms are a new favorite toy. The End.