Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Much ado about absolutely nothing

I don't have any deep thoughts right now since I spent the first half of last night preparing myself for a virus that never actually materialized in my body. I was fine all day then around bedtime I got slightly nauseous and panicked. I worked myself into a huge tizzy wondering what I would do since Sean is on a trip. I've had to call my mom in the middle of the night before to ask for help and I'm not afraid to do it again but I do feel bad since every time she's helped during a virus she's gotten it too...

Anyway. All is fine. I drank a Crystal Light strawberry slurpee way too fast and other than the slightly questionable goat cheese in our dinner salad I didn't eat anything weird. It must have been the slurpee that threw me for a loop. I'm so thankful it was a false alarm that I don't care what today holds. I'm not worried about our lack of plans or the fact that both girls have runny noses. Life is good when nausea goes away.

I haven't told you about what I did Monday morning. I'm a little embarrassed but in the end it turned out as it should have so I'll go ahead and admit it. I got myself (semi) dressed and out the door at 4:30 am to go stand in line to get Charlie on the wait list for MDO at our church. You read that right. I interrupted a perfectly good sleep to go (with many other moms including Jennie and Heather!) just to get her on the wait list. And I'm not an overachiever who believes you have to go to the perfect preschool or even the perfect school to achieve greatness in life. As if you didn't already know that. Miss Charlie still has issues sometimes with settling in at church and I was willing to drag myself out in the middle of the night so that she can at least be in the building that she's used to for MDO. It's my shot at minimal crying. Jennie actually got David into a class and Heather put her kiddos on wait lists too. We all felt like it was worth it but if you'd told me years ago that I'd have ever done that I'd have laughed at you. I'd have been offended. I've become my worst nightmare. Can I just throw in, though, that there were moms camping out to get their kids in? Like they stayed after church on Sunday and just set up shop there and didn't go home until Monday morning. They had tents and everything. I'm not trying to judge them at all I'm just not that dedicated! More power to you, campers. More power to you. I'm sure your kids got in.

I follow InStyle magazine on Twitter and a few days ago they said that the new nail color for this season is taupe. They described it as "a mixture of gray, beige and blush..." and being the savvy shopper that I am I picked some up at Dollar Tree where they had ample supply of taupe nail polish. It's either that the Dollar Tree buyers are way ahead of the curve OR that no one has bought taupe nail polish since 1979 and it's still for sale at the dollar store. I'm thinking the latter but I do have to say I feel totally in style with my mud-colored nails today. Is it bad that I don't like it and plan to paint them a nice normal pink later on? Guess that solves the mystery: I'm not fashion-forward at all.

I watched the finale of the Bachelor on Monday, which is the third episode of the Bachelor I've ever watched. The last three years I just watch the finale and can honestly say I'm sorry every single time I watch it. Why do I get sucked in? I don't know but I'm committed to hysteria-provoking shows I guess. 24 was on but I've had to stop watching it because I have too many nightmares. How old am I? 7? I love 24 and always ask for a recap from Sean. He waters it down for me and keeps me in the loop. He's an adult after all and can watch it without wishing he carried some sort of weapon everywhere he goes.

I'm not making a lick of sense. I'm done. Happy day, y'all.


Miss Mommy said...

Please expand on saint vs sinner????

Carley said...

I'm sad to say that I watched every episode of the Bachelor...very disappointed in myself for wasting time. :)

Mary said...

Em it wasn't my phrase...was quoting...but I'm assuming she referred to him saying that he thought one of the girls was "too perfect" and the other one was "more like him, with flaws..." he basically made himself feel better about picking the one that talked openly in interviews about sex with him. What was so irritating was that he kept telling the one who he deemed "perfect" that he was forcing himself to feel "heat" for her but wasn't. It was just a gross way that he threw all of those words around that PW was picking out.