Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How she rolls

Enough said

What I Wore Wednesday

Welcome to the 'I wish it was warmer than it is and it's worse since I was wearing shorts a week ago' edition:

Sweater: Old Navy from four years ago.

Grey shirt underneath: Target

Jeans: True Religion from Restyle-free. I had credit on my account and found these one day last week. Victory!

Shoes: Aldo from Emmy. She ordered them online and they didn't fit her so she gave them to me. Woohoo thanks Em. They're really comfy and I don't lie about things like comfy shoes.

Sweater: Forever 21

Shirt: same from day before

Jeans: same from day before. Hey if it's cold outside you can wear the same thing over and over.

Shoes: same too! Ha

Jacket: Anthropologie sale. Don't remember exact price.

T-shirt underneath: Target maternity from pregnancy with Ty. Talk about getting mileage out of clothes! I don't know HOW that thing is still intact.

Skirt: Mimi maternity from pregnancy with Charlie. Seriously, I need to shed the maternity stuff. But if it fits and I still like it I probably will just keep wearing it.

You're welcome.

The skirt is so not maternity looking is it? Well maybe it is. I need to ask Emmy when I'm wearing it in front of her. You can count on her to be honest.

If I turn sideways I don't look preggers, right? Ha! Oh my new boots. My birthday present. I. Love. Them. Probably. Too. Much.

Hello boots. You make me want to be a cowgirl. Maybe when we move I will learn how to rope something.

Jacket: same as above

T-shirt: same as above (Target maternity)

Pants: Old Navy $9.99

The pants are camo but you can't tell in these (highly professional in quality) pictures.

Ok I totally put this on just for fun to see how much I have to look forward to when it does finally get warm again. I didn't leave my closet.

That's a lie. I walked into the bathroom.

Dress: Walmart (I know, right??)

Boots: birthday present (Corral)

Okay so I've kinda been keeping something from y'all. Not because it was wrong or I was ashamed but because I wasn't ready to commit to it.

I started P90X exactly a week ago. It's killing me but I think that's the point. There is soreness in places I didn't know were muscular.


Anyway since for the P90X results you work out every day, I've been wearing cool outfits like this each day too.

Be intimidated. Be very intimidated. When all is said and done I'll either be in good shape or hanging on by a thread.

At this point it's a toss-up.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday happiness and taking pictures on somebody's property

Monday happiness is receiving something in the mail that you've wanted for a really long time:

A statement necklace that you've watched...and watched...and and then had the extra money to order.

I love this necklace. I saw it on Dear Lizzy's blog like a year ago and finally went through the process of asking her how I could find one like it.

I showed Sean as soon as I opened it and he goes, "Wow. That's not what I expected. Mammie would have LOVED that!"

Y'all remember hearing about Mammie? His grandmother who had passion for big costume jewelry, cooking, and her family. I love Mammie even more knowing that she'd love my necklace. Little did my hubby know that just made me that much happier to wear it instead of causing me to doubt my choice. I mean, what's wrong with dressing like your husband's grandma?


The rest of the post title: Today on a whim we went to a student's house and took pictures of the kids in bluebonnets. Technically we piggy-backed on Carley and Jason's invitation to go raid the guy's bluebonnet-filled front yard. Sean is editing the pictures now and from what I've seen I'm so thankful we aren't ashamed to trample the yard of an unsuspecting student and his family. Bluebonnet pictures make all momma's happy. I can't explain why it's just a thing.

I'm off to kiss people good night and go figure out what to wear my necklace with. Wish me luck.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

Amy's wedding day. Beautiful bride!! Love each one of these girls.



Charlie. She told us a few days ago, (after Mom told her her real name is Charlotte,) that she wants to be called Charlotte.

Well then. Anything else princess Charlotte? Changing your name, even though it IS your real one, is kind of a big decision.

Purple baby used to go everywhere with Ty. Sean was mortified.

Charlie's first steps

Oh my word she looks so little here. Joy wore that dress this week.

Wow time flies.

Happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Charlie loves her big girl bed and does well staying in it
She does get out every now and then but for the most part gets right back in bed.

So you can imagine our surprise when she waltzed around the corner today during naptime. Especially since she had a knob lock on her door (on the inside) and I knew all other doors were closed when I put her down.

I took her up to figure out what happened and found this.

No more Wheaties for her.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Well it's not a perfect WIWW post...but here goes

I wore these on Sunday, the day before my birthday. I got them last year at Ross. Love.

I wore them with cutoffs and this shirt.

Also Ross. This year, $14.99. The brand is Flying Tomato. I thought that was cute.

Saturday I wore a fun shirt that I got for Christmas. I found it in the dead of winter on the Sundance outlet website for $24.99. Off season is key!!

See how Springy.

You've seen this before a few times.
Leggings: walmart
I eventually wore shoes.

I found this at TJMaxx over the winter for $6.99.

So I wore this top today and then spilled my drink (a route 44 Diet Cherry DP) all over it.

My next shirt was just a plain t shirt so I wore a necklace that I bought at Restyle for $6.99 about a month ago. I sell clothes there and always find things when I go!

I look like my mom in that picture.

The End.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Huge accomplishments and birthday goodies

This is a proud boy

This is a proud boy who finally gets the fact that the potty is the best possible place to go potty.

This is a proud boy who proudly got to go in his jammies to go pick out any trash truck he wanted for his reward. He has proven to us that he's got it. The potty is not the enemy and it is a great addition to any home.

This is a proud boy. His momma was so proud since it's taken forever and a day for him to choose to love the potty.

It was the best birthday ever. Literally just because of the potty victory. But the rest of the day proved to be very fun too.

On Saturday my parents gave me this bird house

It makes me so happy. I probably won't use it as a bird house but as a decoration. Who knows I might sacrifice its cuteness for the birds.

So yesterday was my actual birthday and it was wonderful.
I started the day with mom at her doctor getting good news. We were relieved and thankful. Then we, (well, just me,) got lost in downtown Dallas. this is nothing out of the ordinary. I got home from Dallas and met Carley for lunch. She gave me the coolest gift! I need to take a picture to show you.

Thanks Carley!

My man gave me a new fancy hair straightener. He even asked my hair girl which one she recommended. I was impressed! He also surprised me with Sarah coming to babysit so we could go eat dinner at my favorite place. (Maggianos) yum!

It was a great birthday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The weekend in pictures

What Joy takes pics of when she has the phone

Blowing bubbles

Ooh secrets


Sean taught Ty to say, "Water, come forth!" when the fountain got revved up. Hilarious.


More fun

Celebrating mom's birthday one day, mine the next.

Cake. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Big girl!

The weekend ended with the funeral for sweet Papaw. Not many memories with my childhood friend Maggie DIDN'T include Papaw. He let me drive his golf cart when no one else would let me drive. He didn't care when we reluctantly admitted that we wrecked his cart. More than once. Such a sweet man. Dearly loved by everyone in our hometown.

The End.