Friday, February 26, 2010

Here comes the bride

This morning I went to bible study with high hopes of making it through to the end. I wasn't surprised, though, when I got called out because Joy got kicked out of the nursery. She got kicked out on Sunday too, not before she vomited on some poor woman who was tending to her. They flashed her number up on the screen and Sean and I shook our heads and got up to leave. Carley went with me to pick her up and when we got to her little room the ladies said she had been really upset and then vomited. It didn't take me long to remember that her brother did this a few times himself at church...when he needed to nap and wanted his momma. Joy calmed down once I picked her up and contrary to the ladies' warnings, "It wasn't spit up, it was true vomiting...maybe she has a virus..." miss Joy was just fine. Upset, mad, abandoned, and wanting to leave. Her plan worked on Sunday and it worked again today. She needs her sleep, that one. And she'll do what she has to do to get it. Her brother was, and still is, the exact same way. Skip a meal or skip a bath but do not let that boy miss his bedtime.

I picked Charlie up and then as I was walking to Ty's room I thought about how yesterday I had to come rescue him from the nursery. Not really yesterday but it wasn't too long ago. Pretty soon Little Miss Meltdown will be begging to go to play at church just like her brother, (and now sister!) does. If Charlie got over it, Joy certainly will too. Charlie never took it to the level of getting sick but she did let me know she was broken hearted every single Sunday when I'd drop her off. Bless her heart. And now? Today she asked if she could finish her snack before leaving. Then she told the bubbles, "Bye bubbles. I see you wayter. Bye church. See you next time."

It's all just a matter of time.

The girls are napping. Ty is at school. I'm putting finishing touches on our house-read: cleaning last nights' mac and cheese off Joy's high chair--before I leave for the night, (with the kids of course,) and heading to my hometown. A good family friend is getting married this Spring and her bridal shower is tomorrow. I'm excited to see her and since my sister-in-law is her big sister I'll get to see my sister-in-law, (that'd be Ana,) too. And Henry, my nephew. Poor Ana had a wreck this week so I think she's bringing a rental car and God love her she is also pregnant with #2 and sick.

I hope that was public knowledge since I just put it out there. Yes I think it's okay that I told you. If you know Ana or anyone in her family in real life and see her, don't say anything, okay?

I'm kidding. I really think it's okay to tell. I think.

I found these dresses online the other day while Sean was home and forgot to post them. It's the season of wedding dress shopping, though mostly dresses you'll wear to weddings if you're me, and I found some great sparkly ones in my normal go-to-for-pretend-shopping stores. J. Crew, Nordstrom, and a new addition: Lilly Pulitzer.

I'm not buying any of these so don't worry that I've blown my family budget on a dress. I'm just looking so that I'll know what I want when I go into the stores I actually shop at and find something similar. Technically I do shop at J. Crew and Nordstrom but only because their sales are, well, something to write about.

This one's a Lilly. I don't think that's what people really say but I like shortening names once I get to know a person. Not that I know her or her clothes. I own one Lilly Pulitzer dress that I bought for $ 21.99 on eBay. This is the back view of the dress but I'm in a hurry so I can't go back and find the front view for you.

You're welcome.

J. Crew. It's on sale but not in my price window. It's pretty though, isn't it?
Of course this one is my favorite but it's another Lilly. Dern. There's no fitting that into the budget. Lilly, if you're out there, I'd love it in a size 6. Or is it 8? I don't know, Lilly, I only have one of your dresses and it's an 8 and a little big. Just send me both and I'll give the one that doesn't fit away on my blog.

Dude if it worked that way I'd be the coolest blogger you know, wouldn't I?
Ahhhh a J. Crew sale item, but still pricey. One of the weddings coming up--it's Amy's actually--is an outdoor wedding and the kids are coming too. This dress, if I were really going to buy it, would prove to be a challenge for that wedding because of the strapless nature. I hadn't realized before now that the dresses I'm showing are mostly pink.
This one's not for a wedding but I like it. It's Old Navy so I might actually get this one. Of course I just bought a dress that's almost exactly like it last week for $5. I'm not going to tell you where because you might not be my friend after I told you.
Ahhh isn't that just screaming 'Wear me to a Spring wedding,' and 'Wear me with a navy cardigan to church after the wedding to justify spending so much money on me!'

You don't hear that?

What is wrong with me?

Gotta run. Y'all have a wonderful weekend! If you're in the Hatch area come see me at Byron's, the place I mentioned a few weeks ago. I'm going there for every meal.


Carley said...

Cute! I bought that denim old navy dress about a week was on big mamas blog too. I can't wait to wear it! Have fun this weekend! See you Sunday!

Mary said...

Great minds think alike :) I'm glad you bought it already! I've found that the things on Big Mama's blog sell out soon after she puts them on hers! I'm sure it's cute on you!

Carley said...

It'll be cute on you too! neither of us care if we have the same thing. :)

Hattie said...

Have fun this weekend! I totally love, love, love the red one!!! I have a wedding to go to May 1st and a need to find a dress, but first I need to lose like a trillion lbs!!!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I'm gonna have to look Lilly up. Her stuff is really cute!!! Have fun at home this weekend!!

Sarah Sharp said...

Oooh I love the red J. Crew one! So pretty!

Miss Mommy said...

I do love your dress taste- I am also quite impressed after 3 c-sections you can wear a 6- way to go, Mary!!!!

Emmy said...

Ummm, I just read this tonight, and agree about all the dresses. But I couldn't help but laugh at what you wrote about Joy's (and Ty's) bedtimes. Hmmmmm. That seems to remind me of someone I know. Someone who turns into a pumpkin at 9 pm????

Mary said...

And I also do not miss meals. Or my bath. I'm pretty high maintenance I guess. Sleep is #1 for sure though. Sleep is king.