Monday, November 29, 2010

A shoot-out of Christmas proportions

Y'all, I'm gonna let you in on a family secret.

Sean hates my tree topper. Hates it. Every year he asks me if we are getting a new one. I always say no and remind him that I got it from his mother and I loved it from the first second I saw it. In fact I think I stole it from her or one of his sisters. At a big after-Christmas sale a few years ago one of them bought it and then no one remembered whose it was when they unpacked their goodies.

So naturally I claimed it. Naturally.

Even though I wasn't technically AT the sale at all. I mean, we're family.

Sean suggested that I post a picture of my beloved topper and ask y'all what you think: keep it or toss it, which I'm telling you mow I'm not gonna do...but I'm willing to risk losing the battle if I'm that far off about what looks good on top of a Christmas tree. In all honesty I'll probably leave it on top of our tree but at least the man of the house will feel like he's being heard. :)

So here it is. I'll happily post daytime pictures too if y'all need them.

So let the games begin. Just remember who gives stuff away to you people before you say anything nasty.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Charlie turns 3 years old today. Here's to my monkey, a life-filled, happy-go-lucky, lovely little person.

You are my sunshine, Charlotte Mae. PS that's your real name. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


That this is all we did today

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spring cleaning

We don't always do things in order in my house since I'm the "house manager." Ahem. So today we went through the attic and cleaned things out. We picked a Sunday of all days, (hello day of rest, where are you?) but I'm glad we did it. I kept telling myself that we'd be glad it was done if we ever actually move. I know I keep making comments like that but I do better if I am then pleasantly surprised when we do move and I don't get too impatient in the meantime. Have you noticed that I go between being extremely fed up with the whole process to totally, (and ignorantly,) okay with the fact that we could live here forever or move in a month? It's how I roll.

You wouldn't believe what we found today in the boxes that we for sure haven't looked in since we moved. We were so rushed to move here since Charlie was almost due-she was born 14 days after we moved in-nice, huh. I think we looked through boxes today that we have never opened since we combined our stuff. I found Sean's old sleeping bag which I quickly put in the "give away" pile, my old sets of sheets from when I lived by myself and dreamed of living in Colorado where one would actually need flannel sheets, his old trophies from his childhood, my old books, his old hunting stuff, his old photography stuff, his old pictures, and even a few of his old bikes????? were up there. It's a wonder we never missed the stuff! Did you notice that it was almost all his stuff? Which only matters because before we started he gave me a speech about how I needed to be willing to part with some of my stuff. It was a classic moment when we looked around and I counted all of his piles vs. mine. We both died laughing. Then I tried my hardest to repeat word for word what he told me before we started. Me imitating him: priceless.

This week holds lots of fun stuff like the first zoo trip with the kids, seeing both of our families, taking the "give away" stuff to actually give away, (which in itself isn't FUN but seeing the finished product=really fun,) decorating for Christmas, and enjoying having Sean home all week tops my list. Man I hope we don't get tired of each other. Ha!

There's really no room for getting sick so I'm ignoring the fact that in the last two hours my voice has gone from normal to gone. Nope not gonna go there.

Happy night, Y'all!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Night and Day

Meet Day

Never stops moving, never (ok rarely) sleeps much during the day because she's got stuff to do, wakes up quickly and stays alert until you show her the blanky in her bed...then she's toast. She giggles when we put her down. Most of the time.

She plots her moves and executes them well. She has no time for lolly-gagging. Boredom doesn't sit well with her. She is a task person. She thinks through her plan of attack,

Checks it out from every angle

Shows me where she's headed.
And jumps. And lands on both feet. She's like a cat. She falls, but rarely gets hurt.

She's day.

Meet Night.

Always sporting pink clothes/shoes/headbands/shades, sashaying and telling everybody "Hi!" (even strangers,) she takes a sweet forever to get going in the morning and takes a while to wind down at night too...sleeps like a rock day and night, and often sleeps later than the rest of us.

She doesn't plan much or get too far ahead of the moment. She enjoys just being in the middle of it all. Laughing, jabbering, hugging, talking, singing...the life of any party.

Here she is talking on her (imaginary) phone. To her MDO teachers, if I remember correctly. She always props one arm out to the side too. She rocks it, y'all.

Even indoors, she rocks it. And she loves Chick-Fil-A nuggets, or as she calls them, "chickens."

The girls are as different as night and day and I can't imagine how bored I'd be if that weren't the case.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And because I love him...

I had to show y'all this pic that Ty's teacher sent me mid-day. They made turkey apples. Or apple turkeys. Take your pic.


What I wore Wednesday-baby it's (finally) cold outside

I've waited for the stretch of days where there's a chill in the air. My friends, the day is here.

Dress-Ross, boots-Anthropologie (my Christmas present, get to wear early)

Sweater-Sams, Top-JCrew (last year), jeans-plato's closet (Two years ago), boots-Frye

Sweater-Buckle (last year),, tights-Gap outlet, boots-Ross

Better view of tunic by itself.

Sweater-Marshalls (last year), t-shirt-Old Navy (maternity but so short now!) jeans-Old Navy, boots-Anthropologie

Sweater-Buckle, t-shirt and skirt-Target (both from last Fall), tights-TJ Maxx, boots-Anthropologie.

You're gonna get sick of seeing these boots I promise you. I wear them almost every day. Getting to wear them early is such an exciting thing since if I waited until Christmas I wouldn't get to wear them for very long. I love them.

I saved today's outfit for the end. You know, the best outfit for last:


Happy Wednesday y'all! Check out what Lisa wore here.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


2/3 of my kids are trying to learn how to converse. Ty spends three hours a day during the week at school, a PPCD program at an elementary school down the street and the focus of his afternoon class is speech therapy. It has changed his life. I don't say that lightly. He has come alive in the talking sense since he started school almost a year ago. It is amazing and we're so grateful for his teachers and the fact that we didn't have to drive him far away to school every day.

Charlie has started MDO this year and she jabbers with her little classmates, whom she calls her "best friends." She loves it. LOVES IT. I've never seen someone so excited to leave my side and run full-body-force into her class. Mom says I was like that as a little kid. Hmmm. I don't remember ever telling Mom, "Bye Mom have a great day I just stay at school!" like Charlie says every single time she goes in but I guess I might have.

Joy has started saying words and she kind of mimics what Charlie and Ty say but she's 18 months old so conversations are a way off.

I thought it'd be fun today to share some of the conversations I've had with the kids in the last few weeks. I might make this a regular thing since I couldn't make this stuff up but I'll likely forget it if I don't record it.

Conversations around my house:

Ty: Hey Charlie, good morning. How'd you sleep? Did you sleep well tonight?"
Charlie: Hi Ty. I pooped.
Ty: Oh you pooped Charlie, (pronounced Chulee) That's fine.

Me: Guys it's time to get in the car and go to take Charlie to school.
Ty: Well I just stay home and wait for Daddy.
Me: Honey, Daddy won't be home until Wednesday. It's Monday. Get in the car.
Ty: Well, (he starts out most sentences with 'Well') I not go to school I just stay in the car.
Me: We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Just get in the car.
(we get to school.)
Ty: I think it's time to take Charlie to school. Mom can I unbuckle?
Me: Glad you decided to get on board honey. Yes you can unbuckle.
Charlie: I go to school Ty I see you wayter (later) okay bye!

Ty: Night night Charlie I love you.
Charlie: Night night Ty I love you.
we leave Charlie's room.
Ty: I love Charlie. She's my friend.
Me: Yep she's your friend. She's also your sister.
Ty: Yep she's my only sister. I have one sister.
Me: Joy is also your sister. You have two sisters. Remember Joy? So Joy is your friend too.
Ty: Well Joy is not my friend. Daddy is my friend.
Me: Am I your friend?
Ty: No

Charlie: Hey baby Joy. Here's your baby. Here's your stroller. Oh say thank you Charlie. Good helper. (this is all Charlie...telling Joy to be polite and say 'thank you' to her.)
Joy: takes said items from her sister and kind of grunts.
Charlie: Joy, say thank you!
Joy: tank ah.
Charlie: Mommy Joy forgot say thank you.
Me: Charlie that's how she says thank you. Now go play with something.
Charlie: okay Mommy. Bye. Baby Joy you be nice and say thank you!

Charlie: Ty wook, it's your dump truck. Wook (look) Ty there it is!
Ty: Charlie don't touch it. Mooooooommmmmmyyyyyyyy Charlie touched my dump truck!
Me: Ty, stop yelling. You get in trouble if you yell. Say, "Mom can you help me with Charlie please."
Ty: Mommmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Charlie! NOOOOOO (yelling)
Charlie: Mom, Ty is yelling. Ty go sit in the chair. Ty in trouble.
Me: Charlie, you did that on purpose honey and I know it. You aren't being nice. You touched that just so he'd get in trouble. That's not how we play.
Charlie: Well. I not touch it.
Me: Yes you did. Don't tell a lie.
Charlie: Well I did. I sorry Mommy.
Me: Thank you honey. Go tell Ty you're sorry.
Charlie: I sorry Ty.
Ty: That's a good girl Charlie. Don't touch my dump truck.
Me: Ty, she can touch the dump truck. She just can't touch something JUST TO MAKE YOU MAD AND MAKE YOU GET IN TROUBLE FOR YELLING.
Ty: Well.
Me: Well.
Charlie: Well. I go find Joy.

Joy: mo (more)
Me: you want more Joy? More what?
Joy: grunts, points to candy on counter
Me: no it's not time for candy
Joy: NO
Me: Yep, no
Joy: mo, (this time smiling)
Me: you understand everything don't you?
Joy: mo.
Me; Joy, mommy said no. No candy right now. It's not time for candy.
Joy: ya (still pointing)
Me: no
Joy: ya
Me: no
well you get the drift

K that's all I can remember for now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Three showings and a dog

This week went by really fast but four things stand out to me

These two pictures were taken in the backyard during a pre-showing cleaning fest. I had the kids outside while I cleaned the kitchen, (looks out into yard,) and after I finished I played out there too.

Then we ran like mad into the car so the people wouldn't see us. It's a comical event when we have a showing and I'm flying solo.

During another showing we went down our street to the little park we frequent. I'll miss this place probably more than anything else about our house if we ever move. There are times when I have to get out of the house but it's not an easy time to put everybody in the car...and when I say, "Who wants to go to the little park?" everybody always grabs their shoes. It's a win-win. This particular day Charlie wanted to wear that headband all day. It survived three wardrobe changes.

So on Friday and Saturday we had three showings. And not only did we have a lack of offers, we also had a lack of feedback. It's maddening I tell you. I feel like all of the effort is pointless after so many back-to-back showings but I know the truth-God is in control of this and He will help us when the time does come. Knowing this helps of course. But I get frustrated. Y'all, I think if anybody saw what we do to get things ready they'd make us a pity offer.

Anyway. Look at this puppy.

Her name is Gracie and she's not mine. Can I get an Amen.

Sean's dad got her for Louraine, (aka his wife,) and surprised her with the puppy on the last day of Louraine's radiation. So sweet.

Look how small she is

Ok that's a better perspective. If Joy looks like a giant then it's a small dog. Gracie is the dog equivalent of Joy: never stands still.

Man is she cute!

Okay that's it. We have had a relaxed day today so I'm gonna get back to it.

You know, relaxing.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The winner is... picked number 5, so the winner is Nana Phyllis! Congratulations! I'm sure you can find something that you will love from CSN. Options are endless! If you need help I bet Emily can help you when she's visiting...

Please email me at
and I'll give you specifics about how to claim your prize!

Thanks for playing everybody. Happy weekend!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Do y'all miss the show 24? Man I do. I feel like any day now I'll see a preview for next season...but then I remember that I won't...then I am torn between being sad and thankful because honestly I got to the point where I couldn't watch it when it actually came on because I'd have so many nightmares. I had to watch it in full daylight, no later than 3 pm.


My reason for the 24 title is actually to remind you to enter the giveaway over on my giveaways page. It ends tomorrow around this time! Good luck!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is worth another post

I have no idea where she found it.

I have no idea how long she's had it in her mouth.

All I know is that she decided she DOES want a pacifier after all.

Yes it's an outlet cover. Once again, I'm mother of the year.

Nap time?

Since Joy started sleeping consistently, I haven't really felt like I needed naps.

Until this round of daylight savings time. Now I could schedule nap time right into my 'needs' category. It's sad really. I'm 32 (or am I 31?) and I go to bed very early. This week I went to bed before 9 more than once. Sean was like, "Well, I'm not gonna argue that we all have better days when you've gotten your required amount of sleep." Direct quote. Thanks Honey.

But it's true. So factoring in that I go to bed early and the kids have been sleeping fairly well it shouldn't make me cringe when I hear Ty knocking on his door, (from the inside,) at 5:45 am. Because I am well-rested and all. But I do cringe. And beg him through prayer to go back to bed until 7. Clearly God has bigger fish to fry.

So I wait for the sweet spot-hour when Ty is at school and the girls nap at the same time. Every once in a while, I find it. Glory.

Maybe I can make it past nine tonight. It's a glamorous life I lead.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gettin' ready for a giveaway

In light of this week's dramatic turn I totally forgot about a giveaway that I was planning to start last Friday. Not that you knew of course...I'm sneaky like that.

So here you go, gals. Just in time for (early) Christmas shopping! Check it out on my giveaways page. Good luck!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

No place like home

I took mom and dad home today. Made a grocery run for them since from now on they have to eat healthy, tried to help them get settled again. When I pulled into my driveway this afternoon I thought, man it feels good to help them for a change. I'm usually the one they're helping. Turning things around gave me a chance to repay a shred of what they've done for me.

So I'm thankful he is okay and thankful to be home. And I'm tired. Really really tired.

But thankful. Did I already say that?


Friday, November 5, 2010

Another update

Dad had a good day. BP under control and he rested, had visitors, and ate well. As far as I know we will take him home tomorrow. Grateful for prayers!

I was home all day today after driving here early this am from the hospital. It was a good day for our little family. Relaxed, folded clothes, ate together. went to pick Charlie up from MDO. Most normal thing I've done in 48 hours! Nothing like fearing the worst to make you thankful for a routine that you used to get bored with.

Since I didn't sleep much last night and only took one short nap today I'm hitting the hay. It's 8:18 pm.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dad update-update

Right after I updated about the angiogram I went home to see the kids since we thought the road was downhill from there.

After I took a shower, dried my hair, and settled in for a long winters' nap, mom called to say dad was having another heart attack and to come back. So thankful Sean came home from his trip so that I could go right away.

The second EKG showed the 'episode' enough for the on-call cardiologist to make phone calls and figure out what to do. Throughout the night he did fine except for another blood pressure spike early this am. Mom and I slept on the love seat (really, why didn't I take pictures???) and we were both (all) very interested to hear what the dr who did the test yesterday had to say when he came in this morning. He said the plaque he found yesterday has been irritated and is causing the attacks so the new plan is to switch his meds and keep him another day until he has been symptom-free for a full day AND get his blood pressure down.

Basically it's been a boring couple of days. Ha! We're so thankful his heart isn't showing damage from this stuff. Dr said it will happen more times until the area that was irritated heals. He's sending him home with nitro pills so that at least mom can get it under control until it subsides.

I just came home to sleep :) night night.


He's out of the procedure. No stint(s) and no major heart muscle damage. Dr called it a minor heart attack. He's staying overnight to monitor his blood pressure, which is high.

Overall, great report! Thanks for prayers!

Prayers for Popeye

Yesterday my mom called around 3 to tell me that my dad was in the local hospital with symptoms of a heart attack and to get there if I could. She was visiting my brother and his family and was trying to get home but didn't want Dad to be by himself. With some swift actions and phone calls I was on my way. Jennie came right over to help with my kids-plus her own 2-so for a few hours she had five kids 4 and under to take care of. Bless her. Carley went as soon as she could to help so my kids were fine. And likely had more fun than if I was there!

Mom flew in last night and met Emmy and Ethan at what we call big Baylor hospital. They took Dad from the Waxahachie hospital to big Baylor by ambulance.

We are all in the hospital now waiting for his angiogram (sp?) and to find out what exactly happened. One dr said it was not a heart attack but a precursor to one and to be thankful that we can find out what's going on before the symptoms get worse. Please pray that whatever caused the symptoms yesterday will be discovered during the test.

Sean is home now with our kids. God has been faithful as always, sending people with similar stories our way.

I'll update when we know anything more. Thanks y'all.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

A few more pictures this week! Still not every day...sigh. Once we move I won't be able to pull the "Busy showing the house" card. Yikes.

Y'all I took pictures but have no recollection of what day I wore what. Mommy brain. This picture is dark but this is the outfit:

Sweater set: Target last year
Skirt: $6.99 at Old Navy last week
Tights: Forever 21
Flats: DSW

I'm way into tights after last year when I decided that I liked them.

Different day, same skirt.

Turtleneck: Banana Republic outlet
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Nordstrom
Shoes: Nordstrom
Technically I wore this for two hours in the morning then switched to a park-friendly outfit of workout clothes. But whatever.

Dress-Ruche (
Boots-Talbots (bought them in heat of summer three years ago)

So excited about this dress. Casual but really cute. I wore it to run errands and do normal things and felt good and girly all day wearing it. Some people are more comfortable in jeans or pants. For me a dress is usually the most comfortable thing I can wear. Dress+boots=very happy me.

I can't tell you how great it is to finally need a jacket.

Jacket: Anthropologie (two years ago)
Jeans: J Crew
Boots: Crocs for little kids (they're cheaper) and totally waterproof. It rained all day today. Like all day. All. Day. How do people in Seattle do it? It's freaking me out.

Today after school I took the kids to the mall and saw a little girl with the same boots on.

She was 3.


If you want to see what Lisa wore, there's the link.