Monday, March 30, 2009

A Rubber Band Changes Everything

My first attempt at "Pebbles" hairstyle. What do you think? It's amazing how even from this young age she can look completely different with a new hairstyle. 

Every year around this time I toy with the idea of cutting my hair shorter and I've always talked myself out of it. My main requirement for my haircut is that I can wear a ponytail...and I've fallen into the mommy trap of ONLY wearing it that way. When I have my hair down both of my kids look at me like, "I think you're my momma..." I have two problems with cutting it: 

1. During the summer it gets really frizzy and I become lion-like. More like half lion half poodle.
2. My face is round so I'm not sure it would actually even look right short!

There are much bigger fish to fry in life and in the world right now so I'm not expecting much feedback on this but if you are good at predicting what would look right on people give me your opinion! 

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Thankful

*I have a family that steps in and helps/teaches/entertains my kids when I am worn out.
*I have a husband that makes plans for me with friends when he is home from a trip so I can get out of the house and recharge. I'm finding that lately I wear myself back out pretty fast! Maybe I should start napping during these times.
*I have two healthy children and one more on the way that I believe will recover from her condition and be just fine.
*We have a home and my husband has a stable stable as any job right now! He likes his job which is another blessing. And another one on top of that is that he has a father that always encouraged him to find something he really loved to do because you spend so much of your life at work. Great advice.
*I have a church that provides sound teaching, relationships, and challenges me to be better. If you live remotely near Dallas and are looking for a church, let me know. I'll hook you up. The church is technically in Frisco but there's no traffic on Sundays so I'm not buying the "It's too far," excuse.
*I have plenty of food to eat and plenty of Diet Dr. Pepper to drink. Oh and I guess water too.
*We have a dog that will bark if someone tries to break into our house. It's a stretch to think of something to be thankful for regarding Max but I'm trying.
*There are more reminders of God's faithfulness in Joy's story alone than I've ever experienced before in my life. People to watch the kids, Sean being able to go to the important appointments, and when he could not my parents could so I wouldn't be alone, the money to cover so many unexpected expenses even before she is born and the assurance that He will provide what is needed once she is here, the renewal in my heart that being a mom is exactly what I am meant to do, and the joy that I have in the monotony that used to drive me crazy--to name a few!
*Being pregnant with three good friends at the same time so discomfort is always a welcomed topic at Girls' Nights
*I have everything I need to face what challenges lay ahead that I can't possibly fathom...not that I will handle it all well or be strong but I know that there is nothing that God cannot do.

When everything hurts at the end of the day (pretty much every day now,) and I'm falling into bed I'm going to try to think through all of these things and keep a better perspective. I've not lived very long but it's been long enough to learn that there will be times ahead when I am given the choice to fold or stand firm. To fear or to have hope. To fall down and stay there or to get back up. It's as simple as that really. When will God leave me? Never. And THAT, my friend, is the best blessing of all.

Reminds me of the song I learned when I was little, "My God is so Big, so Strong, and so Mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do." (clap clap clap.) Where did I learn that? I don't remember. What is your favorite kid song? Feel free to write out the words for me--I'm always looking for new songs for Ty :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

One Small Step for Man...


She has been taking steps for a few weeks between us but yesterday she planned it all out before she walked between toys, couches, etc. Today she just took off! Made her Momma so proud.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two and a Half + A Little More

Just a few pics of my little man, who is just a little over 2 1/2. Too bad he's not in that "1/2" stage that he'll be in for the next few years. "How old are you?" "Three and a half." "Oh so you're 3?" "NO THREE AND A HALF." The half really makes a big difference y'all.
At two and a half Ty is doing all sorts of fun things. He's a big organizer. Give him ten of something and he'll spend 45 minutes counting it and lining it up. He has a hard time when his bulldozer of a sister comes along and messes it all up but he's starting to take it all in stride and tolerate her messiness. Those are the rolling papers (I have no idea what they're called,) that I told you about during my CoinStar shortage. Thank You Jesus I found one because that rolling your own stuff is for the birds.
He just got a hat just like his daddy's and man is he cute in it. It's a Tiger Woods golf hat, youth sized...notice it's not kid sized because his head is like the size of the High School boys at church. He is mighty proud of it and asks for it when he gets up from his nap. We were hard pressed to get him to wear any kind of hat all winter and this one showed up and he asks for it????? I think he is starting to get the "Daddy has one, I want one," thing. Really cute. Sean calls it his "Ty" hat because it is technically his initials: TW=Tiger Woods and Ty Wilborn. I'd have never put that together.
He is kind of mellow most of the time now, which is not a word I would've used to describe him even 6 months ago. His heart is very sweet and he eats it up when he knows he has done what we're asking him to do. He still follows most things up with "Yay Ty," it's become his trademark. Other things he says/does:

"No, Okay," in response to whatever he doesn't want to do. Like, I'm being polite but the answer is still no. Me: "Let's go inside." Ty: "No okay." Me: "Put your ball down and get in your seat." Ty: "No okay." You get the picture.

"Hey Mommy/Daddy/Charlie/Max!" when he sees us for the first time in the morning.

Quickly followed by "Good Morning." He wakes up in a great mood in the morning...not always the case after a nap but for the most part he is raring to go the second he wakes up.

When I say, "Thank you," training him to say it, he will say, "You're welcome." I don't have it in me to correct him it's so cute. If Sean hands him something and I say, "Thank You, Daddy," he will say, "You're welcome Daddy."

"It's okay," when he would normally launch into a huge fit. We've tried to stop him soooooo many times before he escalates by saying, "It's okay, what do you need? Do you need help, etc," that he calms himself down by saying, "It's okay." Kinda like he's got multiple personalities a little bit. Walking around on the verge of tears saying, "It's okay, it's okay."

He's finally repeating everything so today he said the words giraffe, manatee, and dolphin in about a ten minute period (Thank you Baby Einstein,) and since he only said daddy, cracker and help at age two this is quite an improvement!

My favorite things at this age are how he tries to relate so much more to us and other people, his little patterns that make him the least bit predictable, his sleep habits, his sheer joy when we pick him up from church and bible study, the fact that he doesn't get kicked out of the nursery anymore, (because he was so upset when we left him,) and that every day he learns something about the world. Even little things start to click and he just gets so excited. He is a trip and I'm so thankful that he is my son.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank God I Don't Get Discouraged Easily

You know you've entered the really uncomfortable stage of pregnancy when:

You bypass any shoes without an inch of cushion.

"A refrigerator upstairs so I don't have to go so far," is your answer to the question, "What do you want for your birthday?" And you are serious.

Another answer to that question, mostly to the man responsible for this state is, "My tubes tied." Still serious.

When you walk into a favorite store looking at clothes that you KNOW would not fit you but the sales lady still asks if you need help you say "Yes of course I do! Can you hold this for me, tie my shoe, grab that kid, etc." Hey, she asked. Maybe you're just a little bitter about not being able to wear any of the clothes she's trying to sell you.

You leave laundry baskets by the stairs full of laundry hoping someone will shuttle them up and down for you. You do the same with your toddler who doesn't do stairs yet. And if the man responsible for you in this state is Sean he carries them all for you every time.

You limit Sonic drinks because you're determined to beat the bathroom every ten minutes curse.

You develop a new symptom too weird to share here and when you tell your doctor he says, "Well, it's just because you're so big and so close to delivering...Oh, you're not that close you still have WEEKS left...never mind. It's just because you're carrying all of the extra weight around." You're more tempted than ever to hit him but you remember that your baby's life is in his hands and restrain yourself.

You start having dreams about birthing donkeys or ducks (hilarious Jamie!) and your only real concern in the dream is that nursing either one IS GONNA HURT.

Only your XL maternity clothes fit and you're usually in the Medium range. But you couldn't care less what your body looks like and you hope the desire to beautify yourself comes back one day.

You average 4 minutes to roll from side to side in bed. And it gets more depressing every time because you glance over and see your mate sleeping on his stomach, your desired sleep position, and growl at him.

And the final way you know you've entered the really uncomfortable stage of pregnancy:

Random lady passing you in Walmart asks you how many weeks you have left and when you tell her she says, "So are THEY BOYS OR GIRLS?" Plural.

Okay girls, let me hear it. What are the uncomfortable things about pregnancy or trying to get pregnant that you've experienced? Now's your chance to complain!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Best Surprise!

Emmy, me, Sean, Mom, and Dad
Carley (32 weeks 3 days,) and me (31 weeks 5 days)
Carley, Jennie (11 weeks!!!) and me. We are so excited for you, Jennie! David is excited to be a big brother and when we ask him what's in Mommy's belly he says, "Sister." Woohoo! If he's right there are many hand-me-downs coming your way.


Last night while Sean and I were eating dinner my babysitter Sarah called to say that Charlie was really fussy and she had just thrown up. I could hear Charlie screaming in the background. Of course I said we'd be right there. This has happened to Sarah before while she babysat for us...bless her heart!

I had already had a GREAT day with my family for my 30th Birthday. Sean was home--more on that later--Mom, Dad, and Emmy came up for the day and we all played and went to the park with the kids, I got to have my hair done at the salon, (a huge treat since Robin only works the days Sean is traveling and this week he came home a day early,) and I had already torn into the cake my Mom made for me. Can you say run on sentence? :)

After Sarah called I was honestly frustrated that once again Charlie had picked something up and we don't take her anywhere! I kept telling Sean on the drive home that I felt like we might as well start taking her everywhere again because WHAT'S THE POINT??? Then I walked in the back door.
And saw my friends. Looked the other direction and saw my family. Looked behind me and saw Sean. It all took a little while to sink in. I looked at Sarah, standing holding a perfectly normal Charlie right inside the door and said, "She's NOT really sick?!" I was overwhelmed. Thanks Priscilla for sending these pictures to me so fast since I didn't know I'd be needing my camera.
Casey, me and Carley. Casey and I met in college and then she worked with the High School girls when I worked with the Jr. High girls. Carley was Sean's sidekick/party planner and pulled the whole thing off so perfectly. Carley thank you so much for working so hard for this party!
Add Priscilla, (again, the pictures are courtesy of her,) and her daughter Bonnie. The Young girls have been a constant since I first started going to our church. Bonnie started out in the youth group and is now engaged and finishing school in May. Bon and I took a tap class together when she was still in High School and it was so fun. My return to dancing was short-lived since I started working full-time as an intern (LPCI) a few months after our class started. Soon Priscilla and her hubby will move to Denver which of course makes me sad but thankfully Bonnie will live right down the street after her wedding.

The very first Sunday I visited Stonebriar I happened to sit by Priscilla. "Happened to..." the way that God does and you figure out later it was not an accident at all.
The girls who have heard it all-Priscilla, Jennie, Amy, Carley, Casey, Ginger, and Jamie. Of course there are some of our friends who had more important things to do and I'm hoping to catch up with everybody soon before Joy is here...once the newborn fog sets in I'm lucky to form a sentence at all.
A little out of order...this is while I was still figuring out what was happening. Sean pulled this whole thing off with the help of Carley, my Mom and Dad, Emmy, and Sarah.
Once I realized Charlie really wasn't sick and this was a party
Look how pretty this was. It was the best birthday I can remember, and I'm grateful Joy did not make an early appearance so it could all happen as planned. Sean later told me when he'd talk to Mom about the party they would always say, "As long as the baby doesn't come before this we'll be happy!" Like their goals for the pregnancy were 28 weeks, 30 weeks, birthday, etc. Ha!
Mom worked so hard to make me a cake to throw me off earlier in the day. I found out later that the day before when I said, "Are you making me a cake?" she panicked because they had already ordered a huge cake but I didn't know about it. They were scared I'd figure it out if we didn't celebrate earlier in the day...If you ever have the chance to eat one of Mom's angel food birthday cakes you'll see why I wanted to make sure I'd have one. She puts wedding cake icing on it and decorates it beautifully. Thanks Mom!
Carley sent me texts all day telling me she hoped I had a good day and she was sorry she wouldn't see me on my "real" birthday. Right now she was texting that she hoped I had a fun date night with Sean...liar! She was at my house the second I walked out to go to dinner...and sent this in the middle of setting up for the party.
Sarah and Charlie. Since they needed Charlie to be crying to make the whole thing seem legit, they would take Charlie to her room and put her in her bed. She'd start crying and Sarah would call me. Hilarious now but I really believed Charlie was sick. The weird thing is that my girl really did have a low grade fever all day so it was totally believable. She is just teething thank God--I felt really bad for having a bad attitude on the trip home from the restaurant once I knew why they told me she was sick.

On Wednesday during Sean's first full day of work, he got re-routed and his trip suddenly wasn't going to be over until late Friday night instead of like 3 that day. He called me to tell me, (this has started happening a lot since there aren't enough reserve pilots right now,) and he was livid. He said he'd never been more frustrated that he wouldn't get home when he thought he would, he'd drive home if he had to, etc. I kept saying, "Babe, it's okay. We'll celebrate when you get home, even if that's Sunday, it won't matter." Now I know why he was so mad.

Sean, thank you so much for making my 30th Birthday so memorable. I love you! It was the perfect celebration to cap off the last few months. Now Joy can make her appearance.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ty's Trip to Disneyland

At this point you're thinking I go to Northpark often. Before last weekend I hadn't been in probably 6 months. It was a long 6 Nattie and Emmy met me and the little man for a day at Northpark and it was, as Ty would say, "Sooo fun." True to form, I forgot that Bible study was cancelled (Spring Break,) and had my babysitter come to watch Charlie. Last night I got the reminder e-mail--thanks Dana--and decided to make the most of a little alone time with Ty and got the girls to join. It didn't take much coaxing.
Look out movie stars and fancy North Dallas ladies. Ty has arrived in his light up shoes and Momma's sunglasses.
He LOVED the fountain. Lots of flapping and jumping.
Eating lunch with Nattie. You can see what's left of a crepe on the plate by Mom. We ordered two dessert crepes from the Crepe Maker at the food court--my current favorite thing about Northpark--and I ate a whole one by myself. If you shop there and haven't seen the Crepe Maker please go there right now and get one. They didn't even pay me to say that. It is on the outer edge of the food court and if I had a sense of direction at all I could tell you which corner but I don't so good luck finding it.
Aunt Emmy you're so silly.
Someone in my Bible study group asked me one time why my kids were sitting so still at Chick-Fil-A and I patted myself on the back and said, "Smarties." Yes my parenting strategies should be recorded and given to new moms.

First, they DON'T always sit still while eating. However, I have three tricks that Nattie taught me.

1. Always get them good and hungry before you sit down in public with them to eat. If they are hungry they'll be excited to eat. If your kids are big drinkers like mine, bring at least two full cups of water/juice/milk whatever in case the restaurant doesn't have what they like.
2. Bring a treat, toy, something they don't get unless you're out to eat.
3. Discipline them. Teach them that sometimes they HAVE to sit and blend in with society. Whatever method you choose, discipline your kids! It is biblical! Will they scream at you and throw a bigger fit? Probably. Will they arch their backs and still try to get out of wherever you put them? Probably. Will you want to hide under something for a little while afterward? Probably. But then they start getting it...if you are consistent they will learn that you mean business. If not you'll end up like the man we saw today who was saying to his 3 year-old, "Don't hit me, don't hit Daddy," and guess what--he kept getting hit.

All of this coming from someone who is still skittish about taking my kids too many public places without another adult there to help. But I'm an idealist, what can I say. I'd like to think one day we'll resume life with the masses and my kids will be somewhat obedient.
Looking at the turtles and ducks, which we can remember doing as kids. Mom said there used to be penguins in these little ponds. I don't remember but that's not saying much.

Emmy and Nattie, we had a great time with you today. Thanks for meeting us and helping me keep him entertained and under control!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cover Me

One of my favorite blogs to read (Kelly's Korner,) issued a challenge to count our blessings and praise God for what He has given us and I had a whole post written to share about my blessings...and I intend to...but for now I saved it because this was more appropriate for what is on my heart. Not that blessings are ever inappropriate! All I ever do here is talk about myself and well, even I am getting bored.

For once, I'm gonna focus on someone else here and though I can't tell you more details than it is someone I know, trust me and send up an anonymous prayer, will you? God knows who it is. He's pretty good at that kind of thing.

This song is such a sweet prayer from someone who is confused and hurting. We have all been there, haven't we? I am praising Him right now that I am overflowing with blessings and not hurting at all. But God didn't call us to live a life of solitude. He calls us to live with other broken people who need each other, and at times we are the only ones who can offer comfort to that someone who is hurting. It is a true blessing to do this for people around you. Try it when your initial reaction to, "Can we talk?" is to run the other way or focus on your own situation. Bless another person and let them vent today. And read the lyrics to this song by Bebo Norman. You'll be glad you did. 

I love the last few lines--Our feelings of defeat and despair don't have to make us frustrated with God--This actually should make us cling to His promises more, and to look forward to being AWAY from this mess with Him! 

Navigation: B \ Bebo Norman \ Cover Me

Cover me, cover up my tears
Cover up this man who's covered up in fear
I need a peace of mind, I need a piece of you
To cover all that's gone and everything that's new
You unveil me with your mercy
I want to breathe you in
You unfold me, then you hold me

Cover up my heart, cover up my soul
Cover up this world and everything I know
You cover up the sky, you cover up the sea
Cover up the mountains and every part of me
Everything single breath I breathe...cover me

I am still alive and covered up in years
Covered up in lines as innocence appears
So give me a peace of mind, give me a piece of you
To cover all that's old with everything that's new
You unveil me with your mercy
I want to breathe you in
And you unfold me, then you hold me
You unveil me with your mercy
I want to breathe you in
You unfold me then you hold me
I want to shed this skin
You unveil me with your mercy
You unfold me, then you hold me
You unbreak me, would you take me home

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Nattie!

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you for many reasons and we hope your day is full of celebration! 

One of the many reasons we love you is that you would give your left arm to get a good picture of all three of your grandkids and it just never happens. You never lose hope that one day it will :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Really Am a Big Kid Now

Howdy ladies. And man. I wanted to tell you a few things today:

1. I am going to school (Mother's Day Out) next year and I'm excited.
2. My sister Charlie bugs me and wants to do only what I do all the time. Anybody want a new sister?
3. My other sister that isn't here yet is looking good and the doctor said she was stable, whatever that means.
4. The doctor also told Mommy and Daddy that she weighs about 5 pounds already and that this was good news. To me that sounds puny but maybe because I'm so big. I'm in the 40-45 lb. range myself.
5. Have a good day. I'm going to the park now.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Boy is Growing Up

Things once spoken while pregnant with Ty:

"I don't care what he does for a living but I hope he has a good time doing it." (Sean)
"I hope he likes spending time with his Daddy and doesn't only like me." (Me)
"I hope that wherever we move there is a Home Depot within walking distance." (Sean)

My prayers were definately answered. On all of the above. His future as a Home Depot do-it-yourself-er , (or employee,) is secure.
See how much he enjoyed it? David too...their joy was palpable. No really, the daddies say that it really was. They just get this look before a parent takes a picture.
A little more fun now...building the ramp for their cars.
You've met Jennie here but here is her husband Jonathan helping David. David and Ty are the best of friends. We have been telling them that since they were born. They might as well get used to the idea.
Sorry didn't get an actual picture of Jonathan's face but I'm guessing Sean had to snap these pictures so fast so Ty wasn't holding the hammer and nails by himself for very long. Isn't this the cutest idea? The Home Depot has a class for kids once a month to do with their parent(s) and it's totally free. Read about it here. Ty came in the door wearing his apron and I couldn't have been more proud!

Y'all go to my cousin Brooke's blog and watch the video of the sleeping/running dog. It is hilarious!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

And Then I Went to Disneyland

Charlie getting comfy to watch her video. Her current favorite is still Blues Clues. Dora is Ty's new favorite and he's learning to sing the songs. He mixes Spanish with English and it's stinking hilarious.
This was a few weeks ago at Mimi's house in Denton before the illness.

Yesterday I went to Disneyland, also known as Northpark in Dallas. When Sean walked in the door from work I told him I loved him and got in the car--the garage door never closed :) He got home early enough for me to go meet his mom (Mimi,) and sisters to go Easter shopping. We talked and shopped for hours and it was a great vacation from the week. I was never an anxious person until I had a child and this week my anxiety level was so high I think it rubbed off on the kids. You hear that they can tell when you're edgy and they respond with equal edginess?? It's true. At least for my kids. I finally figured it out yesterday that if I could calm myself down before picking them up they did better. Once Sean got home and I breathed a sigh of relief so did they. And everyone slept all night. A first in a few days.

I'm continuing my vacation today, going to a movie and after that maybe I'll be ready to return to life. Only two Dr appointments this week, one Monday and one Tuesday. The sonogram is on Tuesday and as usual I'll update as soon as I can after it. Sean is on the hunt for a program that will make it easier to update from my phone so soon I can give a play by play. Brace yourself for the fun in that. Ha! 

Happy Sunday

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ty's First Date

Even though we are teaching him to be old-fashioned, his date picked him up but they did take HIS momma's car. 
Forgive me for the size of this picture--I need some tech support y'all. This is my sister, often referred to as Aunt Emmy. She took Ty to the museum a few Saturdays ago for his first visit. He is really proud of himself when he is around Emmy because she is a teacher and somehow he picks up on this and tries to impress her with his knowledge. It's a huge treat for him to spend time by himself with her and I've mentioned before she has taught him almost everything he knows--with the exception of the phrase, "MAX, BACK UP!" He learned that one from me. And he says it just like I do. Not exactly with a nice tone. Thanks Emmy for taking him out on his first date and using some of your precious time off to entertain him. It helps me so much!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Whining Today: Prepare Yourself

Update: Cardiologist appointment went fine. Joy's heart looks good except for one thing that will correct itself once the tumor is gone. The side touching the tumor is a little smaller because of restricted space but the Dr. said she wasn't worried and that it will fix itself. I do have to go again in a month to have her take another look but I know it's better to be safe so it's ok. 

The last few days have been hard. Not hard in the eternal sense but hard in the physical and emotional exhaustion sense...Master Ty would get better then develop new symptoms. On the bright side, I learned you can give a toddler (especially one the size of a four year-old,) Imodium AD for kids. Does that paint a pretty picture for you as far as one of his main symptoms? It was so pitiful watching him walk around in circles and his stomach hurt, he just whined, and it was non stop. I don't know what it would have been like had I been by myself. Well yes I do--It would have been ugly. And I'm not even proud of how it went with both of my parents helping but I'm just glad it's over. Spring, even your storms don't scare me now and I'm ready for you!

On to happier topics, two of my favorite people are going through very exciting things right now that I can't quite share but my heart just overflows for both of them...just to throw you off a little it's two separate people, not a couple. Just know I'll tell as soon as I'm allowed :)

We are back at home now and I'm doing I think about 5 loads of laundry today. I'm about to walk out the door to go to the pediatric cardiologist to have a sonogram. If I haven't mentioned this one before it's because I think it won't reveal any big news...apparently it's normal protocol to check an unborn baby's heart to make sure it could handle surgery after birth. Yippee. A whole new doctor! I'm hoping it's just this one time and I'll never see the lady again. No offense lady. I'll update when I get back!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Liked Grasshoppers Before They Were Cool

Maybe my brain is still foggy but I think this is hilarious. I did what any self-respecting mother of two 1/2 would do and came to my parents house when we all got the virus. Since Sean had it worse than I did it made sense to leave him home so he could rest and make it to work. He did thank the Lord because we're anticipating him being home once Joy makes her appearance.

Yesterday I traded jobs with my mom and worked at my dad's office and she tended to the kids. I was looking online at JCrew getting ideas for how to put things together this Spring/Summer--I have clothes I've barely worn in three years because I've worn maternity stuff--so I'm so excited to pull it all out. I always look at their jewelry too and I did a double-take when I stumbled upon this necklace.

To think I'm ahead of the fashion curve.

Monday, March 9, 2009

CCAM Up Close and Personal

If you have never seen a sonogram picture, this might look like mashed potatoes to you, (they all did to me until I had seen about 20.) So many of you have prayed for Joy and her condition to change or stay stable that I thought you'd like to see what it really looks like. What she has is called CCAM (Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation.) Kudos to my photographer hubby who got a somewhat clear picture of the print. I tried maybe 20 times and all were blurry!
Start with looking at the top of the picture. See the little bright white dots that make an arch? That is her spine. She is facing downward, and her head is on the right side. Notice the bright white cluster that makes up her jaw, head, etc. Okay are you with me? I know it's hard if this is new to you! The tumor is made up of many cysts, and it is outlined by a dotted white line. You can see black dots inside of it, which are some of the larger cysts. From this picture, taken Feb. 10th, you can see that it is the size of her whole lung, which is a little alarming. However, we are still stable and continue to be told that if she is born with the tumor the size it is in this picture, she could still breathe and may not even need immediate surgery. What an amazing thought...and one that keeps us praying for it to shrink!!

On a different subject, the update on Charlie is that she spent the night, (now two nights ago,) vomiting from 11 pm-4 am. The Dr. warned me that since one of the things that she is on would loosen the mucus in her chest--much needed since that's where her cough has come from for the last month and we had no idea--and it might collect in her tummy and make her nauseous. That is an understatement for what happened. Sean was home and we took turns with her but it was rough! It went on every 20 minutes or so that whole time. Yesterday she was much better and slept all night last night. And so did we. If I haven't said it before, this parenting stuff can wear you out. I've read about so many kids being sick right now and my advice (not that anybody asked,) is to revert back to the newborn days and sleep when they do. And call your momma and complain. She'll understand.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Good to meet you, Dr. Rembecki. Not only did we learn from you that this one has asthma, she also still has reflux. And she needs not only reflux medicine but thickener for all of her liquids. Oh and she has a bad ear infection. What??? She had no fever, no fussiness, no sleep interruptions, no nothing. Mother of the Year once again. I think I'll have another child I am so good at this. Oh wait...I am soon. 
You told us there is a reason that she chokes on her food and often even on her drinks. You explained that there's a physical reason she probably did everything late! The light bulb is on, the prescriptions are being filled, and my little bean will be on the mend soon.
We are thrilled to add three additional breathing treatments per day for the next three weeks, (a total of five a day,) and I know I'll think of you when we are out of the house and have forgotten to bring the right meds. 
And since we have no idea what her asthma triggers are, we will now limit how much time we spend outside, which has been everyone's favorite activity for the last two weeks. Like this day when my nephew Henry, his momma Ana, and Nattie were visiting and the kids all played together for a few hours. I really appreciate your knowledge and help for my little girl, even though I sound a bit sarcastic. 


Oh y'all what a visit. I had no idea what was coming, a good thing probably. Yes there are few changes to be made but it's all going to help her so I'm not actually frustrated. 

Okay well a little.

But it's not the doctor's fault. He was kind, brilliant, and patient with my daughter. And his office is 4 minutes from our house. I timed it. Thank You Jesus because it looks like we'll be going there A LOT. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Should Have a Rolodex for Doctors

If I could take a picture and show you what I look like right now I'd get a good laugh out of you but thankfully you can just trust me: it ain't pretty. It involves a strapless shirt not exactly made for a pregnant person. Sean just came outside and said, "Nice." That's his way of saying, "I love you no matter what but this is pushing it." Ha! It is gorgeous weather here-79 degrees and sunny. Makes the fact that I have tonsillitis and would rather eat popsicles than anything else seem just fine. It's popsicle weather.

We get to add another doctor to our list today. Charlie is going to the kiddie lung doctor at 3:00 for the first time and I'm taking her. My sister-in-law Amy takes Charlie's cousin Cole to the same doctor and she's told me to prepare for at least 2 hours per visit. Tempting as it is to send Sean instead since he's home I really like going to the doctor--especially a first visit--with the kids. Are you the same way? Is that a control thing? Sean really remembers more than I do in the heat of the moment therefore he's the better candidate but I always want to go. :)

The only person in my neighborhood that I know came by yesterday while we were out in the front yard and I learned some exciting news. Ty will turn 3 in September and before we found out about Joy, (first pregnant,) we had planned on signing him up for MDO next year. Then we found out we were having another baby and the thought(s) of what might happen trying to drag three kids into any building at one time scared me and I put it off. Then a few months later I started asking around and calling churches and found out it's expensive around here. Mainly because even if you want the child to only go one day a week, (what I was looking for,) you still had to pay for two. This was my logic behind the one day thing: Sean is home Saturday afternoon/evening through Tuesday night. If Ty went to school two days a week one of the only days his Daddy is home he'd be gone a big chunk of the day. That's no good. And there's just something wrong with the idea of paying for a day when there's no way he'd be going. So I gave up. I'm what you call a fast giver-upper about things like this. I should work on that.

Anyway, I really gave up once we found out that Joy might have surgery at some point but kept wanting the option for Ty since I feel like it will be hardest for him at that point to stay home all the time. There's just something about having to be at home all the time with an infant isn't there? Now that mine are mobile I'm honestly dreading that part a little bit. Just being honest. Back to yesterday: this neighbor goes to a different church than we do and was asking about my plans for the Fall and told me her church, (a very reputable one in our area,) has a one day a week option. WOOHOOO! I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I think he'd love it and it would be something only he got to do...and it's about 10 minutes from our house. I'm so excited.

Oh good Lord I just looked at my watch--gotta get little miss up and get moving. Enjoy the weather if you are in the Dallas area today. I hear it's gonna get cold again this weekend. :(

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Funniest Birthday

Not mine--my friend Jennie's. I've told you about Jennie before. Her son David is about three weeks older than Ty and up to this point, my play group has consisted of Me, Jennie, and our kids. We are having to beat new people off with a stick. If you want to join, just let me know. We're very selective. :) Carley will bring her little boy out with us I'm sure and she already joins us when she can to help with tantrums, shuttle kids to and from the car, and take pictures of funny moments. Like the one above. We all met for lunch to celebrate Jennie's birthday and David asked if we could go on the carousel. Sure, we said. Ty has never been on it so I had no idea how he'd react. See how well he did? HA! Thanks Carley for capturing the moment!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

29 Week Update

29 weeks
What it really looks like under there. I've had this shirt since I was pregnant with's an XL and I'm already in it. Should I be worried? As I've said before, the bigger the better and the quicker they sleep all night.

An update from yesterday: Joy looks great! Big, stable, and moving a ton. To me the fluid situation looked a little worse today but Dr. BE (Brown-Elliot) insisted it was still stable and she told me to stop worrying. If you have to meet with a doctor because your baby is sick, she is probably the IDEAL person to meet with. She's funny, wants to talk about anything but the worst case scenario, and is really easy to be around. We asked her questions today about her training--just making small talk--and found out she had to finish her residency in obstetrics and then did two extra years in maternal/fetal specialty training. Good Lord she must be smart. And way more into school than I ever was. I thought the two years in grad school was gonna kill me.

I had the best day today! First, the kids slept peep out of either one of them until 7:30 so Sean and I were both awake and milling around before they woke up. After we all got ready Sean left with the kids and I had the day off. Within maybe 20 minutes I was bored by myself in our house. Isn't that weird when you look so forward to a few moments of solitude then you start looking for people to talk to? I headed to the mall because I needed some serious makeup to help with pigment issues...also known as what appears to be a mustache thanks to pregnancy. It was so dark when I was pregnant with Charlie that I tried to wax it only to find out nothing came off on the little strip. It is on my skin. I don't get the line on my stomach but this is my issue. After a small panic attack I decided to tackle problems I can actually solve and start depending on concealer/foundation. The expensive kind. 

By now you know I'm trained to wait for a good deal. In makeup terms that means you wait for the best possible free gift. Don't lie--you've done it too. Even if you're loyal to a certain brand you eye the other ones if they've got a cute bag or a tube of lipstick in a wearable shade. And as I walked into Macy's what to my wandering eyes should appear but a fabulous free gift at the Clinique counter. How's this for luck--today was the first day of the gift so had I gone yesterday I would have missed out not only on the good lipstick color but the purple eyeshadow that was also part of the loot. Look out Spring. Here I come. With a lovely shade of lilac on my eyes.

Wait there's more. I went to Target after that and then Sam Moon, and after my appt. we went to Patrizio's for dinner. It was maybe the most perfect day in a long time. Finished off by a husband who ordered a Tiramisu to go so I'd have a memorable breakfast today. And it's not even my birthday! 

Speaking of birthdays, congratulations Brandi and David--just got an e-mail that Presley Evans Pemberton made her entrance into the world today. If I knew how to grab the picture from the e-mail and put it here for you to see I would...still in need of some picture/video training. Brandi is my friend that I mentioned recently who said, "Are you kidding me?" in response to motherhood in general. She's a hoot! Brandi, if by some strange twist of events you're reading this, congratulations on your new beauty! Love you! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Karen

UPDATE: All good! Stable and growing well. I'll give full update tomorrow.

When my mom told her friend Karen, whom we call kAren (long A) that she was pregnant with me, Mom must have mentioned how overwhelmed and freaked out she was about it. See, Mom and Dad were planning on two kids. Emmy was 2 and Graham was 9 months old and suddenly Mom was really tired and nauseous, but confident she wasn't pregnant again. She was. Sounds mighty familiar to me...I was an accident and I've known that my entire life. It doesn't bother me in the least because my parents always said, "Well, now what would we do WITHOUT you?" I imagine I'll maybe have that exact same conversation with Joy one day. 
kAren made Mom this little pillow soon after she found out about me and when she gave it to Mom said, "Pam, it'll be okay. We'll all get through this!" Mom always kept the pillow and I think it was always in my room. Recently when I was in Waxahachie Mom gave it to me to put in the girls' room. This little pillow has such significance! The funny part of this story is that yesterday when I replied to an e-mail from kAren I told her I had the pillow and she didn't remember anything about it. Ha! 

We have a sonogram today and I'll let y'all know what we see...hoping for no big news. Sean's mom is coming to watch the kids so we can go eat dinner afterward. What a treat!