Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Nattie!

Happy Birthday to the only person that I've never seen rattled by my children. That's including me and their Daddy, who have both been rattled many times. Nattie has taken everything they've ever done in stride.
She acts like it's easy to take a picture of this many people.
and teach them a life lesson along the way. Like "don't go under that rail or you'll fall in."
This was at my cousin Brooke's baby shower and I didn't like my hair in the picture which is why I didn't show it before now. Everyone else looked cute at the shower and this post is about Mom so, you know, I got over it. Please no comments about my hair. I know, I know. It was bad. Brooke is almost there, by the way. As in, the baby is almost here. This was months ago...
Mom always has holiday PJ's, so she always matches the kids. She teaches them to use the things that they get frustrated with and works with them until they aren't frustrated anymore.
She comes and stays with us when the babies are born and I'll state it here: I could not do it without her. Sean couldn't either. He always says, "Pam, we don't need family time or privacy when we come home from the hospital. Just move in."
She teaches them how to like each other. How to hold each other's hands and give hugs. She's taught them a lot.

I couldn't do it without her. Happy Birthday Mom. I love you. We all do. In fact I think my kids like you more than they like me. And I'm okay with that.


Jenny Seymore said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Jenkins! I just loved your post and bet that women and mommies of the world are envious! What blessed & lucky children you have!

Carley said...

Happy Birthday Pam! :) It's obvious how much your family...especially your grandchildren love and adore you!!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Pam! Can I just say that I would give anything to look like Pam as a grandma...she seriously looks 20! What a wonderful mom and Nattie she is:)

Emmy said...

Mom, Mary's right about all of this, and more. You are a great Nattie.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Im glad you had such a great birthday. Oh and I love the picture from the shower. Im so glad you posted it because I didnt have one of all of us!!