Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why I love my husband

A few years ago he ordered some dry erase boards with family pictures on them. We kept one and gave them to our moms for Christmas. I've always liked ours but after Joy was born I told him I'd like to get one with the WHOLE family in it one day. He agreed and we never talked about it again. It got, well, busy around here.

As I rounded the corner in the kitchen one day something caught my eye. Let's see if you notice what it was.

A closer look

I doubled over laughing and he came in the kitchen and asked, "What is it? What's so funny?"

I pointed to the picture and he said, "Really? You just saw that? Mary I did that months ago so Joy wouldn't feel left out."

Friday, February 26, 2010

Here comes the bride

This morning I went to bible study with high hopes of making it through to the end. I wasn't surprised, though, when I got called out because Joy got kicked out of the nursery. She got kicked out on Sunday too, not before she vomited on some poor woman who was tending to her. They flashed her number up on the screen and Sean and I shook our heads and got up to leave. Carley went with me to pick her up and when we got to her little room the ladies said she had been really upset and then vomited. It didn't take me long to remember that her brother did this a few times himself at church...when he needed to nap and wanted his momma. Joy calmed down once I picked her up and contrary to the ladies' warnings, "It wasn't spit up, it was true vomiting...maybe she has a virus..." miss Joy was just fine. Upset, mad, abandoned, and wanting to leave. Her plan worked on Sunday and it worked again today. She needs her sleep, that one. And she'll do what she has to do to get it. Her brother was, and still is, the exact same way. Skip a meal or skip a bath but do not let that boy miss his bedtime.

I picked Charlie up and then as I was walking to Ty's room I thought about how yesterday I had to come rescue him from the nursery. Not really yesterday but it wasn't too long ago. Pretty soon Little Miss Meltdown will be begging to go to play at church just like her brother, (and now sister!) does. If Charlie got over it, Joy certainly will too. Charlie never took it to the level of getting sick but she did let me know she was broken hearted every single Sunday when I'd drop her off. Bless her heart. And now? Today she asked if she could finish her snack before leaving. Then she told the bubbles, "Bye bubbles. I see you wayter. Bye church. See you next time."

It's all just a matter of time.

The girls are napping. Ty is at school. I'm putting finishing touches on our house-read: cleaning last nights' mac and cheese off Joy's high chair--before I leave for the night, (with the kids of course,) and heading to my hometown. A good family friend is getting married this Spring and her bridal shower is tomorrow. I'm excited to see her and since my sister-in-law is her big sister I'll get to see my sister-in-law, (that'd be Ana,) too. And Henry, my nephew. Poor Ana had a wreck this week so I think she's bringing a rental car and God love her she is also pregnant with #2 and sick.

I hope that was public knowledge since I just put it out there. Yes I think it's okay that I told you. If you know Ana or anyone in her family in real life and see her, don't say anything, okay?

I'm kidding. I really think it's okay to tell. I think.

I found these dresses online the other day while Sean was home and forgot to post them. It's the season of wedding dress shopping, though mostly dresses you'll wear to weddings if you're me, and I found some great sparkly ones in my normal go-to-for-pretend-shopping stores. J. Crew, Nordstrom, and a new addition: Lilly Pulitzer.

I'm not buying any of these so don't worry that I've blown my family budget on a dress. I'm just looking so that I'll know what I want when I go into the stores I actually shop at and find something similar. Technically I do shop at J. Crew and Nordstrom but only because their sales are, well, something to write about.

This one's a Lilly. I don't think that's what people really say but I like shortening names once I get to know a person. Not that I know her or her clothes. I own one Lilly Pulitzer dress that I bought for $ 21.99 on eBay. This is the back view of the dress but I'm in a hurry so I can't go back and find the front view for you.

You're welcome.

J. Crew. It's on sale but not in my price window. It's pretty though, isn't it?
Of course this one is my favorite but it's another Lilly. Dern. There's no fitting that into the budget. Lilly, if you're out there, I'd love it in a size 6. Or is it 8? I don't know, Lilly, I only have one of your dresses and it's an 8 and a little big. Just send me both and I'll give the one that doesn't fit away on my blog.

Dude if it worked that way I'd be the coolest blogger you know, wouldn't I?
Ahhhh a J. Crew sale item, but still pricey. One of the weddings coming up--it's Amy's actually--is an outdoor wedding and the kids are coming too. This dress, if I were really going to buy it, would prove to be a challenge for that wedding because of the strapless nature. I hadn't realized before now that the dresses I'm showing are mostly pink.
This one's not for a wedding but I like it. It's Old Navy so I might actually get this one. Of course I just bought a dress that's almost exactly like it last week for $5. I'm not going to tell you where because you might not be my friend after I told you.
Ahhh isn't that just screaming 'Wear me to a Spring wedding,' and 'Wear me with a navy cardigan to church after the wedding to justify spending so much money on me!'

You don't hear that?

What is wrong with me?

Gotta run. Y'all have a wonderful weekend! If you're in the Hatch area come see me at Byron's, the place I mentioned a few weeks ago. I'm going there for every meal.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New bags for the bag lady

I have a reputation for being a bag lady. I like (love) bags. When Mom bought the girls new bags I was ecstatic because I get comments about how big Joy's bag is at church. It takes up a whole shelf by itself. But now they have these beauties and when I picked them up from the embroidery place I fell in love.

Not only are they small but they make Momma happy just with their Springy cuteness.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I don't even know where to begin

So much has been happening this week I feel like my head is spinning--in a good way.
Joy got her first tooth this week. Actually she got two within a day of each other so I guess she got her first teeth. It was a long time coming. She's totally changed the way she smiles since I guess it feels funny to have, well, teeth in her mouth.
So proud of them she won't even show them to us.
Nope still can't see them
She's a toot, that one. You think she's all sweetness and then she gives you this look that says, "I'm planning, out."
Like right here when she was plotting a burglary of her sister's chips. These were at Mimi's house by the way. We went there on Saturday since Sean was home, (remember, sick but not contagious...) The kids haven't been in almost a month because once Ty started school we can't really go during the week. Once BSF stopped for me it got harder and harder to drive there but I'm always so glad when I make the effort.

Sunday we went to church then I got the day to myself and went to lunch and to see Dear John with the girls, (the adult ones.) That night we drove over to Coppell to eat dinner with some new friends and had a great time trying to keep the kids from breaking their glass decorations. Sean and Craig, (the man/dad/husband) fly together pretty often so we enjoyed getting to know his whole family. They offered to let us crash or should I say trash their pool this summer. Um yes. Every day okay?

Today I met a few friends at the Children's Museum in Ft. Worth. It was a huge success--which we agreed to define huge successes by the fact(s) that there were no huge screaming fits and no one got badly hurt. I think anyone would agree that with babies ranging in these ages, that WAS a huge success!

Heather and Joy are both blogging friends of mine and this was my first time to actually meet Joy and her kiddos. Heather and I pass each other in the halls at church taking and picking our kids up and have miraculously managed a few play dates too. It was a good morning to spend inside since the weather turned cold and nasty again. Have I mentioned how ready for Spring I am?

Charlie's favorite part was this bubbles display, which Joy said was her son Ryder's favorite part the first time he went to the museum.
Joy's favorite exhibit was this crack in the floor.
They (kind of) played together making the exhibits work.
Charlie shopped in the play grocery store
and we all three, (9) were still smiling by the end of it. Thanks for the good shot, Charlie.

Off to girls night tonight...really, I haven't been this busy in so long I forgot how fun it is to be social. I'm worn out ;)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remember when

• I tried to prove a point and instead got my son locked in the church (our big church) after Bible study? He stood there looking at me through the (locked) door thinking, "Mom you weren't kidding about leaving me if I didn't stop piddling and start keeping up with you."

• I dug cashews out of Joy's mouth when she was about four months old after her sister "fed" her?

• We went to dinner at a relatively new friends' house and Charlie colored their kitchen table when Sean had Ty in the bathroom and I was feeding Joy?

• We lost Ty on Halloween?

• I forgot a change of clothes for everybody and since Charlie had a blowout diaper, Joy got so upset she vomited, and Ty had a potty training accident they all rode home in diapers...and nothing else?

• Max chewed through the fence in the backyard because he freaked out that I left him in the backyard?

• Joy climbed the stairs before we trained Ty to close the gate behind him?

"Remember when" is a fun way to help yourself calm down in the midst of chaos. One day I'll think all of this is funny.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's not very exciting

Sean got snowed in during work last week. Did I tell you that? He was also sick and tried to come home during his trip. He says he was never sick before he married me and now averages 10 respiratory infections a year. He's the sickest healthy person in the family. He finally gave up on getting home early and stuck it out-he wasn't contagious-and got home a day late due to the storm.

It was a long week around here but we were safe and warm. We know those are the important things but that didn't stop me from complaining...I'm sorry about that. Bless your heart you have no choice but to hear the complaining.

Daddy being home means there are a few more laughs around here. Some of them are at his expense. Like when he is in charge of dressing the kids.

Her hair is of course my favorite part.

But the Wild Child too-small t shirt is a close second. The shirt is a hand-me-down from her big cousin and hasn't fit since last summer. Never mind that he had to dig past mounds of suitable clothes to find this ensemble...yes never mind that.

Anyway. When he is home we try to take one of our kids somewhere by themselves so we can really concentrate on them. Sometimes it's a simple trip to Sonic and sometimes it's a longer or less convenient place that we wouldn't try with all three.

The zoo, the pool, or Florida, for example. Neither one of us is brave enough to try any of those with all our little toots in tow.

Ty and I went on a date to the music store, though not as a reward for being 100% potty trained. He'd hold it as long as he needed to if we didn't intervene with pull ups at night so he can go potty. Any advice?We just went so he could play the drums since he hasn't been in so long. You know, as motivation.

Yesterday afternoon the big kids got a little too quiet and Sean went to check on them. Next thing I knew I got this picture in a text from him. Big cheap fun at the expense of toilet paper.

I took Joy on my grocery run and she loved it. I usually go alone but she's started showing signs of cabin fever so she helped mommy get our groceries. She talked me into a few things like Kix cereal and some Cool Whip.

Ok the Cool Whip was my idea.

And Charlie helped me run errands. Can you tell I took the clothing duties back over?

Oh hi monkey. Yes I know Daddy struggles with the clothes. Mommy is here, mommy is here. It'll all be alright now.

Her boots are hilarious-they're from Ross but you'd think they were fancy as proud of them she is. "Boots! Charlie's boots! Wear it? Okay!!"

That's about it.

I told you it wasn't exciting.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

In an attempt to show you my Easter decorations that I pulled out a little (lot) early this year due to my impatience with the cold weather, I thought I'd be honest and show you what else I found in my kitchen.
Oops. Missed one. I actually meant to show you this a few weeks ago right after my sister noticed it above the microwave. Let's see, that puts me one, two, three, four months behind. Goodbye Halloween.

Hello Easter.

Don't bother telling me we're months away from Easter and it's too early to put out my decorations. I know these things but I can't help it. I have to have some color around the house to remind me that one day it'll be Spring and we'll be able to go outside and play. Without the gloves, coats, boots, and stuff.

Except since we're native Texans our kids don't have boots or gloves. I should really buy those when they go on clearance this year.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

From Joy

Happy Valentines Day!

I have a new trick. Mommy's not sure what to think about it but I sure am proud of myself. I'm trying to open the gate now that I can reach it. I learned how to climb the stairs yesterday while my Daddy was stuck in the ice/snow in Atlanta trying to come home. Lucky Mommy!
This was yesterday, my first official day of learning how to pull up on the ottoman, couch, chairs. I'm a little bit of an impatient girl when it comes to learning how to be big like my brother and sister. I go all out all the time and fall down a lot but I try to be tough. Usually I can keep from crying if I accomplish my task.
Isn't my booty the cutest ever? Especially with the cute little heart on it.
Oh hi there. My brother really doesn't like my new trick. "NO NO Baby Joy! That's my guitar!" I've heard that phrase 236 times since yesterday.
Thanks to the snow and ice and school shutting down, mommy pulled this cool thing out of the garage. Man it's big fun.
My brother really liked it for about ten minutes. Then he moved on.
Sister didn't like it at all. Lord knows why. I wanted to get in there really bad but mommy said I was too little. What does she know.

Happy Valentines Day!



Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm thankful. Really I am

I'm thankful for the pretty snow. Really I am. It is so exciting to see this much of it and it's shiny and well, SNOW. We don't see it often. We've never seen this much of it. Ever in DFW. So I'm thankful. Really I am.

Can I voice just one tiny complaint though?

After lots of this, some puzzles, pretend cooking, and lots of music playing, I'm going out-of-my-mind-bored.

So I resort to things like this to keep myself entertained.

I'm thankful that we still have power. Really I am. I have no complaints about that. And I'm trying to squash the boredom complaint. It took me five tries to get my car up our driveway and into the garage yesterday so I'm not attempting to go anywhere yet. I didn't realize how go outside/go somewhere-dependent I was.

That's a lie. I knew how go outside/go somewhere dependent I was.

But I bet you didn't.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What kind of mother am I and what kind of kid doesn't like cookies?

What kind of mother am I that I went right past Joy's 9 month mark and didn't document/acknowledge/realize it? The busy kind of mother I guess. Or the lazy kind.

Baby girl is doing so well sometimes I forget that she has scars on her left side and that those represent a great deal of prayer and blessing. Sometimes I forget that she is only 9 months old because she acts like Charlie did when Charlie was like a whole year older than she is now. Charlie fed herself, crawled, and didn't cry at bedtime anymore when she was about 15 months old. Hmmm. I don't know where she gets the laziness from. (hello, mommy dearest)

Hers, not mine. Meaning ME. You with me? My mom isn't lazy at all. Did I ever tell the story about how she got her Nattie name? Emmy was shopping with her one day and mom would call her over to show her something then leave and move on to something else by the time Emmy got to where she was. Emmy got irritated with her and yelled, "You're like a gnat, you just yell at me and tell me what to do and then jump around and find something else and you never stay in one place."

If you know Mom you're nodding your head. She's just busy. In a good way of course. My nephew Henry calls her "Nanny," and one day when Mom told me that's what he called her I said,"Well, you kinda are one."

Can I get an AMEN from all you who know me in real life. What on earth would I do without Nattie? I'd be in a loony bin that's what. With my hands tied to my sides and I'd be fed cafeteria food and play Tetris on my cell phone all day.

Come to think of it what would be so bad about that?


Today when I picked Ty up from school his teacher asked me if he liked cookies. I said no. He doesn't. He doesn't like any cookies except vanilla wafers. Not in my house, not at the store, not at the mall. It's weird. She laughed and said they made cookies today at school and he was very excited throughout the whole process until it was time to eat what they had made.

She put his cookie down and he said, "No."

She said, "Well, Ty, it's your cookie that we made. You can eat it now!" Surely with excitement in her voice. She's so dang cute.

"But Ty..."
"No. No thank you."

What kind of kid doesn't like cookies?
My kid.


Joy had her 9 month check-up on Monday and checked out just fine. She has no ill effects from her surgery and should never experience any side effects related to her lungs. Isn't that just amazing?

She measured in the 50th percentile in weight and can I tell you I've never had a kid that was ON THE CHARTS at this point in their growth? It's as if I gave the other two growth hormones when I compare them to Joy's chart. Or I've got her on a diet or something. She is in the 90th percentile in height and, oh here we the charts in head circumference. That's my girl. It runs in the family honey. Sorry about that.

This picture sums her up: happy and busy. She never sits still. Even when drinking a bottle or eating, her legs or arms are constantly moving. Maybe too much caffeine while pregnant? Something to think about but not a whole lot I can do about it now. She is her own person and is happiest when in the room with her brother and sister. She thinks I'm not half bad either. She's started letting me know when she's mad at me for leaving her. She likes Sean too, mostly at night. If she wakes up after bedtime and we feed her, (I'm guilty of dream-feeding long after they need it. I can't sleep if I'm hungry so I give them the benefit of the doubt,) she looks for Sean and then when she locks eyes with him she hides her face and giggles.

It's the cutest thing ever.