Saturday, July 13, 2013

My namesake

There he is in the middle of chaos just hanging out and enjoying the sun.


Until a big spray of water out of the clear blue sky threatens his hangout spot and he has to scramble to make it to safety, (the fence, in this case.) His plan changes in a second. My guess is he doesn't even remember the first plan at this point he just looks around and thinks about his next move.

Yep, I'm with you buddy. We are two peas in a pod.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Home again...again

We got home today from Colorado. Moment of silence.

I wish you could see all of the clothes and suitcases I need to unpack. Y'all would cry with me. I'm crying now for totally different reasons and I'm trying to trust God in all things right now and I'm struggling. Y'all have to trust me that what I'm working through is not my story to tell so I won't tell it. Writing is therapy for me so I can't hide out any longer though. Bear with me, okay?

I've seen many miracles regarding healing and peace these last few years so I completely believe it is possible. I've felt anger and abandonment and I hate when people I love are hurting and I'm helpless. I don't want anyone to feel abandoned because I know what that feels like. It makes you feel unwanted, unimportant, unchosen (is that a word?) and small.

Will y'all allow me to just process what I'm trying to learn and trust God for without getting specific?

I assume you said yes.


See, here's the thing. It's easy to trust God now in some areas because like I said I've known true healing and peace. Nothing about my circumstances added up to either one of those things. He gave me that assurance, that proof that He's with me. I'm forever grateful for that!

When things unravel I am quick to fear though, which I hate. I'm not even sure what I fear more-the actual thing or the fact that I am so fearful that it scares me.

Never mind.

Y'all we managed to turn a 13 hour drive into a 17 hour one yesterday. My brain is tired. My body is in sleep mode even now as I'm typing. Bless your heart.

You still there?

Want to see some pictures?

See this picture?

Other than the fact that my girls don't have pants on because they'd just gotten out of the river and their pant legs were soaked, there's something else to mention here. The fisherman. He's a constant reminder that God knows me and my heart. I've known him for a few months now and he's a fun, genuine, kind man who loves Jesus. We spent the last week with his family. We camped, played, fished, ate, and laughed our way through Crested Butte. It was a great trip and now I'm good to avoid my car altogether for like 2 weeks.

The End.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On the road again

Y'all it's been kind of a busy summer. We got home from Florida and about a week later got back into the car to drive to Colorado. I'm not gonna lie. I'm exhausted.

But so so thankful for the fun things that we get to do. Packing and unpacking every day for two weeks isn't my favorite but once I have a rest day I'm over it and can relax. I've learned that the kids do better on road trips the older they are. News flash! Babies and toddlers are harder to travel with than 4,5, and 6 year olds!

You're welcome.

So here is this week's view:

Nobody has pants on in this picture. Underwear, yes. Pants, no.

I love my life