Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The day(s) in pictures

Edited to add proof that my hair is straighter than it's ever been:

And of course...

Say it with me...

A few words

Playing outside

Buying bright swimsuits so I don't lose them at the beach. This one's Charlie's. It's a 5.

Frolicking in the grass at the park. Our grass isn't that green yet

Her favorite way to frolick

Suckers+Charlie=obedience and happiness. Any of my kids+suckers=obedience and happiness. Me+suckers=happiness

A lunch date at-hand over your heart please-Spring Creek barbeque. It's been a while since we had a babysitter but today since we had one (shout- out to Sarah) went to lunch and also bought flowers to plant ALL BY OURSELVES. It was fun. A date for sure even if we were only gone two hours.

Then I got to go to the beauty parlor as my, (and probably YOUR) grandmother used to say. I needed it. Was looking pretty rough. My hair is so straight right now y'all wouldn't believe it. I'll take a picture tomorrow before I wash it.

And now sleep. My favorite. Night night.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh happy day!

Are you ready for a roommate update? I know you are. I can tell you're itching for more information. It is going so well I haven't wanted to talk about it for fear that I'd mess it up.

I don't believe in jinxing things though so really I've just been busy since Sean is home for a whole week and it's pretty outside and we've been living it up. So I'm sorry. Here is a thorough update.

This morning I heard Joy at 7:15 and swooped in to get her before she woke Charlie up. It worked. Charlie is still sleeping, (normal for her,) and Joy is playing happily downstairs. The last four days, (minus the one where Charlie had the virus-thankfully a very minor one if even a virus...) the girls have napped together and slept together at night. I know, I know, I'm not believing it either. I never thought it would go this well. I really didn't. I'm just a super mom I suppose. Because I'm super mom my kids are always perfectly behaved and never trip each other on purpose and they surely don't make me want to scream with all their whining. No, what kind of super mom would I be if I wanted to ship them off to random family members on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis.

Obviously the reason the girls have done so well has nothing to do with me or what we've done. They are just little buddies who both love to sleep and love to see each other. When Joy is protesting in her crib Charlie still tells her, "No, Baby Joy, you way (lay) down right now. You go night night. Okay Baby Joy I wuv yew you go night night right now. It's okay Baby Joy. Way down. Okay."

It's cuteness at its best. I'll record it. I think I already told you I would. Sorry.

Other than implementing the sleep book that we love, I did nothing to make them roommates. But I'll be happy to take all the credit.

I've talked about it many many times before but if you have a baby or would like to have a baby or have four babies and want to sleep ever again, go get this book. It's my can't-live-without-it baby item. That and diapers.

As for an update on any other things, like Ty and his progress at school, Joy and her lungs, Charlie and her social butterfly-ness, be patient with me. I'm just not sitting at my computer very much this week because it's perfect weather and my hubby is home so we're trying new parks and I'm cooking meals in advance, (I love to cook but usually don't when he's traveling,) and just enjoying my little family as much as possible before it gets Africa hot around here and all we want to do is sit in an ice bath. Plus we're looking forward to the weekend with our families to celebrate Easter.

The phrase for this week as we pray with the kids: He has risen. He has risen indeed!

Charlie just woke up. She's a champ. I do hope you all have a fabulous day :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I don't know where Charlie gets it

This is what happens when I wash my hair, knot it up on my head, go to bed, take care of Charlie, then go to bed again before I wash it.

You're welcome.

Friday, March 26, 2010

In between clean-up

In between clean-up sessions since Charlie woke up with a virus-Lord help us all-I thought I'd take a picture of their dresses. They aren't ironed yet and clearly I have issues that I stopped cleaning long enough to do this but here they are!

Aren't they cute? 30 dollars!! Oh and look at this, also a gift

Man that's gonna help get us through today. All of that cuteness. Have a good day y'all.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's official: the girls are roommates. I can't believe how it's gone so far--I would have done this months ago had I thought it would be as smooth as it has been.

Granted it hasn't even been 24 hours.

They both slept following the great meltdown(s) of 2010 at bedtime last night. Did I mention the great meltdown? Probably not. I was thinking I might punt on the whole thing after those first 10 minutes when Joy protested the new setting and Charlie pitched in with her sympathy cry. I went back into the room after ten minutes of wailing and told Charlie I was going to take Joy downstairs to sleep if she couldn't stop crying. Charlie said, "No baby Joy, way down, go night night, wight there baby Joy way down!" (lay get it,) so I comforted Joy a little bit then left the room again and Charlie didn't cry after that. Joy did for about 2 more minutes then was asleep. At around 11 she woke up and fussed for a minute but that was it--until about 6:15 this morning when she woke up good and loud!

I ran into their room, (I like saying that,) and grabbed her but not before Charlie woke up. I don't know how she could have stayed asleep during that yelling but I was hoping...Charlie had her little heart broken that I didn't take her out when I got Joy but she went back to sleep in approximately 14 seconds and slept until her normal time.

For naptime I was planning on putting Joy back in her old bed but I thought, "Why not just try it?" and there was less crying and more of Charlie mothering, "Baby Joy you go night night wight no baby Joy go night night..." I need to record her little routine. It's priceless. Charlie was made for this job! They both went to sleep pretty quickly and slept for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Joy never sleeps this long in the afternoons! I was pinching myself that I actually had that much time to myself.

Lord willing it will keep going this way!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter dresses

As a gift each year the girls get a new Easter dress from Sean's mom. This year I found them the cutest little dresses for so cheap! I looked through a catalog and found dresses like this
except in Tiffany-blue, (Sean asked me, "do what? What is that?" bless his heart) with white letters/ric rack. I have no idea how to spell that but I'm guessing I'll hear about it from my mom, who, I'm sure, does know since she sews it onto things all the time. Sorry Mom. I tried to call you before posting this but you're not answering.


They came in the mail about a week ago and they are so rippin' cute. They were so much cheaper than I've ever seen a dress like this too--with the embroidery only $30! We ordered them through a company called Personal Creations and just now when I looked for the exact color/dress I couldn't find it. I'm so sorry if you're looking for something like this and I've been no help to you!

I would go get them out of the girls' closet to take a picture but the girls are both asleep in there. Did you hear that? The girls are both asleep in there. In the same room for the first time. I've planned on them sharing a room since Joy was born, (or before,) and it's taken me almost 11 months to try it. I'm a sucker for sleep, see, and can't pry myself out of a good sleep schedule once the kids are on one. They have been sleeping similar amounts for a while now but wake up at different times. Joy is up with the sun but has learned to play in her crib until we get her at 7. Charlie normally wakes up around 7:45 but some mornings we go get her at 9 and she's still asleep.

What can I say it's genetic.

I'm hoping Joy will suddenly start sleeping as late as Charlie but I'm preparing myself for the opposite. Y'all say a prayer that Charlie becomes a morning person. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fries and fake smiles

I had a fun lunch with my funny, (and fun,) friend Crissy and we talked about our kids and their bouts of The Croup as I call it. We ate grilled chicken sandwiches and split sweet potato fries. Truthfully it was a good sandwich but the fries were the star(s) of the show. I love sweet potato fries. Don't y'all? Mmmm.

Here are some more pictures of the Birthday fun.
Have you noticed her new fake smile? It's hilarious. She can do it on command.
The big kids, however, have to be teased/tickled to smile for pictures. Leave it to their grandparents to get them going. Joy was clearly all done with their humor.

The second attempt was better but still no real keeper. I was hoping to get a new picture with the kids for my Twitter picture but no such luck. They're fun pictures for our family though. One day will they sit still? One day will they smile and look in the same direction? A girl can dream. If you look closely you can see my toenails are painted purple. I am really in Spring mode with my purple nail polish. It's a conversation piece.

PS these pictures were all taken at Northpark, where I spent three out of four days last weekend. This was the first day and obviously it was beautiful outside. And hot. The next two trips we fought frigid temps and snow. Really? Texas, make up your mind.

Okay don't. I like change.

Heck, maybe growing up here is why I like change so much.
There it is, the fake smile. Love it.

She's been a little bit obsessed with me the last few days and gives even Sean a hard time when I'm gone running errands. She's in the phase where she only wants me to hold her and since I can't do that all the time she takes being in the same room as me as enough. I'm thankful she loves me but it's getting a bit tedious for her Daddy. He said to her just now, "Joy, look honey, I'm your Daddy. I am as responsible for you as Mommy is so you need to stop your fit. There are no fits in this house."

Sure, that's gonna work.

I told him if he talks like that to her all the time that could be the problem.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Do you have an instant memory connection to smell? I do. I can't remember if I changed diapers before naptime but I can remember what I was wearing and who I was with when I smell an old perfume or a certain strong smell. It's my only talent. Really.

Hot dog smell reminds me of baseball games. Onions remind me of being pregnant and nauseous with Charlie. Cucumber Melon B and B Works lotion reminds me of college and my friend Jody, who wore it as much as I did. Jergens Cherry lotion reminds me of my mom. So does any Gardenia smell.

After yesterday I have a new memory to build on thanks to my gift from my man.

It's called Beachy. And it smells beachy. Yum. I might have helped him pick it out I don't remember.


I love the way it smells. I plan to wear it until it is gone and then years from now when I smell it I'll remember what I was doing at this stage in my life.

Lots of diapers. Lots of laughter. Lots of clothes changes each day, for little people and for myself. Lots of fears and worries for safety.

Lots of new locks installed to protect the kids. Lots of blessing. Lots of burp cloths. Lots of meetings with our pediatrician. Lots of runny noses. Lots of macaroni and cheese. Lots of $$ spent on formula. Lots of thankfulness. Lots of love.

Lots of anxiety. Lots of drama. Lots of gratefulness. Lots of Come To Jesus meetings. Lots of peace. Lots of fits. Lots of snow. Lots of blankies in the washer when they're needed in cribs. Lots of joy. Lots of wildly wonderful memories being made 'round here to help me through hard days.

May I always stop to SMELL the roses.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday season

I met Nattie and Popeye with the kids on Thursday to celebrate Mom's birthday. I stopped by the Cupcakery on my way and it took all kinds of self control to save the cupcake for her. It was a perfect day and we let the kids play outside at Northpark. And I just got home from there after meeting them again and this time Aunt Emmy and her boyfriend Ethan came too. Sean was actually home for this NP trip AND we graduated from a single cupcake to a huge angel food cake with wedding cake icing (thanks Mom!) Birthday season is so much fun. More fun tomorrow and I'll post pictures after I get home. You'll never guess where I'm going. (again...)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Nattie!

Happy Birthday to the only person that I've never seen rattled by my children. That's including me and their Daddy, who have both been rattled many times. Nattie has taken everything they've ever done in stride.
She acts like it's easy to take a picture of this many people.
and teach them a life lesson along the way. Like "don't go under that rail or you'll fall in."
This was at my cousin Brooke's baby shower and I didn't like my hair in the picture which is why I didn't show it before now. Everyone else looked cute at the shower and this post is about Mom so, you know, I got over it. Please no comments about my hair. I know, I know. It was bad. Brooke is almost there, by the way. As in, the baby is almost here. This was months ago...
Mom always has holiday PJ's, so she always matches the kids. She teaches them to use the things that they get frustrated with and works with them until they aren't frustrated anymore.
She comes and stays with us when the babies are born and I'll state it here: I could not do it without her. Sean couldn't either. He always says, "Pam, we don't need family time or privacy when we come home from the hospital. Just move in."
She teaches them how to like each other. How to hold each other's hands and give hugs. She's taught them a lot.

I couldn't do it without her. Happy Birthday Mom. I love you. We all do. In fact I think my kids like you more than they like me. And I'm okay with that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things I heard today

"Mommy, want you to put the vaccuum up."

"Mommy, want to see Yo Gabba Gabba again."

"No Max, you git in yer piyun!"(translated: Max, get in your pen)

"S-M-I-L-E!" "Charlie, stop crying!"

"Um Mary, did you know Joy was going up the stairs?" "Um no."

"Want to give brother a hug."


"Pink shoes, cute Mommy. Wike it!" (like it)

"Okay guys time for some candy." (said by Ty in his mommy voice-an attempt to get candy)

"Dear God, thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Baby Joy and Charlie. And for candy."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There's just something about it

There's just something about going back to your hometown. Y'all know I go often, mainly because Mom and Dad threaten me if they don't see the kids at least every two weeks. It's also because I might go loony if I'm on my own with the kids, especially when it's raining and we can't go outside, while Sean is working. Get me out of the house and I'm much better. Emmy and I figured out that I am claustrophobic. Makes perfect sense! I don't mind glass elevators or ski lifts or heights at all. I don't like airplanes, especially little ones. The bigger the plane the better chance I, (and all other passengers,) have of me being calm and collected. I don't mind cars but I think it's because I can always just open the door and jump out. Which no one is recommending but you understand what I mean.

It makes perfect sense. Now does anyone know what the remedy is for claustrophobia? Send it my way. Thanks.

Back to the hometown. It's a great place filled with enough memories to fill one of the nice big cushy airplane that I love. My parents both grew up there and still live in the house that they built when my sister was a baby. Or was Mom still pregnant I can't remember. It's the house where I grew up and the house that I learned to walk in, fish in, water ski in, (well, around,) mend heartache in, and dream about my future in. It's got the best baseball field the area, at least to those of us who frequented it for years and years. While driving by Richards Park memories really flood in. My brother played baseball and so did every boy I ever liked. Until my football-playing husband. Funny, isn't it, when something like that sneaks up on you and before you know it you've been roped into spending Sundays all Fall and Winter watching football on TV for the rest of your life.

Growing up in my house, I swore I'd never marry somebody like that. Sean convinced me that he also liked baseball when he took me to a Ranger game for one of our first dates. He surprised me with opening day tickets which to me meant he totally got me. It was so long ago now that of course I don't remember who was playing but that's not what mattered. We were there. We ate hot dogs. We felt the excitement in the air. We were also newly dating so even watching a football game at that point would have been exciting for me if I'm being honest. Don't tell him that okay? I've complained about the football watching since day one so he fully believes that I couldn't care less.

And other than that phase when Tony was dating Jessica I really couldn't. I will watch the Cowboys now but it isn't the same. I have no idea why. I have no excuse.

My whole point of this post is my hometown. Sorry. Back to it. Taking my kids there takes a lot of work. Especially when we're staying for a long weekend while Sean is at training and stays at work for 6 days straight. Lots of bags, diapers, clothes, shoes, Max's stuff, you can imagine my car. And I have a big car. It's a sight. No matter how much time it takes me to pack up and time it just right between naps, I'm always so glad when I drive into the driveway. The preparation is always worth it.

I can't convey how different Joy looks from Charlie in Charlie's hand-me-downs. They look like different clothes.
Love putting Charlie's hair in pig tails. I still need practice but I'm getting better. She likes it. She'll say, 'Charlie cute...' and stand still for me. This took a long time to teach her!
She really liked the Cozy Coupe this time. Ty's a little too tall for it so his knees hit the dash board. It's just the right size for her.
From the moment I tell Ty we're going to Nattie's house he talks about playing the violin with Popeye. It's all he wants to do when we're there and Dad happily obliges.
I used to sit right here and feed the ducks just like they did. I told Mom this trip how scary it must have been to live by the lake with three little kids. There was never a fence or anything so when we played outside, (which we did all the time,) she had to always watch us to make sure we didn't get too close to the water. Not to mention the snakes. I learned at an early age how to shoot snakes with a shotgun. It's all about mastering a shotgun for us country girls.
Joy loved exploring the endless possibilities at Nattie and Popeye's house. She got into way too much and kept us busy. She has learned a new mischievous grin too. See.
Charlie and Ty ran laps on the path to the lake and Charlie fell approximately 57 times. Bless her heart is just not very coordinated.
We planted new plants and helped Popeye water them. They just had the best time and loved every minute of our weekend. I'm so glad I went. While we were there I decided to start doing some of the things that people in my hometown--a far cry from where we live now--do. Like wearing cowboy boots with pretty much everything.
See. Living a little bit of small-town life in the big city. So tell me, what's your hometown like?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photos from the edge

The edge=long weekend at Nattie's. The edge=where you watch ducks for entertainment. The edge=where none of your clothes match and momma doesn't care because only the ducks are gonna see you. The edge=helping Popeye cut trees and haul them to the dump. The edge=running as fast as you can every second of every day. The edge=very happy kids.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

After lunch

The second post about my day yesterday:

After lunch, which was leftover tacos from my favorite place near Mimi's house, I went to check the mail. Or did I do that before lunch? I'm not sure.


I worked on my blog post and tried to figure out how to change the pictures on my header, (thanks to Heather, there's a great how-to video waiting in my inbox,) then Joy woke up. She slept an hour and 11 minutes. No three-hour marathoners in my family on a day like today. Cat napping always accompanies crazy days. It's part of the deal.

I finished doing the dishes, (from breakfast-yuck) and loaded the dishwasher again with Joy's help. I trapped her in the high chair for the last few dishes for her own safety.

The phone rings.

The home phone this time.

It's the pest control people telling me they'll be here tomorrow morning, (which would be today now,) I say okay. I don't think I really have a choice, do I? The other phone rings while I'm on the phone with them. I hang up and answer my cell phone. It's Sean checking in. He's still sitting in his hotel room by himself. What I'd give to trade places with him. My right arm doesn't seem like a big enough sacrifice at this point.

I tell him they'll spray around the house tomorrow. He tells me he cancelled service with the company a month ago and they shouldn't be coming.

I tell him to call them. I mean really, what else is he doing? I actually say this out loud. I was bitter and jealous at this point. I talk about what I'd do with two hours of time by myself and he says when he gets home I'm off duty for a few days. Um okay. Deal.

He takes over the chore and we get off the phone.

The door bell rings. Even though there's a note on the door that says, "PLEASE DON'T RING THE DOORBELL." I look out the window and see a salesman. No thank you. I decide to be mean and let Max just keep barking for a while since he's probably already woken Charlie up with his barking. At this point you're wondering why I still have Max after all the drama he causes. If you know my husband in real life feel free to make the suggestion that we give Max to a deserving family. I've tried. He loves Max. Max obeys him. He has had Max longer than we've been married and for the love of all that is good and holy I can't get him to agree to send Max to the deserving family he needs. Anyway.

Since the dude at the door rings the doorbell again I open it and let Max almost jump on him. It scared the guy to death, which, to be clear, was my point. Then I told him to please read the sign next time and that I wasn't interested in anything he was selling thanks to how irritated I was that he had the nerve to ring the bell. That's a lie. I actually just said, "No thank you." I did let Max scare him a little bit. Is that bad?

It's getting close to time to pick Ty up so I get Joy ready to go and thankfully hear Charlie jumping in her bed. I run upstairs and grab Charlie, throw both girls into the car and go to pick little man up.

We walk in the door at home, (it takes 41 seconds to get to and from school-I timed it) and get everybody a snack. Charlie wants Ty's, and he wants hers. Easy. Switch bowls. Joy steals Ty's bowl and causes a meltdown.

I grab a stack of books and just start reading. I don't care what I'm reading but I just keep on until the crying stops. They all three gather around within a few seconds and just sit quietly. Magic. Why don't I do this every day I wonder. What have I been doing with my free time? Make mental note to try this often.

Before I know it it's the witching hour and I realize I need to get out of the house. They all do too so we load up and call Brooklyn's, our local pizza place, and order three slices of cheese pizza. One for Ty, One for Charlie/Joy, and one for me. 8 dollars for dinner. Can't beat that. Nutrisystem and the healthy-minded diet that follows it is not for days like today. We pick up the pizza as planned and head back home.

Get the pizza cutter out and cut the pizza. They shovel it in as if they didn't eat lunch. Wait, did they? I think. Yes, yes they did. I don't know why they're so hungry but I just keep cutting. Before I know it I'm cutting the last piece. Charlie and Ty have both eaten at least a whole piece by now because Joy hadn't made her way over to the high chair yet. DO WHAT? Once she gets into the high chair it's pizza for everybody.

But me.

Nutrisystem it is.

We all go outside since the pest people did not, in fact, come thanks to a friendly, (or not) call from Sean reminding them that we cancelled service/membership or whatever it's called. Fun was had by all outside and everyone cried when it was time to come back inside for baths. The mark of a good activity: crying when it's over. I take that as a strange compliment. Good job, Mar, they had fun. They don't want to leave. Mental note: take them outside after dinner every once in a while to let them have one last hoorah.

Bath time was seamless minus the empty bottle of Pantene from Costco that was half-full before bath time. What's one bottle, (okay half a bottle,) of shampoo when they sang songs and didn't splash when I told them not to. Whatever money was lost in that bath full of bubbles that Ty created while I wasn't looking was made up for in fun.

Bed times were easy for me on a night like tonight. I kissed foreheads and said "I love you's," and went downstairs to watch TV and zone out. And here I am, zoning out. I just had to record the rest of the day for you first so you can have lots of sympathy. And send me gift cards for spas and stuff.

That last part was just kidding. Kind of.

All I really want out of telling you about a day like this is to know that someone out there is going through it too. We are all in this together. Moms of the world unite! Fight till the end. Stay strong. God has given us this job and intends for it to mean something. To help little people learn about Him.

That last part is humbling for me after a day like today. I hope I've done a good job but I know that I've failed my kids at times when I snap or twitch or stop smiling. It's normal, it's part of it, but I'm trying to do better about patience and grace. Now I'm really gonna cry. This job is hard.

Lord, You helped me today. You always do when I ask for it. When I admit defeat and lean on You for answers, You are ready to give me a solution. Thank You for the little hearts that you've entrusted to me. May I teach them well and not groan quite so much tomorrow. Amen.

The day so far

I forgot to post this yesterday. Go figure.


No lie this is what has happened today.

Wake up to Joy crying. Every morning she's the alarm clock. Sometimes Ty ties with who is yelling louder, depending on his mood. Sometimes he's happy as a lark just singing in his room until we get him. Other days, like today, he just runs laps around his room, and he's happy to wait until I get Joy first.

Feed Joy one of her last bottles. Not that we're giving them up this early, (we would if she'd do it!) but Sean is calling everything "last" that aren't big kid things. "Last time to face backwards in the car...Last time to change diapers???...Last time to buy formula..."

Go get Ty who has, true to form, pooped in his Pull-Up. Get frustrated like I do every day then realize getting frustrated hasn't helped yet so it won't help today. Get over it. Hear Charlie while cleaning up after Ty. Go get Charlie and all of us go downstairs.

Make Ty his waffles and Charlie her pancakes/yogurt. Feed Joy some of their leftovers. Talk to the kids at the table about having a good day with no fits. Hope for the best. Give Joy a slice of Mimi's, (Sean's mom) banana bread. I don't think she'll ever eat leftovers again. Praise her for drinking from her cup. (BIG GIRL!)

Talk to Sean on the phone since he's already in Atlanta getting ready for work. It's 8:25. That's what getting up at 4:30 am will get you: to work really early in the morning. He tells me there's a massive thunderstorm heading our way.

Tell him thanks for the heads-up and hang up. Technically we were done talking and the real reason I get off the phone is I hear Charlie and Ty fighting over a toy. Go into the playroom to find them fighting over a toy that we've had, (and they haven't been interested in,) for two years. Why today? I ask. They don't answer. Why are you yelling at each other? They don't answer. We don't yell and get what we want I say. They don't answer.

Groundhog Day. Lord, please, not another Groundhog Day. Lord help me today.

Watch all play while I load dishwasher. Retrieve Joy from dishwasher, which has quickly become her favorite trick. She giggles as she climbs up onto the door. Tell her no. Tell her it isn't safe to hold knives. Take knife out of her hand.

Take big kids up to take a shower. All three of us pile into the shower while Joy crawls around the bathroom. She finds tweezers on the floor?????????so I jump out of the shower to get them away from her. Dripping wet I slip on the floor and fall. Not too bad but funny. Both big kids laugh. Joy cries as I take the tweezers away from her. Whatever Mom I found those fair and square!

Get back in the shower. Charlie falls. Wants me to hold her. Um no honey I can barely hold you when you're dry, I tell her. Tell Ty to hug her and tell her she'll be alright. He does. I almost cry.

Say a prayer thanking God for Ty's school and his progress since he started. He's talking so much more and interacting so well with other kids. Ask for help with not letting myself get overwhelmed today.

Get out of the shower and get dressed. Get the big kids out of the shower and get them dressed. Take Joy downstairs to put her down for a nap. Start a load of laundry since Ty's sheets had poop on them from this morning. Start cleaning dishes from breakfast. Charlie screams from upstairs. Leave dishes.

I run upstairs, (surely something is really wrong since she never screams,) and find her yelling at Ty because he's holding her friends...remember previous post...I tell her there's no yelling and I'll keep her friends until she stops.

Her life is over and she's letting me know it. This goes on for 2 minutes.

Tell Ty to go play his drums and for the love of God close the door this time. Mommy has PMS and suddenly headaches are a part of that for me. Think about what tying tubes could possibly have to do with changing PMS symptoms. Think about googling it later.

Charlie stops and pulls herself together. Gets her friends and plays.

Max barks at someone outside and wakes Joy up.

Plot Max's death.

Sean calls to say his first leg has been cancelled and he's heading to a hotel until 8 pm so he won't have to stay at the airport all day. I ask him if Delta pays for it out of curiosity and he says of course and asks why someone is screaming in the background. I explain why now it's Ty crying--honestly I hadn't noticed--and I don't know why. He asks how I'm doing so far today.

Great. Pretty uneventful.

Which is true considering other days. I tell him I'd trade places with you in a Minnesota minute...sitting in a hotel room by myself sounds like heaven. He says he'd do it because he knows it's very hard what I'm doing. I tell him thanks. I almost cry again. Go find Ty.

Turns out Ty's crying because Joy is banging on his guitar, his prized possession. Tell Joy no and tell Ty to stop crying and next time ask for me to help him. Tell him again that Joy is a baby and she's learning. Move Joy and decide we're all going outside so big kids, go get your shoes.

The phone rings.

I answer thanks to my headset. Thank God for the headset. Otherwise the phone would always just ring. I don't have a free hand here people. It's Sean. The storm is almost there he says. I tell him I was about to take everybody outside to get out of the house. He says might want to reconsider.

Right then the first thunder clap shakes our house. The power goes out. Since the kids were watching Dora they all fall apart because they think I turned it off.

Everybody cries for the three minutes it takes for the power to come back on. Everybody but me. I decide I refuse to cry because of this and tell myself the power will come back on and when it does I'm turning Dora off to teach them a lesson.

Power comes back on. TV back on. I turn the TV off and tell them since they cried like that there will be no more Dora. They all cry louder. Joy is only crying because her nap got interrupted. Put her back down.

About 10 minutes into her new nap a clap of thunder wakes her up.

Plot thunder's death.

Ask God why in the world thunderstorms are necessary. They serve no purpose, Lord. They're like scorpions. Why did You ever even create some things? Why did you give babies hands and feet but not teeth? Teething is for the birds. Why Lord, why?

No answer.

Leave Joy until she falls asleep. Finish getting dressed while big kids play with the train. Ban Charlie from the train because she keeps throwing pieces down the stairs. Move her into my bathroom where I am and let her pretend to do her hair like I'm doing. Hilarious.

Storm moves on and the sun comes out.

Load the kids in the car and take Ty to school. Take girls to Target with me to look for confetti eggs for Easter celebration. We hit a home run in the dollar bin and find Charlie a pair of sunglasses for $1. Decide to buy three pairs so that we'll have back up when she loses them. She loves them. She tries them on in the store and breaks a pair.

That'd be weird. She's a bull in a china cabinet. Be gentle, Charlie I say. I buy the broken pair too since hello they're a dollar. Tell her that's why we buy things in the dollar bin. It's a good life lesson. Heck I'd have bought myself some $1 sunglasses if they'd had some for me.

Go home and put the girls down for naps. Sean calls and asks what I'm doing.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I like it that way. In fact, I say, I don't even want to talk on the phone. I love you but can I call you back in a little while? Sure he says. Don't forget about your slurpee in the freezer he says. Ahhhhh yes that's what I want. Thank him for buying it for me on Tuesday and go to get it.

Drop it on the kitchen floor and it shatters.

Call Max in the kitchen and tell him to help me clean it up. He does. Call Sean to tell him what happened. He laughs. I do too. I mean really. What are the odds?

We talk for a minute about the day that our kids are a little more independent. I remember to tell him that Joy drained her sippy cup. He cheers. He says that we'll survive this.

I sure hope so.

Then I eat lunch. I'll finish the day later on when I have energy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What do you think?

Since it was in the 70's yesterday and we stayed outside all day, Charlie got hot, (with that hair who WOULDN'T) so I put it up for her. What do you think? It's finally long enough for pigtails but not for a single ponytail. Is there like a class for doing your kids' hair? Somebody sign me up please.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Drummer Boy

Look what Carley found for Ty
Is that a perfect shirt or what? Thanks Aunt Carley! We love the shirt and I love that you thought of him when you saw it. How could you NOT have thought about him? Thank you!
Swinging during the pretty weather made me so happy. We are sick of the rain there's just no other way to say it. The latter half of last week was so nice we were outside every time the kids were awake and starting yesterday, the rain is back. Rain rain go away go find someone else to bug.
And just because I love you I'll let you in on one of my happiest moments: When the order comes and there's a big brown box full of goodies on my front porch. If you know me in real life you've heard me talk about my devotion to Pampers diapers. Huggies wipes but Pampers diapers. Until we were given a diaper shower before Joy was born, (it was a joint shower with Carley given by the youth group,) I had never tried Luvs diapers. I'm now a loyal Luvs customer because for Joy, they don't leak and cost half what Pampers cost. Charlie still gets Pampers because she fills Luvs up too fast...and then some. That's my polite way of saying we had a clothes/bed change routine that did me in during the trial run. It was a urine parade. Plus she wears a size 7, which is pretty much a tiny bit smaller than Depends.

Which diapers do you use? Are there any baby products that you can't live without? I'm always recommending Dr. Browns bottles now after Joy especially since they don't cost more than Avent bottles, which is what I used before them. I also loved my umbrella stroller and tell everyone to get the one I had that we've now broken. I got the maximum mileage out of that thing and I loved it. I'm still sad that we don't have it anymore but since Joy is our last baby I can't bring myself to buy another one. I keep my eyes peeled for one at a resale store. That's another recommendation I always share with new moms. If you can find a good resale store for baby stuff, go there often and don't tell anyone else about it so you'll get the good loot!

I meant to say frequent it and tell your friends about what you're looking for so they'll keep an eye out for you when they go. Yes that's a little nicer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


These are Charlie's friends. She loves these four creatures more than any other toy(s). I didn't mention it to you but for the last week these four friends have been lost. Gone. Missing in action. If I counted how many times she's asked for them this week I'd be on the other side of crazy by now. I finally resorted to saying, "Honey, they are gone. Mommy has looked and Daddy has looked. We can't find them so unless you remember where you put them I think they're gone forever." Now granted all she hears is, "Gone. Find them." So that's what she says. "Mommy find them. Kai Lan gone. Dora gone. Elmo gone. Coomonster gone. Mommy find them."

When I got a text from Sean that read: "You're never gonna believe what I found," I knew it was the friends. It was. They were behind the bathroom door, but not just any bathroom--the one that we don't use since the toilet is...well...iffy. I don't know when she even went in there I'm just glad that Elmo, Kai Lan, Dora, and Cookie Monster made it out of there alive. They're survivors. They've made it through the extreme love that Charlie dishes out and they have withstood much abuse from Joy too. Sean made her day when he gave them to her. Since I don't have to hear her asking for them anymore, (at least until she loses them again,) he made mine too.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our day in pictures

I love the sun. It's been a happy reunion. Me+rugrats+sun=happiness