Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wouldn't/Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

This is Charlie right after we told her she's gonna be a BIG SISTER. No I'm not kidding. No it was not on purpose. Yes of course we are thankful. Yes of course we are nuts. The party continues...

Monday, September 29, 2008

More Boston Pics

Fenway Park
Boston College campus
Up the hill and about 4 miles later is Emmy's dorm. I didn't make it up there
Isn't the campus beautiful. I love A & M but it isn't exactly a pretty campus. I could have never studied at a place like this!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Wow I'm tired. We left for Boston early Wednesday morning and got back Friday night. Well, I got back and Sean kept working until last night so now we're both (all) home and trying to get back in our groove. While I was gone Ty mastered eating with a utensil, Charlie started teething again--have I mentioned that I'm gonna have a talk with God about why He didn't just give babies teeth at birth--we established that I am not flying material, especially standby flying material, Ty got about 20 mosquito bites in spite of Mom coating him with OFF, Charlie seems interested in moving around, saw Fenway park, walked around the Boston College Campus where Emmy spent her Freshman year in college, rode the T for a combined 200 miles, (okay maybe that one is an exaggeration,) and I got to sit in the cockpit of a MD88 with my man and learn exactly what he does to keep the plane in working order. Whew, see why I'm tired?

I've wanted to see Sean work for a long time and this looked like the opportunity. I rode with him to Atlanta and on that flight I was doing ok until the plane lost a generator. In Mary terms that means we were flying along just fine and then all of a sudden the TVs went off, lights flickered, and the plane jumped up for a few seconds. Then the flight attendants quickly put their stuff up and whispered for a few minutes before we knew what was going on. In normal Mary fashion I imagined one of the pilots was having a heart attack and we would be landing shortly. The captain came on to tell us what happened and Sean just shook his head and said, "I am on hundreds of flights a year and this HAD TO HAPPEN  on the one you were on." Yep, I am always in the 1 % of the ratio. Not supposed to get the disease? I'll get it. Won't happen to you? It'll happen to me. I'm like a medical question mark. My file at my OB's office is about 10 inches thick. I'm not kidding I've seen it. It has red flags coming out on the edges. 

The rest of the flights were bumpy (weather all up and down the East coast,) until the last one from Atlanta home. That one was fine. Earlier that morning when I boarded in Boston I walked to my window seat to find that since it was the last row on the plane there was a spot for a window but no window. After all, the engine is right on the other side of the seat. I started panicking and stood up and asked if someone would be Jesus and switch with me. For twenty bucks. I was shaking--one of those times when you can't talk yourself out of what you're feeling though you're desperately trying to. I anticipated the worst and starting tearing up when a man threw up his hands and said, "I'll switch with you, keep your money!" Then I started crying. Really crying. I'm a full-blown adult and that man became my hero. Later I told him I probably would have given him my credit card if he'd wanted it. Sean didn't think that was funny :)

The kids had a great time as usual and enough babbling: here are the pictures!

I remember using this same fork when I was little. He looks so proud of himself.
First, my dad is wearing a stocking--he didn't just get confused about socks. He had/has a blood clot in his leg and this helps with circulation. Not that Dad is fashion-conscious at all, but this time it really is a medical reason. Mom parked Charlie in those buckets because she's in the phase where she throws all of her toys around so this contains her/them. Ty loves this slide at their house--can do it himself and even hikes his leg to get to the top of it so he doesn't have to climb the stairs. 
Fenway. Makes me think of so many lines from Field of Dreams. "Is Fenway the one with the big green wall in left field?" The Red Sox had played a game the night before and it was cleanup city when we visited. 
Boston College, where my sister spent her first year of college. I don't know how she did it. I was so tired after trying to find the bookstore to get her something that I couldn't make it up the mountain (okay hill,) to find her dorm. She was 18 years old and moved from our small town to Boston. By herself. I've never thought she was a wimp but that seals the deal: she is tougher than I am. I could have never done that!
My view from my window seat that my hero gave me. There are clouds all around because we flew through rain the whole flight so where I would have normally been freaking out I was soooo relieved to be in that seat instead of the alternative. It's amazing how something that small can change your perspective! Sean is my hero in a new way after this trip too. I experienced a little bit of what he has to do while working as well as getting to and from work. Commuting to Atlanta is his life story right now and he doesn't even really complain anymore. He has to know what every button in the cockpit does without thinking about it and there are about 400 buttons. I can only imagine how excited Ty will be to see the same thing when he is older!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tomorrow morning (very very early,) I'm getting on a plane and following my post a few days ago I know that is hard to believe...I haven't gone on two trips this close together since my traveling nanny days. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tag along on one of Sean's trips that involves staying in the same city a few nights in a row. Going to Boston and I'm excited--pray for Mom and Dad because you know the drill by now--they are taking care of the kids and are like energizer bunnies the whole time. I can only imagine how many songs they'll have to sing to appease master Ty :) I'm hoping to have some really great pictures of Boston in the Fall when I get back! 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day in the Life

A day in the life of Charlie: 
Swinging in the new swing, 
Riding in the back seat of the wagon so I won't tip over when we hit the bumps,
Watching my brother run laps at the little park by the house,
Oh Hi Mom.
Momma you're funny. And you have snacks. 

Friday, September 19, 2008

The God of Right Now

Howdy those of you who have asked me why I haven't posted. Both of you :) I've been here settling back in to the routine without Sean...he had vacation and I got totally spoiled! I remember now why I am so tired at bedtime when he travels.  All the energy I stored up for the past two weeks has been put to good use the last two days.

Last week I started a new Bible study at our church and I have loved it. It's called Mom 2 Mom and you can easily imagine what we talk about and ask for prayer about by the title. Last week Blair from "Facts of Life" spoke-real name Lisa Whelchel-and she was hilarious and warm and just full of ideas for how to discipline your kids while hopefully teaching them something about who God is in the process. That's a lame synopsis but she was great! Today was the second meeting and we started the actual study, sat in small groups, etc. We are doing Kay Arthur's study called "Lord, I Want to Know You," and today the leader asked what words we think of when we try to describe God.  Near the end of the descriptions (popcorn style) a woman said, "The God of Right Now." What a true statement. The Beginning and the End. The Alpha and Omega. We know this/these parts but how valuable to remind ourselves that the right now, what we're in, often longing to get out of, is where He is.

Do you ever sit and pray for things to fast-forward? I know we all think back and wonder how things would have turned out "if only..." but do you do the opposite too? Lord, bring us through this to the other side quickly, remove this quickly, heal this quickly...We wonder how it's possible to overlook little blessings and answered prayers along the way but it's because we're forgetting to say, "Thank You, Lord, that I am not alone RIGHT NOW because You are here." I'm not preaching I'm recounting what I learned today! During our group we also talked about the times that we have claimed God's name and found ourselves helped, calmed, restored. I told my group about my trip last week and how saying God's name helped me.

It happened on the plane. It always happens on the plane. I don't like flying. I won't say I hate it because I want to like it a whole lot and get so anxious that I can't. The desire is there but there's a HUGE hurdle in front of me the whole time I'm in the air. My husband flies for a living. I have seen charts, videos, and simulations that disprove what I am afraid of: the turbulence will be so bad that one of the wings will fall off and we'll in turn fall out of the sky. Don't ask me why I'm only afraid of that and not taking off or landing because I don't have a good answer for you.  It makes no sense but it gives some insight into why I am always up for a long road trip instead of a short flight. Do I worry about Sean while he is working? Nope. I never worry because I know he is very thorough. I never worry about the pilots actually because it has nothing to do with confidence in them. Are you following the pattern of absurdity? 

I start sweating, heart-pounding anxiety "episodes," not true anxiety attacks as I learned about them in school, the second we hit turbulence. If you've ever sat beside me on a flight you've seen it and probably laughed a little even if you tried to comfort me...thank you for that, by the way...but it doesn't help. Even Sean telling me exactly what is happening doesn't help me. I have started praying throughout the whole ordeal and it does help. Doesn't go away but it helps. This last week we flew in between thunderstorms (see the picture--the point on the left side of the clouds is the edge of a thunderstorm. Sean taught me!) on our way home and I had LOTS of opportunities during the flight to talk to God about my little condition. You say, "like He cares." Oh yes, my friend, He does! I know that because I know that He doesn't want me to live in fear of anything and fear is a mild description of what I feel during these rough patches.  I talk to Him in a whisper and tell Him that I know He made everything I can see from the plane and how beautiful it is, how huge it is and how I'm amazed He can keep it all together. Then I say as many attributes of Him I can think of. In the midst of the fear, I can rest a little bit knowing all that I am saying at the time (and all the time,) is absolutely true. All-knowing, Prince of Peace, Counselor, Mighty, on and on. The things I fear (totally irrational) and even the things that could happen on the plane are not a mystery to Him. Try it if you are fearful of flying, driving after an accident, or even fearful at night in your home. 

Ok after all of that serious stuff I also have a story about what happened at home while we were in CA. Alas, both kids are crying (nap time,) so I'll write about it later. It involves my mom, singing, and the Waxahachie Fire Department.  

Sunday, September 14, 2008


My little man Ty is two years old today. If he could read, I would write him a note and leave it on his bathroom mirror this morning. This is what it would say.


Whew. We made it to two. Can you believe it?! In the midst of our running around trying to make sure everybody had a nap and bottle you grew up. Kind of. You are a tall kid and often people ask me if I think you'll be a basketball player when you grow up. I don't know bud, maybe you will. I hope you won't want to play football or hockey because I know you would get hurt but don't tell Daddy I said that. It's one of the things we'll try to keep on the down-low...that and how we scramble around the day Daddy comes home from a trip cleaning the house because we've pretty much just lived however with him gone :) I'm glad you have started helping me pick up pillows and put toys back in the basket. You always like things a certain way, and often yell "uh nuh," (OH NO) when I do something you don't like. It almost makes me laugh when you say it but I know that it's my job to not let you get away with that. Sometimes the thought of disciplining you is overwhelming to me. I believe that God has given you many gifts that have nothing to do with me or Daddy and it is my job to help you develop those and also be an upstanding citizen. You know, at church or friends' houses or wherever for now. That is why I make you share. That was a tough lesson, wasn't it? You're really getting it now though, and you even try to make me share with other people. As well I should.

Sharing you with the world is exciting and scary. I know that there have been times over the last two years when I have panicked that something was not right with you--late at night when I have a hunch and go check on you I am always so happy to see you sacked out in your crib that you almost touch end-to-end. I remember when I first put you in that big old bed and I thought, "Surely people don't expect me to LEAVE HIM HERE by himself." They did. And I did. And you turned into a great sleeper! Praise God for that for sure. 

You are many things to me, Ty. You are life and joy and patience (because you are the main vessel God teaches me patience right now :)) and hope for the future. I love that you want to come see me when you first wake up from your nap or in the morning, when every other time of day you want to see Daddy first. I love that you scrunch up your face when you smile. I love that you can sit through an entire concert on Good Morning America because you love listening to music. I love how you sing the itsy bitsy spider and make up your own motions. I know what you mean. I love that you took it in stride when you were dethroned as the baby right after your first birthday. I love when you give Charlie hugs when prompted. And how you "hug" by leaning your head into somebody without touching them when you don't know them very well. Hey I think that should count too.

You love blocks, hearing the ABC's, counting, music, swinging, riding in the car, saying "car," every time we pass a car, walking into the grocery store, climbing on the playground, your blanket, baby Tad, banging two matching things together--whatever they are doesn't matter--lining up the shampoo bottles in the shower, eating chips and "cwackaas" (crackers), going to double dips, macaroni and cheese, sonic fries, climbing the stairs, counting Daddy's fingers, and entertaining your sister. 

Little man, you rocked my world when you came along. I pray that your edginess will result in a refined young little soldier for the Lord one day. I know that God will give me all that I need to teach you about Himself. I promise to work hard at doing what He asks me to do. This might result in a spanking or correction of some kind just to warn you. Sorry but it's my job. As feisty as you are now I can only imagine how you will be in another year. I'm looking forward to it. 

Thank you for rocking my world and making me a momma. I love you. 

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Santa Barbara

This might take a while so get comfy. What a wonderful trip! Let's start with the weather--perfect. 70 during the day and in the high 50's at night. Coming from the "cool 90's" at home it was a welcome change to need jeans which, by the way, I had only one pair of. I brought them in case of an emergency in my carry-on sized suitcase. I was ok taking the very small suitcase as long as Sean agreed to put anything I accumulated on the trip in his bag for the ride home :) Anyway the jeans--wore them every day almost all day. They're tired. The shorts/skirts that I took I am now wearing since back home even in the midst of a rainy week it's still in the "cool 90's." Ah hemm. So here is a picture of the perfect weather on the beach. My advice to any native Texan who only travelled to Galveston or Corpus Christi as a child: the water is not the same in California. It is pretty. And blue. And freeze-your-extremities-off cold. You're gonna need a wet suit my friend. 
Day one we landed at LAX around noon (CA time,) and went straight to In and Out burger. Because that was naturally the # 1 attraction and reason for going on this trip. It didn't disappoint. That was the first of I think 5 meals that day and like I said we got there at noon. Glorious. We checked into our hotel, a nice old hotel on State Street. We were told old movie stars used to stay there and we have no reason to distrust our new friends for life who run the establishment. All activities from the rest of that day are a blur thanks to Dramamine and sleep deprivation. It was fun let's just leave it at that. Then the next day this happened.
I killed my phone. You can see on the left side (the top of the phone,) looks like someone shot it with a bb gun. Or just a small but weight-bearing foot while trying to change drivers at a red light. Yup, I killed it. Damper on an otherwise perfect trip.
But then we went here to the Old Santa Barbara Mission. I'll have another post full of pictures soon. It was a beautiful place. Many stories hidden in the walls there and we really enjoyed seeing it. My last picture is of the end of State Street, where it dead-ends into the street that runs along the beach. During the day we walked along and rubbed shoulders with many interesting (to say it nicely) people...some of whom you'd rather not rub shoulders with. If you've been to Boulder, CO in Whole Foods, you can picture what I'm talking about. Lots of unwashed hair and bodies :)  Everybody we encountered was happy though...that's something, right? It would be hard to have a bad day in Santa Barbara. I can see why Sean loved living there. I'll add a more pics over the next few days of some of the old stompin' grounds that I got to visit--Sean's old apartment that he shared with 3 other pilots during his first year with SkyWest, his old church, his favorite restaurant that he only went to about once a month because he made less money than I did as a counselor and that is NOT A LOT! I am so thankful to have gone with him to such a pretty place. 
I was constantly on the look-out for celebrities--apparently Oprah and Michael Jordan have houses in Montecito--no such luck. We did see Eric Estrada (CHIPS) at LAX on our way out of town.  You young'uns won't remember that show but anyone my age or older will appreciate him. He was really nice to everybody, (especially the security guards and their dogs who escorted him off the plane???) so technically I did see somebody famous.  I was happy and after seeing the kids this morning for the first time in more days than I've ever been away from them, I still am.

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Here

P.S. for you (us) Texans: it's 70 degrees. All day.  And it's sunny.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yes We Can Part II

First it looked like this. No comments about all the stuff you see on the counter. Not Type A, remember? 
I love my kitchen--the selling point of the house for me--but I finally had the nerve to try something different...
And here it is...my new baby. What do you think? We love it!
Ty likes it too...you just can't see his excitement because he had just woken up from his nap. Did you notice both kids in the same high chair? We didn't get a new one when Charlie came along. So far we just stagger their mealtimes.
Ahhhhhh. It is finished. And so am I. Ready for vacation!

Yes We Can

First it looked like this. Overwhelming for a non-detailed person like me so I just took to painting.
Then it looked like this. Ty had a good time scattering the piles that Sean carefully made.
And then it LOOKED LIKE THIS! Isn't my husband a genuis!! He had some help but did most of it himself. 
Today after his nap, Ty saw his new swingset and fell in love.
See. The look of love. On a two year-old's face. Right after this pic was snapped he kicked the camera.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Let Me Paint a Picture for You

Let me paint a little picture of what it's been like the last few days: Drop cloths throughout, blue tape sticking to everything from the floor to the couches three rooms away, (thanks to Ty,) countless--more than even I care to admit--episodes of Little Einsteins and Blue's Clues, grilled cheese for every meal, and white trim with green paint accents.  That last part is a by-product of the way that we paint, not actually part of the decor. We'll work on that when we're done.  Sean painted in his favorite shorts last night while I was at a movie and now they look like a child's art project. When he walks by them he just kinda internally kicks himself.  I've never seen him care at all about his clothes so I know it's hittin' him hard for him to make any kind of facial expression in response to an article of clothing. 

Last night Ty's swing set was delivered after two days of waiting/rescheduling with the freight company. Another story in itself.  Now Sean is outside putting it together while I finish up in here. Both kids are awake right now so I'm averaging about 1 1/2 sq. feet per hour actually getting paint on the walls. We put some impossible deadlines on these few projects before our trip but we are double-dog-daring each other that we can get it all done. We're both competitive enough to make it happen. I'll literally keep you posted :)


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Whoever thought painting this week would be a good idea should have also factored in the taping process and the reality that nothing in this world is more enticing to a two year-old than pieces of blue tape. Lord help me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

What I did over Labor Day weekend: 
Narrowed it down to two colors for the kitchen. We are painting during Sean's vacation. 
Let Ty swim in this high-dollar pool in my parents' front yard. The front yard is on the side of the house where people drive by and see your kid swimming without a diaper on.
But look at how happy he was. These are like pictures of summer through rose colored glasses. It was just that bright outside. 
Watched Ty build things like this in his spare time. Yes I am bragging. I don't think I could do that. Could you? My Dad is wrangling him in the background trying to change his diaper. 
Took walks every night with my family. My sister-in-law was here with Henry (from MS) so we got to plop all of the kids together for pictures.  My mom will have a few of those so I'll post them later. We got mosquito bites every night--at last count I had 19 on my legs--and Ty has one on his arm that is the size of a silver dollar. I gave him Benadryl last night because he's clearly allergic to the mosquitos . Or their bite--whichever is right. He won't take a nap today. He has been in his bed for over an hour and cycles between whining and talking/laughing. I'm leaving him there until it turns into a cry :) 

We did some yard work and killed a snake. Not an exciting kill (at their house they have been exciting at times,) but it made my mom feel much better about keeping the kids there next week...which brings me to my giddy phase of the post: We are going to Santa Barbara next Monday. I have been packed for approximately 3 weeks. Our last trip together (minus a pack-n-play and 14 bottles) oh and a child was when I was 7 mo. pregnant with Ty. I get carsick/airsick anyway and adding the pregnancy stuff just made it a not-so-precious time. I am so excited. The night before we leave we're going to Mia's to eat some brisket tacos. And all God's people said, "Amen."