Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help me write my Valentine

Following last week's events I'm not complaining about the boring week we've had so far. Nope not one bit.

Friday will be a fun day if we all stay healthy so I'm focusing on that instead of succumbing to the fear that something like what happened last Wednesday night will happen again. Focus Mary. Focus on the positive. We have Ty's first Valentine's Day party to look forward to.

My first shot at being Super Mom. At least to his school friends. If you believe that that's what I'm going for you don't know me very well. I'm sort of an underachiever. To me, showing up and no one wearing their lunch on their shirt means it's a great day. Let's get real, though, Joy usually ends up wearing all three meals (and snacks,) on her shirt. She's a baby cut her some slack.

I hope to be creative and fun again one day. For now, I'm relying on Big Lots craft finds.
One big bag of mini Play Doh tubs + One silver paint pen + Foam hearts: Magical valentines for Ty's classmates.

Maybe not magical but certainly practical. The moms in his class will probably love the fact that I didn't add more sugar to their little cherubs' bags. The kids, however, will probably learn that Ty's mom is no fun at all. Until they have a rainy day at home and their mom pulls the mini tub of Play Doh out and they suddenly find me super exciting. I'm secure enough to wait for the latter.
If you were me what would you write on these little dude's cards? There are a few dudettes too...I'm thinking about, "Thanks for being a great friend!" but is there anything more, well, exciting to write? When I ask Ty he says, "Valentine! It's red! It's white! Mom it's a Valentine!" That's the extent of it. He IS in a speech program, remember? We're a little challenged in that area. Thanks in advance for your help.


Jenny Seymore said...

What a super-cute idea. Of course in our home we do "simple" and get the premade cards with the slots built in to put suckers. I wish I had even an ounce of creativity!!

Miss Mommy said...

I think it's a great idea!!

Ho about, "I LOVE being your friend!"

Julie said...

I love what you did but I'm brain dead on ideas on what to write on the card. Here's kind of a quirky idea...leave the heart blank and let them write/draw on it and give it to their parents.

Have a great time at Ty's party!!

Mary said...

Em, love that your comment said, "Ho about..." that's just how mature I am. Jenny and Jules, good ideas too! Gonna probably combine all of the ideas. It'll be one big oversharing experience :)