Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's official: the girls are roommates. I can't believe how it's gone so far--I would have done this months ago had I thought it would be as smooth as it has been.

Granted it hasn't even been 24 hours.

They both slept following the great meltdown(s) of 2010 at bedtime last night. Did I mention the great meltdown? Probably not. I was thinking I might punt on the whole thing after those first 10 minutes when Joy protested the new setting and Charlie pitched in with her sympathy cry. I went back into the room after ten minutes of wailing and told Charlie I was going to take Joy downstairs to sleep if she couldn't stop crying. Charlie said, "No baby Joy, way down, go night night, wight there baby Joy way down!" (lay get it,) so I comforted Joy a little bit then left the room again and Charlie didn't cry after that. Joy did for about 2 more minutes then was asleep. At around 11 she woke up and fussed for a minute but that was it--until about 6:15 this morning when she woke up good and loud!

I ran into their room, (I like saying that,) and grabbed her but not before Charlie woke up. I don't know how she could have stayed asleep during that yelling but I was hoping...Charlie had her little heart broken that I didn't take her out when I got Joy but she went back to sleep in approximately 14 seconds and slept until her normal time.

For naptime I was planning on putting Joy back in her old bed but I thought, "Why not just try it?" and there was less crying and more of Charlie mothering, "Baby Joy you go night night wight no baby Joy go night night..." I need to record her little routine. It's priceless. Charlie was made for this job! They both went to sleep pretty quickly and slept for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Joy never sleeps this long in the afternoons! I was pinching myself that I actually had that much time to myself.

Lord willing it will keep going this way!

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Miss Mommy said...

That is amazing- so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!